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Advantages of pellet feed produced by cattle feed pellet production line

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Using granular concentrate feed for cattle is beneficial to feed processing plants and fattening cattle farm. The advantages of cattle feed pellet production line concentrate feed are as follows:

① The volume of granular concentrate feed is small, which is conducive to transportation and can reduce transportation costs;

② The structure of some substances in the feed changed during the pressing process, which improved the utilization of some nutrients in the feed;

③ Granular concentrated feed is convenient for packaging and storage;

④ The granular concentrate reduces the infection of toxic and harmful bacteria;

⑤ Granular concentrate feed guarantees the high quality of feed products to a greater extent;

⑥ It is convenient to add trace elements, vitamins, health agents and antioxidants in the feed;

⑦ Reduce dust pollution to the environment.

cattle feed pellet production line
cattle feed pellet production line

On beef cattle farm

① Granular concentrated feed is convenient for transportation, storage and preservation

② Granular concentrate feed reduces feed loss;

③ Granular concentrate feed is good for feed distribution;

④Improved the sanitary conditions of the cattle farm.

Pair of fattening cows

① Fattening cattle like to eat, which improves feed intake;

② put an end to the problem of picky feed for cattle;

③Improved feed digestibility and conversion rate;

④ Increased the speed of weight gain.

cattle feed pellet production line
cattle feed pellet production line

Saudi Arabia 5-6T/H Cattle Feed+10T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Production Lin

Name:Alfalfa Feed Pellet Production Line

Country:Saudi Arabia

Date:March 30th,2018

Capacity:5-6T/H Cattle Feed+10T/H Chicken Feed

Feed Pellet Size:1-2mm pellet

The install period:60 Days

Workshop size(L*W*H):16m*8m*12m

Main Raw material:grass, alfalfa , corn, soybean meal

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