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Why do feed mills buy pig cattle and sheep feed pellet machine?

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The pig, cattle and sheep feed pellet machine is mainly used for medium-sized and large-scale farms or feed mills. Corn, bran, soybean meal and wheat are processed into powder and then granulated. Some users asked, it is enough to make powder directly. Why should we buy pig, cattle and sheep feed pellet machine for granulation?

Why do feed mills buy pig cattle and sheep feed pellet machine?
Why do feed mills buy pig cattle and sheep feed pellet machine?

Why do feed mills buy pig, cattle and sheep feed pellet machines?

1. In the past and even now, the way we feed poultry and livestock is generally processed after the feed is powdered. This kind of feeding has many inconveniences and defects, and has poor palatability. The granulator granulates the powder through the pressing chamber. Generally, there are about 50 or 60 types of corn, bran, soybean meal, peanut shells, straws, and grasses. The granulated material after granulation is convenient for storage and transportation, and has a long storage time.

2. The granulator is easy to operate. It adopts the dry-in and dry-out feed processing method. It relies on the weight of the material to enter the pressing chamber vertically, and it can evenly feed. Save manpower and material resources, and reduce production costs.

3. When granulating, the powder is granulated at high temperature, which can effectively kill all kinds of parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce all kinds of insects and digestive system diseases. At the same time, the gelatinization of the feed is also improved, so that the cattle and sheep can be digested well after eating, and the absorption and utilization rate is high, which not only saves food, but also provides pigs, sheep. With sufficient nutrition, and pigs, cattle, and sheep have high litter size and survive. The higher the rate, the better the daily gain of pigs, cattle and sheep.

What are the benefits of pig, cattle and sheep feed pellet machine
What are the benefits of pig, cattle and sheep feed pellet machine

What are the benefits of pig, cattle and sheep feed pellet machine:

1. Hardness. The pellet feed processed by feed pellets has a certain hardness, which has prolonged the chewing time of pigs, cattle and sheep, so that the digestion problems of cattle and sheep are greatly improved.

2. Color. Because the pellet machine is pressed, there will be a little warming, and the pelleted pellets will be shiny and look good.

3. Taste. The usual powder is scent-free. The feed pellets are pressed, and because of the heating, there is a faint grass fragrance.

4. Mixed granulation. The feed pellet machine can also mix a variety of materials into pellets. In this way, cattle and sheep have no choice but to reasonably distribute nutrition.

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