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Sheep feed pellet machine production of feed,How much a goat can eat in a day?

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Sheep feed pellet machine production of feed,How much a goat can eat in a day? How much feed can a goat eat in a day? What is the daily feed amount of a goat? The following is a detailed introduction by the Chinese manufacturer of richi granulators, what is the daily feeding amount of different sheep.

Feed for goats in captivity

1.Feed amount of concentrate

The daily feed amount of concentrate is 0.5 to 1% of the sheep's body weight. According to the feeding standards of sheep and the nutritional content of concentrate, the daily supplementary feed amount of sheep is generally:

(1) Ram: non-breeding period: 500g (feeding in two times); 800-1000g in breeding period (feeding in three times);

(2)barren ewe: 300-400g;

(3) Lamb: 50-70g at the age of 20-30 days; 100-150g at the age of 1-2 months; 200g at the age of 2-3 months; 250g at the age of 3-4 months.

(4)Breeding ewe: 400g in the first trimester; 500g in the second trimester.

Sheep feed pellet machine production of feed,How much a goat can eat in a day?
Sheep feed pellet machine production of feed,How much a goat can eat in a day?

2.Rough feed

feed containing more than 18% of crude fiber are collectively called coarse feed. 1.25 kg of hay or 3 kg of silage or 3 to 4 kg of grass per day.

3.Recommended formula for self-dosing concentrate

Pre-feeding formula for meat sheep: 56% corn, 12% bran, 21% soybean meal, 7% cotton meal, and 4% Zhongbote sheep mix.

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