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Make the horses Feed with Richi Best Pellet Mill & production line

  • Date: 2020-03-11 09:25:08
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Advantages of hay pellets for horses

1. Feed conversion rate is high. You can feed the horse with hay pellets in winter.

2. Small in size. Hay pellets are only about 1/4 of the volume of raw material hay, which is convenient for storage and transportation.

3. Increase palatability and improve forage quality. Avoid horse picky eating and hay is more nutritious when made into pellets.

4. Expand sources of feed. Other crop by-products, stalks and leaves are processed into hay pellets that can be used for horse feed.

What's the best formula for horse feed?

According to the growth of the horse at each stage, the horse special premix, corn, soybean meal, bran...etc. used to prepare the complete feed.

Make the horses Feed with Richi Best Pellet Mill & production line
Make the horses Feed with Richi Best Pellet Mill & production line

How many kilograms pellets for horses to feed?

There are many factors to consider:1. What breed of horse? 2. The type of feed to be fed. 3. Feeding time and frequency... Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Process Technology to Make Hay Pellets for Horses

The key technology of process to make hay pellets is to adjust the water content of raw materials. The water content of raw materials must be determined first. According to the determination, legume forage is used to make pellets, the optimal water content is 14%-16%, and grass forage is 13%-15%.

A pellet mill machine usually uses to make feed. In the pelletizing process, grass powder is agitated and squeezed. Under normal conditions, the fresh particles coming out of the sieve are as high as 80℃. When they are cooled from high temperature to room temperature, the water content is generally reduced by 3%-5%. Due to low water content, it can be stored for a long time without moldy deterioration.

Hay pellets can be made containing different nutrients according to the nutritional requirements of the horses. Its particle size can be adjusted according to the requirements of pelletizing processing

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