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How much is the pig, cattle and sheep feed pellet machine production line?

  • Date: 2020-01-15 09:02:54
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A few days ago I received a customer's inquiry about the price of pig, cattle and sheep feed pellet production line. In fact, we don't have to rush to know the price first. Let's first understand what equipment the complete feed pellet production line has. The following is a detailed introduction by Lisa of Richi company which mainframes are needed for an animal feed pellet production line?

pig, cattle and sheep feed pellet machine
pig, cattle and sheep feed pellet machine

1. Spiral feeder: This equipment mainly uses a small spiral dragon to achieve uniform feeding of the pellet machine equipment. Spiral feeder is an auxiliary equipment, In small feed mills and individual farmers can not buy, but for large feed factories, it is still necessary to install the screw feeder. Because the feeder can control the throughput of the entire equipment, it can well meet the output requirements of the entire feed production line.

2. Feed pulverizer: This pulverizer is a necessary equipment in the entire production line. The purpose of feed pulverizer is to increase the surface area of ​​the feed and adjust the particle size. The purpose of feed crushing is to increase the surface area of the feed and adjust the particle size, improve the palatability, help to improve the digestibility, better absorb the nutritional ingredients of the feed, In addition, it can improve the granulation quality and make the granule quality better.

3. Feed mixer: This equipment is composed of feed crusher and feed mixer. The mixer is divided into vertical feed mixer and horizontal feed mixer. Generally, users can use vertical feed mixer when producing less than 2 tons. It is recommended that users choose horizontal feed mixers for making cattle and sheep feeds. This is a high-efficiency horizontal mixing equipment. The structure is simple, easy to operate, safe and reliable. The mixture uniformity is high and the residual quantity is small, so it is very suitable for medium and small farms

4. Feed pelleting machine: This equipment can select die plates with different compression ratios according to different materials of the user to suppress feed pellets suitable for different poultry and livestock. The pelleting machine is dry in and dry out, with good forming rate .The size is uniform and the surface is smooth. It is suitable for small and medium breeding users to process pig, cattle and sheep feed equipment. It is the most important equipment in the entire feed production line.

pig, cattle and sheep feed pellet machine production line
pig, cattle and sheep feed pellet machine production line

How much is the pig, cattle and sheep feed pellet machine production line?

Knowledgeable users will know that a production line used as few as a few dozen, as many as a hundred. The production line is also divided into low allocation, standard allocation and high allocation, and how much the hourly output is configured according to the actual production needs of the user, whether it is 1 ton per hour or 10 tons, the price naturally varies greatly. If you have specific budget and output requirements, please contact us. As a professional pellet machine manufacturer, we will recommend a feed pellet machine production line that is suitable for you according to your actual scale and required output.

The above is the article for you: How much is the pig, cattle and sheep feed pellet machine production line?.

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