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Vertical pellet machine and horizontal pellet mill, how to choose as a biomass pellet machine

  • Date: 2020-06-18 08:46:07
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Today, biomass pellets have been widely used in many different industries. It is the most important substitute for fossil fuels. We can find biomass pellet factories in almost every country. The rapid development of the biomass pellet plant has benefited from the development of the ring die biomass pellet production line.

Ring die pellet machine is a large amount of biomass pellet production machine, usually the output is above 1 ton/hour. Which is better to choose between vertical pellet mill and horizontal pellet mill, how to choose as a biomass pellet machine?

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About Centrifugal Force

Ring die biomass pellet mill has a larger capacity normally above 1ton/h, which can be processed continuously. Some pellet machine manufacturers says that they have manufactured a new type of ring die wood sawdust pellet mill, which called high efficient centrifugal ring die pellet mill.

When we saw name, we may be tempted by the phrases like "high efficient" and centrifugal, and we may think that the ring die pellet mill seems like quality equipment. And the biomass pellet machine manufacturers may told you that the high efficient centrifugal ring die pellet mill are specially refers to vertical ring die biomass pellet mill. As a matter of fact, all ring die pellet mills are centrifugal pellet mills.

Pellet Mill Ring Die
Pellet Mill Ring Die

For the one with physical knowledge knows that all the rotating objects will produce centrifugal force, it is no relevant to the direction of the biomass pellet mill ring dies. We should know that both vertical and horizontal ring die pellet mill can generate centrifugal force, and the phrases like "high efficient" are just adjectives, so, do not be tempted by the fancy phrases.

About Biomass Pellet Mill Ring Die

The design of ring dies for vertical biomass pellet machine and horizontal ring die pellet mills are different.

The vertical biomass pellet machine ring die type normally consists of 10-12 rows of die holes, and the die holes have been separated into two parts. Under the action of gravity, only the lower parts of die holes can produce wood pellets during the biomass pellet machine production process, the upper parts of die holes can not discharge wood pellets.

Therefore, the biomass pellet manufacturers says that this types of biomass pellet mill ring die can be used on both side. After a certain working period, we can turn the pellet machine ring die over to use the other side.

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But we should know that, there is only half of the ring die can produce wood pellets during production also means that the other half part is futile during production, and we have waste half of our electricity consumption and the wear consumption of ring die and rollers. So is it a waste or a privilege?

On the contrary, all the ring die die holes of horizontal biomass pellet mill can discharge wood pellets during biomass pellet plant production. Moreover, both the ring die and rollers of horizontal ring die biomass pellet mill are rotating during pellet plant production, and the rollers are revolves not only round the inside of ring die but also on its own axis.


Wood biomass pellet machine, also known as biomass pellet mill or biomass pellet press, is the core pelletizing equipment of a complete biomass pellet production line. Due to the different die types, wood pellet machine can be divided into two types, flat die pellet mill and ring die biomass wood pellet mill. And due to the different ring die types, ring die pellet mill can also be divided into two types, vertical ring die pellet mill and horizontal ring die pellet mill.

The biggest difference of these two types of ring die biomass pelleting machines is the working principle:

The vertical ring die biomass pellet mill is specially designed to press the material which is hard to be bonded and shaped. The material can be loaded into the pelleting chamber in its own weight. Then, under the strong pressure between the rotating roller and the ring die, the material enters into the die holes to be formed into pellets. And this vertical ring die biomass fuel pellet mill is called light-weight material pellet mill as well.

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Because this vertical ring die biomass pellet mill is more suitable for managing the materials with light weight, such as, rice hull, grass with light weight, straw, melon and fruit hull and the material which is not easy to form.

Differ from the vertical ring die pellet mill, the horizontal ring die pellet mill adopts the feeding auger to feed the material into the pelleting chamber through the stock bin.

The material begin to be soft in the sealed pelleting chamber, and under the great extrusion between rotating ring die in a high speed and the roller, the soft material is pressed into the holes uniformly distributed on the die. After that, the formed cylindrical solid body out of the holes will be cut by the knife, thus discharged through the export hole.

Ring Die Pellet Mill


As the different types of ring die biomass pelleting machine, these two biomass wood pellet machines have their own unique advantages. Customers can choose one of them according to their own needs.

Horizontal Ring Die Biomass Pellet Mill

  1. The ring die of biomass pellet machine with quick-release coupling reduces the time of replacing the ring die and improves the production efficiency.
  2. Double-motor drive. The high strength SPB narrow V-belt drive transmit with stability and reliability but with low noise.
  3. The horizontal ring die biomass pelleting mill is configured with many kinds of ring dies with different aperture diameters and compression ratio, the customers can choose according to their needs.complete pellet mill for sale flat die pellet mill gemco pellet mill wood pellet maker for sale
  4. The components is made by international advanced manufacturing craft and designed according to the characteristics of the material from the customers, prolonging the service time of the biomass pellet equipment.
  5. The all-stainless steel feeder, configured with original imported frequency converter to control feeding uniformly and accurately.
  6. Monitoring system is equipped, solving the problem of high temperature hazard in the pelleting chamber caused by the improper operation thus efficiently avoiding the danger of bursting and fire.

As the key assembly unit in a complete biomass pellet production line, ring die biomass pelleting mill is mainly used for processing the materials like wood chips, tree braches, sawdust, logs, crop straw etc. into pellets. And the production capacity of one ring die biomass pelleting mill can be about 500kg/h to 5t/h by using one ring die biomass pelleting mill. You can unit two or over two ring die biomass pelleting machines for meeting larger wood pellet production output.

The origin of the pelleting machine name is from its structure with the die shaped of "circle ring". In the ring, there are 2 or 3 rollers inside to rotate and extrude the material in the middle, thus the material go through the die holes to be cylindrical pellets.

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horizontal pellet mill

To start a biomass wood pellet plant, there are so many factors for the investors to consider of, such as choose the suitable biomass pellet factory site, the electricity supply, recruit labor, find raw material sources, find the wholesalers and distributors for the supply market and so on. As we all know, he who enter the market first, gets the most opportunity to occupy the supply market. Therefore, every investor wants to start their biomass pellet plant quickly.

There are thousands of wood pellet equipment manufacturers in the world, each pellet equipment manufacturer has their own features, and each pellet equipment manufacturer says that they have the best wood pellet equipment for your biomass pellet plant.

No matter what they say, to get a comprehensive information about biomass pellet equipment will definitely help the investors to choose their biomass pellet equipment. In the following article, we will talk about the different types of biomass pellet machines.

The above is the article for you: Vertical pellet machine and horizontal pellet mill, how to choose as a biomass pellet machine.

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