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How About Richi Machinery Large-volume Ring Die Pellet Machine

  • Date: 2020-06-18 08:30:21
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The ring die pellet machine is also a kind of biomass pellet machine. The pellet output of the ring die pellet machine is also large and small. The large-capacity pellet machine is what we call the ring die pellet machine, small-volume pellet machine is a flat die pellet machine. The two are completely different in terms of output, material, structure, appearance and price. There are so many ring die pellet machine manufacturers, why buy RICHI machinery when buying large-capacity ring die pellet machine?

Large-volume Ring Die Pellet Machine
Large-volume Ring Die Pellet Machine


The working principle of ring die pellet machines adopts the interaction extrusion force between ring die and rollers to form the biomass materials into uniformed pellets. Normally, there is no need of additions and binder to glue the biomass materials together. There is a certain content of cellulose and lignin in biomass materials When the temperature reaches a certain degree, lignin can be soften and has a better adhesion stress. With the pellet mill press force, the cellulose molecules of biomass materials are deformed and reconnected with other molecules around it. Therefore, ring die pellet has been formed.

Why Choose Richi to Buy Large-volume ring die Pellet Machine

1. The ring die of the ring die pellet making machine is made from 4Cr13 high-chromium alloy and processed by high temperature vacuum quenching to be very hard and extremely durable.

2. It can be used to process biomass materials like dry sawdust, wet sawdust, logs, bamboo powder, wet bamboo shavings, canola, corn stalk, and cotton bar, ring die, rice husk, bagasse, MDF powder and palm pomace, etc. What’s more, the compression ratio of ring die is designed for the specific raw material, aiming at achieving the best result.

3. It adopts patented air cooling system to lengthen 70% of the service of roller. The air circles inside the pressing chamber and decreases its temperature. At the same time, the air cooling also removes dust and powder material and collects for reproduction, which saves production cost and increases the lifespan of pressing chamber and productivity.

4. It can be lubricated without stop, so the ring die ring die pellet making machine can work 24hours a day. The lubrication device delivers the oil smoothly to the main shaft, so the oil can fully access the balls of bearing. On the other hand, this technology won’t cause composite pollution with the engine oil in the main body. Because of these features, the machine improves working efficiency and reduces workload.

As a matter of fact, our ring die ring die pellet making machine for sale has many other advantages. It is always the best choice for industrial pellet production.

ring die for pellet mill
ring die for pellet mill


Richi ring die pellet mill uses high precision involute helical gear to drive pellet machine directly. This direct drive system maintains a transmission efficiency above 98%.

In order to enhance the hardness of gear teeth surface, the gear blank of ring die pellet machine drive gear will go through normalizing heat treatment process after forging. The surface of Richi pellet mill gear teeth has go through the carburizing treatment and the carburized layer is 2.4mm, which increase the wear resistance performance and serve life of Richi pellet machine gears. The carbonized gear surface has been fine grinded, which will make the pellet mill gear operate quieter, and smoother.

Richi pellet mill axles are made by quality alloy steel that has go through water forging, rough turning, heat treatment, fine turning and fine grinding. Both the proper structure and rigidity enhance the wear resistance and fatigue resistance performance of Richi pellet mill axles.

The main structure of Richi ring die pellet machine is made of quality steel, which has uniform thickness and high density. With the CNC machining center imported from Switzerland, Richi ring die pellet mill can offer better operation support.

All the bearings and seals of Richi pellet machine gear part adopt Japan bearing manufacture technology which has high precision. In order to make sure pellet machine bearings are fully lubricated, Richi pellet machine adopts the lubrication and oil return system. In this case, the oil circuit is cooling circularly, and the pellet mill operate safely.

All the bearings of pellet mill molding system adopt high quality silence bearing, and with the cooling and lubrication system with recycled dilute lubrication oil, Richi pellet mill can operate safely and the bearings will serve longer.

Richi pellet mill ring die is manufactured by high nickel stainless steel. The unique compression ratio, reasonable design makes Richi pellet mill ring die shows longer serve lifer and lower cost of production.


Ring die pellet machine is a large scale equipment that used to produce solid biomass pellet fuel through ring die chips, sawdust, branches, corn stalk, ring die, rice husk, etc. ring die pellet is a important substitute of fossil fuel has been widely used in central heating system, industrial factories, and power generation plant.

Nowadays, there are many ring die pellet plant that produce ring die pellet fuel for the industrial plants for heating and electricity generation, and the plants use pellet boilers. Ring die pellet mill is the core machine of ring die pellet plants.

ring die pellet mill application
ring die pellet mill application


The proper maintenance of a pellet making machine will definitely enhance its serve life. Both the pellet machine die and rollers are wear parts, if there is no proper maintenance or use wrong maintenance procedures, the wear parts can be quickly wore, and only the spare parts fee can cost you a fortune. In the following parts, we will talk about some standard pellet machine maintenance procedures.

1. Before you start the pellet machine, you should check all the screws, see if there is anyone loosening up.

2. Before you start the pellet machine, check the distance between pellet machine rollers and die, normally the clearance is about 0.1mm – 0.3mm, you can adjust the clearance through the housing pin of the rollers.

3. Before using the pellet machine for the first time, you should use oil materials to grind the pellet machine rollers and die for at least one hour. Moreover, when you stop pelletizing process each day, you can use the oiled material to run the pellet machine for a while, therefore, the residual ring die materials will be press out of the pellet machine die holes.

4. When the pellet machine runs for about six months, the pellet making machine should have an overall maintenance and add lubricant to the pellet machine regularly.

Despite of the above maintenance method, there are more complicated maintenance methods for large pellet making machines. For ring die pellet plants, the maintenance of pellet machine is more complicate, as the productivity are different and pellet plant has more complex pellet equipment combinations. In that way, find a professional pellet plant supplier is very important. They will help you set your complete plant layout, pellet equipment purchase, complete pellet line construction, etc.

The above is the article for you: How About Richi Machinery Large-volume Ring Die Pellet Machine.

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