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Analysis of Uses and Advantages of Biomass Pellets

  • Date: 2020-06-20 08:40:23
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Biomass pellet fuel is a new type of compression-molded solid fuel, which can convert agricultural waste and forestry waste (such as corn stover, wheat straw, wood shavings and wood chips) into useful products through the biomass pellet machine. In what fields are biomass pellets generally used? And what are the uses and advantages of biomass pellets?


Application of Biomass Pellets in Thermal Power Plants

Biomass pellets can be used as the mixture burning fuel for thermal power plants. The majority of British thermal power plants has already adopt biomass pellets as their burning fuels, such as the Drax thermal power plant in North Yorkshire. In America, the contribution of biomass pellet fuel to the thermal power market in 2010 is $45 billions, and this number will increase to $53 billions by the year of 2020.

Application of Biomass Pellets in Thermal Power Plants
Application of Biomass Pellets in Thermal Power Plants

Biomass Pellet Application in Farm

Nowadays, many countries are trying to develop the system that use biomass pellet as the fuel for the air heating system for grain drying. As the raising agriculture products price, not only the biomass pellet air heating system, but also the biomass pellet central heating system for farm is more and more popular.

Biomass Pellet Application in Farm
Biomass Pellet Application in Farm

Biomass Pellet Application in Industrial Boiler

In China, there are over 600 thousand industrial boilers. Among these industrial boilers, there are about 120 thousand oil burning boilers and gas burning boilers, which is 20% of the total industrial boilers. Like all the other countries, China also has abundant biomass sources which is about 3 billion ton per year, which is equal to an equivalent of one billion petroleum per year. This is three times of the current petroleum consumption in China.

Hypothetically, if we convert 10% of the oil and gas burning boilers into biomass pellet boilers, and each industrial boiler capacity is 10t/h, then we will use 200 million ton biomass pellets per year, which means we can save 70 million ton petroleum per year.

Biomass Pellet Application in Industrial Boiler
Biomass Pellet Application in Industrial Boiler

The advantages of convert the industrial boilers into biomass pellet boilers are placed as follow:

Under the same thermal value, use biomass pellet is ¥160 cheaper per ton than coal. Therefore, we can save ¥76 million fuel fee per year. Compare to oil fuel, we can save 20% of the total fuel fee.

The GDP energy consumption per unit is nearly zero, as biomass pellet is renewable fuel, it is no need to included in the energy consumption.

Using biomass pellets can increase the thermal efficiency and save the fuel cost. If we use biomass pellet for industrial boiler, the thermal efficiency of boilers is 10% higher, which can save 3.6 thousand ton coal per year, and the fuel cost is ¥44 million lower than before.

Using biomass pellets can save the desulfurization fee and dust removing reformation fee. The desulfurization fee for per ton sulfur dioxide is ¥1000, each year, the desulfurization fee is ¥780 thousand. If we use biomass pellet boilers, ¥780 thousand can be saved per year.

Biomass Pellet Application in Residential Heating Purpose

In rural areas, most of the stoves use fire wood as the burning fuel. As we all know, the burning efficiency of fire wood is low, and it is hard to store. Moreover, it is also difficult to develop a device that can control the fire wood quantity during combustion period and feed in fire wood automatically. But if use gas and electricity as the burning fuel, the cost is much higher than fire wood. This conflicted situation gives biomass pellets a broad market prospect as the biomass pellets maintain the advantages as high burning efficiency, easy to store, competitive price and so on.

Biomass Pellet Application in Residential Heating Purpose
Biomass Pellet Application in Residential Heating Purpose

Expect for stoves, biomass pellet can also used as the burning fuel for residential heating system and central heating system. Biomass pellet heating system has been highly recommended in North European countries such as Demark and Hungary. Using the pre-setting mode, this type of biomass pellet boiler can realize the automatic operation continuous over a week. It can control the temperature, feed in biomass pellets, supply the hot water automatically.


Stable Material Supply

Wood Material is Environmental Friendly and Recyclable, We Can Get the Raw Material from Local. Take German As an Example, the Wood Materials to Produce Wood Pellets is Two Thirds of the Total Flowing Forest Zone. There Are More Than 40 Wood Pellet Plants in German, with the Fast Growing Wood Pellet Demand, the Number of Wood Pellet Plant Will Increase, Too.

Low Transportation Hazard

As We All Know, the Large Crude Oil Carrier Oil-spill Accidents and Oil Pipe Crack Problems Happens Occasionally. the Accident Will Not Only Cause the Fuel Loss, but Also Cause the Underground Water Pollution. Using Wood Pellets Can Strongly Avoid These Kinds of Accidents.

Biomass Pellet Application in Residential Heating Purpose
Biomass Pellet Application in Residential Heating Purpose

Price Advantages

The Price of Wood Pellet is Not As Easy to Fluctuate As Coal, Oil and Gas. the Price of Wood Pellet is Stable So That the Customers Can Have a More Reliable Spending Forecast by Themselves.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Compare to Fossil Fuels, Wood Pellet Fuel is Accordant with Environmental Protection Concepts, There Are 35kg Carbon Dioxide Will Be Released when We Use Wood Pellets to Generation 1mwh Energy. As We All Know, if We Use Electricity, There Are 935kg Carbon Dioxide Will Be Released, and if We Use Oil Fuel, It Will Release 375kg Carbon Dioxide. for Wood Pellet Manufacturers, the Energy Requirements for Wood Pellet Manufacture is Also Lower Than Fossil Fuels.

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