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Can the feed produced by the cattle feed pellet machine make the cattle gain weight fast?

  • Date: 2020-03-09 09:02:20
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We know that cattle are classified into ordinary cattle, dairy cows, yak, bison, buffalo, and cattle. However, according to the use, there are four types of cattle: dairy breeds, meat breeds, service breeds, and combined breeds. Among them, dairy cattle mainly produce milk and dairy products, such as Chinese Holstein cattle and Dutch cattle. Beef cattle mainly produce beef and beef products, such as Highford cattle, Angus cattle, and shorthorn cattle. Service cattle are mainly used for farming, such as Chinese yellow cattle and buffalo. Dual-purpose cattle include both milk and meat, such as Simmental, Swiss brown, and Danish red cattle. "Can the feed produced by the cattle feed pellet machine make the cattle gain weight fast?

cattle feed pellet machine
cattle feed pellet machine

1. Grass is the best food for cattle. Although the range of food is wide, cows actually prefer sweeter food, so many soft shoots can be used as cattle feed. The most common is ryegrass.

2. Protein bean cake has the highest nutritional value in various cattle feed. The crude protein content is higher than that of any cake feed. The lysine content in it is 2.5% -3%, which is 10 times higher than that of corn. The best feed for protein supplements.

3. Crude fiber cattle feed usually consists of hay and straw

4. The mineral elements that should be added to the minerals are sodium, chlorine, calcium and phosphorus. Generally, a variety of mineral elements including table salt are mixed together and pressed under high pressure to form a block product with a certain strength, which allows cattle to supplement minerals by licking, which is convenient and safe to apply.

Whether it is grass, soybean meal, straw, or various mineral elements, these raw material can be pressed into pellet fuel by a cattle feed pellet machine according to a certain ratio, so that cattle have food to eat in spring or winter. And nutrition is comprehensive, pellet feed or cattle gain weight fast.

What are the benefits of cattle and sheep eating pellet
What are the benefits of cattle and sheep eating pellet

What are the benefits of cattle and sheep eating pellet

1. Avoid picky eaters and reduce losses

2.High feed return

3. More economical storage and transportation

4.Good liquidity and easy management

5. Avoid automatic classification and reduce environmental pollution

South Africa 10T/H Cattle Feed Pellet Line

1. Name:cattle feed pellet line

2. Country:South Africa

3. Date:March 17th,2017

4. Capacity:10-12T/H

5. Feed Pellet Size:Powder and pellet, pellet size 3mm, 5mm,8mm

6. The install period:60 Days

7. Workshop size(L*W*H):19m*6m*25m

8. Main Raw material:Corn, Soybean Meal, and other Grain + 50% Grass

India and South Africa cattle feed pellet machine prices?

Cattle sheep feed pellet machine price and model

How much is the pig, cattle and sheep feed pellet machine production line?

8-10 tons cattle horse pig chicken bird pellet feed granulator model

The above is the article for you: Can the feed produced by the cattle feed pellet machine make the cattle gain weight fast?.

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