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Complete Wood Pellet Production Line Technology And Process

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We recently received inquiries from several Danish customers about the equipment of the wood pellet production line. There are various output sizes. For example, the customer below is interested in 1t/h wood pellet production line equipment.Do you know the complete wood pellet production line technology and process? Let's take a look at the customer's consultation first:

Complete Wood Pellet Production Line Technology And Process
Complete Wood Pellet Production Line Technology And Process

Hello, we are interested in your machine to make pellets from raw materiales. Also from broken paller to cut down wood. Crush and take of metal as nails and other, to finish in 20/25 kg pellets bags on palle. I would like to know the price for Wood Pellet Production Line for the capacity of 1t/hr. In the price include all necessary machines which are needed to produce wood pallets from raw material according European Standards. Always happy to hear from you. Best Regards.

Process of Complete Wood Pellet Production Line

Raw materials Preparation

Wood pellets can be made from sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips or wood logs, any forestry wastes or biomass straws, stalks, etc.

Raw Material Crushing Process

Crushing machine is used for crushing the larger materials into smaller powder for supporting produce wood pellets. Wood crusher is ideal equipment for crushing raw materials like square logs with diameter less than 200mm; if the material has a diameter less than 50mm, then wood hammer mill is the best choice. The best thickness of the wood chip is less 5mm. After milled, the output size can reach diameter 3-5 mm,which is convenient for further processing to get dried and pelletized.

Biomass Material Drying Process

The best moisture content to pelletizing is about 11-17%. So before pelletizing, a drying machine is needed to make the moisture content reaches the required standards.

Wood Pelletizing Process

Pellet mill is the significant part of the wood pellet production line, and has reliable and stable performance. Capacity ranges from 1T to 10T per hour. You can choose ring die pellet mill or flat die pellet mill depend on your capacity requirements.

Complete Wood Pellet Production Line Technology And Process
Wood Pellet Mill

Wood Pellet Cooling Process

After pelletizing process, the temperature of wood pellets is between 60-80 degrees and the moisture content is close to 15%. So a cooler must be used to reduce their surface temperature and the moisture content which makes the wood pellets easy to store, meanwhile helps screen good and pure pellets.

Wood Pellet Packing Process

After the cooling process, packing process is necessary to protect the wood pellets from the damp. Amisy automatic wood pellet weighing & packing system adopts PLC control with high weighing accuracy and easy operation is your best choice.

Danish Wood Pellet Market

Denmark is working towards zero fossil fuel use, and the use of biomass, particularly imported wood pellets, is a major part of that strategy.

Denmark has taken a different approach. Danish government policy aims for Denmark to be a green, sustainable society by 2020 and among the three most energy efficient countries in the OECD (note: the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development is an organization of 34 countries, including Canada, whose goal is to stimulate economic progress and world trade).

The government’s long-term vision is that Denmark will become independent of fossil fuels by 2050 while reducing greenhouse gases by 80–95% compared to 1990. This will require a total conversion of the Danish energy system, away from oil, coal, and gas, which today account for more than 80% of energy consumption, to green energy, with wind turbines and bioenergy as the most important elements.

New Role Of Russia In The Wood Pellet Market In 2020

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From Order To Delivery

Checking Order

With the sales contract, the order tracking clerk checks the models and quantities of each machine and spare parts.

Quality Test Before Delivery

Upon completion of the manufacturing of equipment, tthe quality inspector strictly checks quality of every machine with the checklist.

Check Items When Packing

Before packaging and shipment, the order tracking clerk checks the packaged items again with the packing list to avoid loss of items.

Sign the contract

Adopting international common standards for accurate design of product packaging, prevent product damage rate and the effective use of transport tools, which ensure the perfect delivery of products.

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