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Pet Dog Cat Fish Food Production Line & Process

  • Date: 2020-03-20 09:00:20
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Pet food for is a food that is specially provided for pets like dog, cat, fish, bird and small animals. It's a high-grade animal food between human food and traditional feed. Its main role is to provide all kinds of pets with nutrients of the most basic life guarantee, growth and development and health needs. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption rate, scientific formulation, quality standard, convenient feeding and use, and can prevent certain diseases.

Although pet food is animal feed, it is different from chicken, duck, fish and cattle feed. For example, the real consumer of chicken feed is chicken, but it is actually bought by farmers. Farmers are seeking profits, so they are not high-end consumers, they pay more attention to quality and price. Pet is different, it lives in the city family; the real consumer of cat food or dog food is cat or dog. But the money to buy pet food is spent by pet owner, and pet owners do not pursue profit, they pay more attention to pet food quality and brand rather than price, so they are high-end consumers.

Pet Dog Cat Fish Food Production Line & Process
Pet Dog Cat Fish Food Production Line & Process

Advantages of the Pet dog cat fish food production line:

1. The line can produce food from natural ingredients

2. Large surface of particles and a porous structure that provides easier penetration of the gastric juice and its own enzymes in feed.

3. Grit unlike the granulators is not so hard, so doesn’t injure the esophagus and stomach of animals;

4. Coarse-grained, so does not form dust and thus doesn’t causes sticking on the digestive and breath ;organs

5. Resistance of granules to attrition.

6. Stability and sustainability in transport.

7. Higher hygiene of comni-feeds.

8. The use of low-value wastes for cooking enriched feed.

9. nutrients, minerals and vitamins content in received feed corresponds to the best world standards

10. extrusion processing can improve the digestibility obtained in the line feed by 30%

The completion of line can be changed according to the buyer’s wish.

Pet food production line cannot be separated from the extruder.Extruder is used for production of extruded floor wet granular feeds for farm and domestic animals, dogs and cats, predators, birds and fish, shrimp and shellfish. The resulting food has a high digestibility and purified from pathogenic organisms.

The raw material for extrusion can be made protein and mineral supplements.

Pet Dog Cat Fish Food Production Line & Process
Pet Dog Cat Fish Food Production Line & Process

Extruder operation principle:

Before extruding the raw material is mixed and conditioned in a mixer pre-conditioner. An important step of technology process is conditioning, in which the mixture is moistened and heated by hot dry steam under the pressure of 0.2-0.5 MPa and a temperature of 110-130 ° C, after which the mixture softens and becomes more pliable, which contributes to the better extrusion, less wear of consumables parts of extruder, increase of productivity and improvement the shape of the granules. After mixing and conditioning the raw material is fed into the hopper of extruder where it is fed to the working body by the feeder. The hopper of the extruder provides an opportunity to put different additives into the raw material.

During the process of extruding on this equipment the product comes through the following stages: heat treatment, dehumidification, sterilization, and texturing granulation.

Being in the working body of the extruder the raw material is subjected to the steam heat exposure duration of 4-6 seconds and then is subjected to a pressure of 30 atmospheres. The short duration of the process (no more than 6 seconds) allows you to save the contents of protein and does not reduce the availability of lysine. At the moment of combi-feed releases from the expander it is as if an explosion of the product, due to a quick reduction of pressure, the following changes occur: bonds are broken at the cellular level, changes in the structure of starch, carbohydrates are becoming more exposed by the action of digestive enzymes.

Also, after the extrusion the palatability and digestibility of feed improves, as the result the weight gain of animals raises, feed costs reduce, loss of cubs reduces due to the reduction of bacteria in the grain. The feed pellets produced on this extruder also does not raise dust and does not not collapse during transportation.

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