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What is the recipe for crayfish pellets?

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Asker: Louis

Ask Date: 8-16-2019,4:35PM

Question: What is the recipe for crayfish pellets?

Detail:What is the recipe for crayfish pellets?

Richi Engineer Reply

What is the recipe for crayfish pellets?

An important task of producing pellet feed is to control the quality of selected raw materials according to the requirements of pollution-free breeding. The main indicators of quality control are effective nutrients and digestibility. The selection of raw materials should meet nutritional needs at the lowest cost. The main purpose of fish meal in feed is to balance the amino acids in plant proteins. Wheat by-products, corn, and other starch materials are used in feeds, mainly to improve particle fastness, water stability, and provide energy. Example of artificial formula for crayfish:

Formula 1: 30% soybean cake, 10% silkworm pupa powder, 5% rape seed cake, 15% earthworm pulp, 20% cooked soybean powder, 15% starch, and other 5%.

Formulation 2: silkworm pupa powder 10%, beer yeast 10%, bean cake 32%, rapeseed cake 5%, feather powder 12%, meat and bone powder 4%, binder 15%, earthworm pulp 10.6%, and lysine 1.4%.

Formula 3: 32% soybean meal, 30% fish meal, 24% starch, 4% yeast powder, 4% gluten meal, 1% minerals, 1% additives, and 4% others.

Formula 4: 31.5% fish meal, 26.5% soybean meal, 6.6% bran, flour 5%, soybean oil 3.9%, fish oil 3.9%, dextrin 5%, cellulose 9.6%, multivitamin 2%, compound 4% minerals and 2% binders.

Formulation 5: 35% fish meal, 29.4% soybean meal, 3.4% bran, 5% flour, soybean oil 0.7%, fish oil 0.7%, dextrin 8%, cellulose 9.8%, multivitamin 2%, compound 4% minerals and 2% binders.

Breeders can also make ratios based on locally available raw materials with 28% to 30% protein content and 3% to 5% fat content.

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