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Large floating fish feed extruder machine prices

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Feed extruder belongs to feed pelleting equipment,It is a feed processing machine that directly crushes the pellets by crushed materials such as corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, and rice husks.

Regarding the price of large floating fish feed extruder, it mainly depends on the output of fish feed,the output is large and the price is naturally high.If you have determined the production of fish feed, please contact us to quote for you!

Large floating fish feed extruder machine prices
Large floating fish feed extruder machine prices

floating fish feed extruder machine advantages

1.We can adjust the cutter of floating fish feed extruding machine to get different diameter and length

2.The Electric heating device of the fish feed extruder machine improve the feed expansion rate.

3. High temperature and high pressure can kill the salmonellosis and bacterial infections.

4.The automatic floating fish feed extruder machine can float in water for 12 hours.

5.This puffing feed extrusion machine can make various grain waste into animal feed pellets with rich nutrition and easy digestion.

6. Not only for making fish feed pellets, but also suitable for making feed pellets for dog, cat, bird.

fish feed pellet machine case
fish feed pellet machine case

fish feed extruder case

The 300-400kg/H Floating Fish Feed Line In Cote D’Ivorie

Country: Cote d’Ivorie

Date: July 26th,2019

Name: Floating fish feed line

Capacity: 300-400kg/hour

Total Power: 90KW

Workshop size about this project: 10m*3m*7 m(L*W*H)

Customer's Main Raw material: Corn , soybean meal, oil, premix.

Customer's Feed Pellet Size: 2-12mm fish feed pellet

We can produce animal feed pellets with a diameter of 0.9-12mm, which is suitable for producing pet food, fish feed pellets, shrimp feed and other animal feed pellets.In addition to the floating fish feed extruder, we also have sinking feed pellet mill pellets.

Feel free to contact us for a free plan and quote!

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