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How to choose a suitable pig cattle and sheep feed pellet machine?

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1. Select the model of feed pellet machine according to the daily output

When some users select feed pellet machine, our technicians will ask users what is the daily output and what raw material are used to make feed. Decide the model of feed pellet machine according to the user's output and raw material.

2. Select the feed pellet machine model according to the raw material

Pig, cattle and sheep feed pellet machine has a wide range of raw material. You can use corn stalks, rice stalks, peanut husks and other crop stalks. You can also use corn, peanuts, vegetable leaves, etc. It is best to choose a feed suitable for your own raw material. In order to prevent it from being used after buying it.

How to choose a suitable pig  cattle and sheep feed pellet machine?
How to choose a suitable pig  cattle and sheep feed pellet machine?

3. Feed pellet machine equipment manufacturer test production

The quality is good or not, the field visit is very important, and the effect is only known after visiting the manufacturer. Only on-site inspection of the production capacity of the manufacturer will know whether the enterprise's hardware equipment is good or not. You can also bring your own production material to the factory for trial production.

4. After-sales service of feed pellet machine equipment manufacturer

After the pig, cattle and sheep feed pellet machine equipment is sold, after-sales service is inevitable, such as replacing consumables and sudden failures. At this time, you need to consult the feed pellet machine manufacturer. RICHI machinery manufacturers with more than 20 years of production experience can do better after-sales service.

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