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SZLH320 feed pellet machine parameter and production line case

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We introduced the parameter of the SZLH250 feed pellet machine and the case of the production line. I believe everyone has a certain understanding. So, what are the parameter of SZLH320 feed pellet machine different? Let ’s take a look together!

SZLH320 feed pellet machine
SZLH320 feed pellet machine

parameter of SZLH320 feed pellet machine

1. Capacity: 3-4Ton/Hour

2. With on-site electric control cabinet

3. Siemens motor, SKF bearing

4. Feature: 4 parts are made by stainless steel.Feeder, conditioner, ring die, door

5. Size of Conditioner: Length 2000mm* Diameter 273mm

6. Rang of Final pellet: 2.0-10m

7. Ring die inter diameter: 320mm

8.Stainless steel Feeder model: WLQ-22 power: 1.5kw

9.Stainless steel Conditioner model: TZQ237*200 power: 2.2kw

10.Pellet machine model: SZLH320 power: 37kw

3-4Ton/Hour feed pellet production line case
3-4Ton/Hour feed pellet production line case 

3-4Ton/Hour feed pellet production line case

1. Malaysia 3-5T/H Animal Mash Feed Line

Name:animal mash feed line


Date:March 17th,2017


Feed Pellet Size:mash feed

The install period:15 Days

Workshop size(L*W*H):8m*7m*6.5m

Main Raw material:corn , soybean meal, oil, premix

2. Hong Kong,China 3-4T/H Ruminant Animal Feed Pellet Line

Name:Ruminant Animal Feed Pellet Line

Country:Hong Kong,China

Date:Nov 1th,2019


Feed Pellet Size:6-12mm ruminant pellet feed

The install period:90 Days

Workshop size(L*W*H):60m*24m*12m

Main Raw material:80% Fresh grass and other Grain.

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