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Hong Kong 3-4T/H Ruminant Cattle Feed Plant Project

Name:Ruminant Feed Mill
Country:Hong Kong,China
Date:Nov 1th, 2019
Pellet Size:6-8mm
The install period:90 Days
Workshop size(L*W*H):60m*24m*12m
Main Raw material:80% Fresh grass and other Grain.
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Overview of 3-4t/h ruminant animal feed plant for cattle feed pellets production in Hong Kong

This 3-4t/h ruminant feed plant project client is a professional animal feed manufacturer in Hong Kong, China. The feed mills he built are all commercial feed mills, which mainly focus on livestock feed production and poultry feed production. The 3-4t/h commercial feed factory invested this time is his first attempt in ruminant feed production.

Hong Kong 3-4tph cattle feed pellet plant project customer visit Hong Kong cattle feed pellet plant project customer visit 

Because the pelletization of feed can improve the palatability of feed, increase the digestion and utilization of nutrients, avoid picky eating by animals, and reduce feed waste, it is very common to feed ruminants with complete pellets. However, it is very common for ruminant pellets to feed cattle ruminants. There are certain differences between the cattle animal feed production process and other livestock feed production process.

Characteristics of raw materials for cattle feed production in the Hong Kong 3-4t/h animal feed mill:

  • High moisture with 80% humidity;
  • Fresh grass percentage in formula reach 80-90%.
Grass materials of cattle feeding plant in Hong Kong

Grass materials and pellets of cattle feeding plant in Hong Kong

Cattle feed manufacturing process of 3-4 tons per hour animal feed mill project in Hong Kong

Cattle feed manufacturing process of 3-4 tons per hour animal feed mill project in Hong Kong

(Grass crushing)-Cleaning-Grinding-Batching-Mixing-Liquid Adding & Coating-Pelleting-Cooling-Screening-Packaging

In the operation and industrial organization mode, the introduction of systematic engineering thinking and low-carbon economic concepts, with the help of modern technical cattle feed machine, to achieve "silo storage, tanker transportation, automatic distribution, online monitoring", highlighting the development characteristics of modern animal husbandry.

So as to achieve "reduce material consumption, cattle feed factory energy consumption, labor consumption, reduce cattle feed plant machinery space occupation, reduce the overall cost of cattle feed mill operations, improve cattle feed production efficiency and economic benefits."

In order to ensure the 3-4t/h automatic ruminant cattle feed plant product quality, the customer has started to strengthen ISO9002 quality certification and HACCP certification, and is in the process of GMP+feed certification, striving to make feed quality meet international certification standards.

Hong Kong cattle feed mill processing plant project equipment display before shipmentHong Kong cattle feed mill processing plant project equipment display before shipment

Machinery needed in the 3-4t/h cattle feed manufacturing plant in Hong Kong

According to the raw material and some actual needs of customers and the limited plant area (60m* 24m*12m (L*W *H)), we have configured a fully automatic ingredient animal feed production line with a total power of 215KW for our customer. The complete ruminant cattle feed palnt costing is 120,000 USD.

Cattle feed making machine details
Cow grass cutting machine*93kw
Cattle feed grinder machine*110kw
Grass dyer machine*30kw
Cattle feed mixer machine*1000kg/batch
Ruminant feed pellet machine*110kw
Cattle feed pellet cooler* 0.93kw
Rotary classification sieve*0.25kw
Gas-fired boiler*1t/h
Cattle feed bagging machine*0.55kw
MCC Control Center ;Mimic control panel

Drawings of 3-4t/h cattle feed mill we provide to Hongkong customer

During the installation and commissioning of the 3-4t/h cattle feed production plant project, RICHI dispatched professional engineers to give full guidance and training to the team hired by the customer.

  • Cattle feed manufacturing process flow chart ;
  • The fully automatic cattle feed plant install drawings;
  • The 3-4t/h cattle feed plant pit drawings;
  • cattle feed plant machinery operating instruction ;
  • The automatic cattle feed plant production construction design drawings;
  • Automatic cattle feed plant steel structure full drawing and steel material list;
    Site of full automatic cattle feed pellet plant for sale Hong Kong

    Site of full automatic cattle feed pellet plant for sale Hong Kong

  • Plan and sectional layout graph of cattle feed manufacturing plant workshop drawings;
  • Cattle feed factory steel structure construction drawings;
  • The cattle feed production plant detailed steel structure drawings and material list;
  • Cattle feed production company diagram of floor;
  • Cattle feed manufacturing plant roof and wall reserved hole;
  • Oscillatory coefficients of cattle feed plant machinery.
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