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Poultry feed pellet machine helps farm solve feed problem

  • Date: 2020-02-29 09:00:00
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Poultry feed pellet machine help farmers to solve feed problem. Poultry pellet machine can be used to make many feed, such as chicken feed, duck feed, goose feed, various bird feeds, etc. When consulting customers, they will always ask questions about the price, output, raw material that can be pressed, and formula of ingredients for poultry feed pellet machine. These questions are only some of the factors in choosing a feed pellet machine. Then RICHI tells everyone how to use the resources and material around them, reuse the waste, and produce to reduce production costs and increase production efficiency.

Poultry feed pellet machine
Poultry feed pellet machine

1. Raw material of feed pellet

When customers purchase feed pellet machine, in addition to providing us with the approximate output required, whether three-phase electricity is available, the most important thing is the issue of raw material. Customers need to make feed according to their local superior resources, which is sufficient local raw material. The use of sufficient raw material can reduce costs, while paying attention to the nutritional absorption of the feed.

2.Safe formula ingredients

Although our feed pellet machine will kill various parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms through high temperature during the production process, reduce various kinds of insects and digestive system diseases. However, for the healthy breeding of poultry, during the configuration process, pay attention to the palatability of the poultry feed and the balanced absorption of nutrients. Never choose moldy raw material to make feed pellet.

Poultry feed pellet
Poultry feed pellet

3. The moisture content of raw material is different for different raw material in different places.

The moisture content of corn is about 14% -15%, the moisture content of soybean meal is about 13%, and the moisture content of wheat bran is about 12%- 18%, so the moisture content of various raw material is different, we must pay attention to this problem.

The feed pellet machine helps the farm to solve the feed problem. At the same time, in the production process of the feed pellet machine, in addition to the quality of the feed pellet machine itself, the most important thing is to control the problem of raw material. Once you have selected the ingredients, buy our feed pellet machine to make your breeding business easier and more convenient.

The above is the article for you: Poultry feed pellet machine helps farm solve feed problem.

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