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Steps And Advantages Of Making Horse Manure Into Fuel Pellets

  • Date: 2020-07-10 08:41:24
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Horse manure can be made into organic fertilizer granules like other animal manure. But what you don’t know is that horse dung can also be made into fuel particles. However, other animal feces can't be made into fuel particles. This is because horses eat a lot of grass. Horse feces contain a lot of fiber materials, and they are used as fuel for cooking in many places after drying. Of course, if the horse dung is processed into fuel pellets, it is also a good investment project.

horse manure
horse manure

Steps to Make Pellets from Horse Dung

We know many people who have a horse farm or a fertilizer plant. And they want to make their own pellet fertilizer from horse manure. Thus, we will tell you an easy way to make horse manure pellets fertilizer.

  • First, you can use straw, wood dust or some organic material to mix with horse manure.
  • Second, you should use compost making machine to promote fertilizer fermentation. Then you can get the fermented horse manure. This kind of fertilizer can be applied to the farmland directly. And you can sell it to the farmers who don’t want to spend too much money.
  • Third, the hammer crusher should be used to crush the fermented fertilizer.
  • Fourth, Richi horse manure pellet mill can help you get granular fertilizer. Our horse manure pelletiser will help you get horse manure pellets fertilizer in a short time.
  • Finally, you should use rotary drum drying machine and rotary drum cooling machine to deal with the granular fertilizer. After these two processes, you can pack the fertilizer.
Steps to Make Pellets from Horse Dung

horse manure Manure Type and Volume

The cornerstone of any successful biomass renewable energy project is feedstock; in this case, horse manure. Understanding the characteristics and volume of horse manure is essential to determining the economic feasibility of producing renewable energy. Stall bedding material, housing climate and management practices can vary between equine facilities. Understanding this and how it can impact horse manure composition, moisture content and volume is essential.

Horse manure that consists primarily of wheat, oat, rye, straw, hay, or dried pasture clippings can be difficult to use for renewable energy production due to its high ash content and low ash-melting temperature (the temperature at which ash becomes sticky, adheres to surfaces and causes corrosion). While not insurmountable, these difficulties require more expensive equipment, making economic feasibility very challenging. Sand-based horse bedding is also undesirable as potential energy content is extremely low.

Horse manure that consists primarily of shavings, pellets, sawdust, other woody materials, or peat moss is much more conducive for renewable energy production, as this type of manure has a lower ash content, higher ash-melting temperature, and higher energy content; making renewable energy production easier, cheaper and therefore more economically feasible.

The moisture content of horse manure is important, as wet manure will likely require some form of drying before it can used in a biomass boiler or gasifier. The amount of drying required will depend upon the type of boiler or gasifier used. While heat from biomass boilers and gasifiers can be used to ore-dry horse manure, any heat used for this purpose reduces the amount of renewable energy that can be used on-site or sold, negatively impacting project economics.

In addition to characteristics, manure volume is also important. Generally speaking, biomass boilers and gasifiers twice the size and that produce twice the amount of renewable energy, are less than twice the cost. Therefore, larger volumes of horse manure generally lead to improved economic feasibility thanks to economies of scale. If you don’t have enough horse manure from your own equine facility, consider working with a close neighbour to combine your manure. Bigger is almost always better.

What is the Advantages of Horse Dung Fuel Pellets?

1. Low cost & high additional value

The fuel pellets are high in calorific value, and the cost of using is much less than that of oil energy. The ash after burning contains magnesium, potassium and sodium, which makes it be a superior inorganic fertilizer.

2. High bulk density, convenient transportation

After pelletizing, the density of horse dung pellets is greatly increased, more than 0.8-1.3. Small volume, large specific gravity and density, convenient to store and transport, and continuous usage.

3. Green energy, clean and environment protection

horse dung fuel pellet is a kind of green energy. There is no smoke, smell and harmful gas generated when burning the pellets. After testing, sulphur content, ash content, and nitrogen content are far less than that of coal, oil, etc. Therefore, the horse dung fuel pellets are also called zero emission energy.

4. High efficiency & energy saving

It is also high in carbon activity and volatile matter, ash content is only 1/20 of coal. And the waste heat in ash is extremely low, the combustion ratio can reach up to more than 98%, therefore, the burning time is longer.

5. Wide application, strong practicality

The horse dung fuel pellets can be widely applied to industrial and agricultural production, electricity generation, heat supply, boiler firing, cooking, etc. Raw materials supply is not restricted by area, particularly suitable for the energy lacking areas.

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