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How To Make Chicken Pellet Fertilizer, Is There A Success Story?

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How To Make Chicken Pellet Fertilizer, Is There A Success Story? Chicken manure can of course be made into organic fertilizer pellets, just use an organic fertilizer pellet machine. The raw material of the organic fertilizer pellet machine is very wide, which can be chicken manure and various animal feces, and kitchen waste can also be pelletized. And regarding organic fertilizer granulation, Richi Machinery has many successful cases to refer to.

To make this fertiliser, poultry manure is dried and converted into a small, pelleted or powdered form so it can be easily integrated into the soil. It’s rich in nutrients and great for many plants, and vegetables in particular. When creating fertilizer pellets using fresh chicken manure it becomes possible to add other microelements and mineral substance to the fertilizer according to varying nutritional requirements when it comes to grasses, flowers, vegetable, and plants.

organic fertilizer pellet machine
organic fertilizer pellet machine

How to Make Chicken Pellet Fertilizer?

• Manure Drying

Due to the fact that fresh chicken manure has a very high moisture content. The initial step in the process is to dry manure. The moisture in the manure needs to dry until the moisture content reaches 15% or less. The drying process is the most important step in the entire process.

• Manure Crushing

The manure becomes a lot looser after the drying process. The machine then utilizes a hammer mill which crushed the manure into a powder which measures between 2 to 5mm in diameter. The crushing process makes the product easier to work with

• Producing The Pellets

After the process of crushing, the powdered manure is then ready in order to make these materials into pellets using a pellet machine designed to handle chicken manure.

• Pellets Cooling

The next step of the process involves cooling the hot pellets down. This part of the machine includes a Flat Die Pellet Press, or a Ring Die Pellet Mill. From here the cooled and dry pellets can now be stored and then transported.

Both cattle and chicken manure is a suitable material to produce fertilizer pellets. The organic content of manure from chickens is nitrogen (25.5%), phosphorus (1.63%), and potassium (1.54%). Once the chicken manure has undergone a process of fermentation, the end product is an organic and high-quality fertilizer. The end product offers a highly rich nutrient-content. This fertilzer offers many different uses for plants and vegetables.

How to Make Chicken Pellet Fertilizer?
How to Make Chicken Pellet Fertilizer?

Chicken Pellet Fertilizer Boosting Plants Growth

As we all know that the fresh chicken manure can not be used as fertilizer directly. Because the fresh chicken manure is alkaline compared with the dry manure or other trashes, easy to burn the plants roots, attracting the injurious insects. What’s more, composting the chicken manure together takes up large area and space, influencing the surrounding environment. Making chicken manure into pellet fertilizer avoid these problems.

At first, due to the different nutrition requirements of different kinds of plants like flowers, vegetables, grasses etc, you can add other mineral substances and microelements that different plants actually need except in the chicken manure during the chicken pellet fertilizer production, thus meeting different nutrition requirements for growing better.

Besides, the chicken manure pellet fertilizer produced by pellet fertilizer machine has high density, uniform length, easy to manage, store, pack and transport, obtaining longer expiration period than the traditional fertilizers, suitable for various plants growth.

Chicken Manure Pellet Production Line Cases

Name: Organic Fertilizer Pellet Production Line

Country: Thailand

Capacity: 3-5 t/h

Date: Aug 27th,2018

Installation cycle: 10 Days

Feed Pellet Size: 4.0mm pellet

The customer's raw materials are chicken manure and rice husks, which are then made into 4.0 mm pellets. The customer had the old equipment and computer system. During the installation process, our new machines will connect with his old machines. So we need to consider how to connect new machines to the old machines. In this organic fertilizer pellet line, the main equipments used are pellet machine * 55KW, cooler and shifter.

If you have this idea or plan to invest in this project, please contact us as soon as possible. We will prepare rich product information and free design solutions for you. Moreover, our 26 years of production experience is more trustworthy!

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