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Tongwei Co., Ltd. And Richi Machinery Jointly Build A 100,000 Tons Per Year High-end Aquatic Shrimp Fish Feed Factory

  • Date: 2015-12-12 09:27:25
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Customer Introduction

The 100,000tons per year high-end aquatic shrimp fish feed factory project client, Tongwei Co., Ltd., is the leader of aquaculture feed in China. The aqua feed company's goal is to sell more than 10 million tons of feed in the next five years.

The client aqua feed company plans to explore a new commercial breeding model based on "intelligent fishery" and "integration of fishery and light", and seeks to increase benefits through three-dimensional aquaculture, gradually forming a distinctive differentiated competitive advantage in the industry.

The 100,000-ton high-end shrimp fish aquatic feed factory project can open up China's high-end aquatic feed market and bring new profit points to the company.

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At present, Richi Machinery has won the bid and will provide some of the feed equipment for the first phase of the aquatic feed project, including ultra-fine pulverizers, twin-screw extruders, ovens, packing scales, and palletizing robots.

In addition, in order to adapt to the trend of concentrated development of the global feed industry and promote resource sharing, complementary advantages and the improvement of comprehensive competitiveness, the client company also signed a "Memorandum of Cooperation" with Denmark BioMar Group Co., Ltd.

BioMar Group is one of the top three specialty aquatic feed suppliers in the world. Its current business can be divided into three major regions: North Sea, America and Continental Europe, and its market share in each region is about 25%.

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According to the content of the memorandum, the two parties will cooperate in the production and sales of high-end aquatic feed by establishing a joint venture company in China, and each party will hold 50% of the shares in the joint venture company.

Among them, Tongwei Co., Ltd. leads the business plan of the joint venture, and BioMar Group leads the technical plan. Committed to the production and sales of high-end aquatic feed, including high-end open feed, seawater (including cold water) fish feed and shrimp feed. Make full use of their respective advantages to make this cooperation the main source of supply of high-end aquaculture feed in China.

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Specifically, in 2015, the two parties will jointly build the first 100,000 tons per year high-end aquatic shrimp fish feed factory in China with an annual production capacity of more than 1 billion tons, which is expected to be put into operation in 2016.

After the operation of the first shrimp fish feed factory has achieved the expected results of both parties, continue to strengthen cooperation, build 3-5 new feed factories of similar or larger scale in China, and seek in-depth cooperation in other Asian countries or regions, as well as globally.

The client aqua feed company and BioMar Group have strong complementary advantages. At present, China's domestic aquatic hatchery feed and open feed have not yet formed a scale. With the continuous improvement of the degree of refinement and technical requirements of aquaculture, the above products have a large market scale potential.

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Through this cooperation, the aqua fish feed company will officially start the large-scale operation of the above-mentioned products in China and establish the aqua fish feed company's brand image in the above-mentioned product fields.

At the same time, this cooperation can promote the growth of the aqua feed company's overall sales, and the profitability of the company's overall products will also be improved due to the higher added value of aquatic feed, open feed and seawater feed.

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