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6-7T/H High Return High Quality Commercial Fish Feed Mill For Floating Fish And Shrimp Feed Production

Name:Prawn fish feed mill plant project
Date:October 2021
Capacity:20000t/a, 66t/d, 6.6t/h (6-7t/h)
Feed Size:1.5-4.5mm
The install period:14 Months
Control Mode:Automatic
Fish feed plant cost:4,710,000USD

6-7T/H High Return High Quality Commercial Fish Feed Mill For Floating Fish And Shrimp Feed Production

The feasibility of the commercial fish feed mill for floating fish and shrimp feed production

Aquafeed is an integral part of aquaculture and the most important part of the aquaculture process.

With the stricter and stricter bans on marine juvenile fish in various countries in the future, the price of chilled fish will increase and even be replaced. Moreover, the penetration rate of aquafeed is relatively low, compared with poultry feed and pig feed. Compared with the penetration rate of industrial feed, there is a lot of room for development.

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Therefore, it will be the future trend for aquaculture to gradually increase the proportion of feed used. In addition to the promotion of the popularization of aquafeed by environmental protection policies, the advantages of aquafeed itself will inevitably encourage farmers to gradually favor it.

In order to meet the market demand, this 6-7t/h commercial fish feed mill project client, Qingdao Sai Aode Biotechnology Co., Ltd., invested 30 million yuan (4710000USD) in Jiaozhou City to build a commercial aqua shrimp fish feed mill for compound feed production.

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Raw materials feeding

The 6-7 tons per hour new build shrimp fish feed mill plant project covers an area of ​​19999.08m² and plans to build two workshops with a construction area of ​​9111.4m². Using the existing office building and workshop of 5945.04m², two new fish shrimp compound feed production lines will be built.

After the commercial fish feed mill for extruded floating fish feed and shrimp prawn feed pellets project is completed, the annual output of complete formula compound feed for fish and shrimp will be 20,000 tons.
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Overview of the commercial fish feed mill for floating fish and shrimp feed production

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Construction content and layout of the 6-7 t/h high return high quality commercial fish feed mill

The client of this 6-7 tons per hour high quality commercial fish feed mill project directly purchased an idle aqua feed factory area, built a new workshop and a finished product warehouse in the open space of the aqua feed factory area, and transformed the existing workshop into a raw material warehouse.

The automatic shrimp and floating fish feed mill project covers an area of ​​19,999.08m², and plans to build two new workshops with a construction area of ​​9,111.4m², using the existing office building and workshop of 5,945.04m². The main works, auxiliary works, public works and environmental protection works are classified as follows:

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Parking lot and finished product warehouse of floating fish feed mill

Project Composition Build Content Notes
Main project 3#Workshop 6F, building area 5559.4m² New, for laying out the fish feed processing line.
2#Workshop 2F, GFA 3552m² New for finished product storage
Auxiliary project 1# Workshop 1F, building area 5143.5m² Existing, for raw and auxiliary material storage
Office Building 3F, GFA 801.54m² Existing
Utilities Water supply Local water network  
Powered Power Network  
Gas Gas network  
Steam 2 sets of 0.5t/h gas steam generators  
Environmental protection project Exhaust gas Each dust generating point of the production line is equipped with a dust collector and then discharged through the 44m high exhaust pipe P1; the drying gas adopts low nitrogen combustion technology, and the gas waste gas is discharged through P1; after the odor gas is collected, it is sprayed with water + activated carbon after the adsorption equipment is processed, it is discharged through P1; the gas steam generator adopts low nitrogen combustion technology, and the gas waste gas is discharged through the 44m exhaust pipe P2; closed warehouse.  
Wastewater Septic tank, sewage pipe network Meet environmental requirements
Noise Equipment plus shock pad, workshop sound insulation Meet environmental requirements
Solid Waste General Solid Waste Temporary Storage, Hazardous Waste Temporary Storage Room; Garbage Collection Box Meet environmental requirements
Greening 200m² Meet environmental requirements

Consumption of raw and auxiliary materials of the commercial fish feed mill

Name Consumption Notes
Fish meal 4320t/a Powder, bagged
Soybean meal 6400t/a Powder, bagged
Flour 4800t/a Powder, Bag
Fish Oil 240t/a Liquid, Barrel
Soybean Oil 240t/a Liquid and tanker entering the factory
Other excipients 0.17t/a Powder, bagged
Pipeline Gas 500,000 m3/a Supplied by local gas company by pipeline
Electricity 200,000 Kwh/a Local grid supply
Water 6753m3/a Provided by local water network

Main fish feed mill machine of commercial fish feed company for floating fish and shrimp feed production

Fish feed mill equipment name Model Quantity
Raw material receiving and cleaning system
Hopper & Fence   2
Bucket elevator T400 2
Cylinder Preliminary Screening TCQY100A 1
Permanent Magnetic Cartridge TCXT25 2
Pulse Dust Collector LNGM18B 2
Dust Collector TBLMb4 2
Cone Powder Preliminary Screening SCQZ90X80X110 1
First batching & mixing system
Ingredient warehouse   28
Screw Feeder TLSUw16,TLSUw32,TLSUw25,TLSUw20, 32
No Power Pulse TBLMY1 5
Pulse Dust Collector TBLMb4 3
Feed mixer SLHS4A 1
Buffer Bucket   2
Bucket elevator T400, T500 2
Permanent Magnetic Cartridge TCXT30 1
Ingredient warehouse   6
To be mixed warehouse   2
Hopper   1
Ribbon mixer for fish feed SLHY2.5 1
Screw Conveyor TLSUw32 1
First crushing system
Silo to be crushed 20m³/piece 2
Crush buffer bucket   1
Impeller Feeder TWLY20×125 1
Superfine fish feed milling machine SWFP66×125 1
Pulse Dust Collector LNGM72 1
Settling Chamber   1
Screw Conveyor TLSG32 1
Permanent Magnetic Cartridge TCXT30 1
Secondary crushing system
Buffer Bucket   2
Superfine fish feed milling machine SWFL170 2
Pneumatic pipeline   2
Cyclone X55-1600 2
Pulse Dust Collector TBLMY108 2
High Square Sieve AHCTS125X190 2
Secondary batching system
Secondary batching bin (extruded feed production line)   4
No Power Pulse TBLMY1, TBLMY8 4
Hopper   2
Pulse Dust Collector TBLMb4 2
Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer For Fish Shrimp Feed SLHS1A, SLHS2A 2
Buffer Bucket   2
Bucket elevator T360, T400 2
Buffer Bin   1
High Square Sieve Oval 125 1
Permanent Magnetic Cartridge TCXT25, TCXT30 2
Extrusion drying system
Puffed round bin   2
Twisted Dragon Conveyor TLSUW32X32 2
Broken Arch Feeding Bin TXLP120B 2
Stainless Steel Feeder TWLL24 2
Triaxial Differential Conditioner SPTZ45 2
Twin screw extruder for fish feed pellets SJPS156X2 2
Water Tank 2m3 2
Circulating water pump   2
Cyclone SKLMJ1-2300, X55-900 6
Buffer Bucket   4
Zone Belt Natural Gas Heating Dryer SDZB3000-14 1
Belt Dryer   1
Slow Bucket Elevator T400, T500 2
Gyratory Classifier SFJH140X2C 2
Spray system
Position to be sprayed   2
Vacuum Sprayer PTZL3000 1
Sprayer   1
Daily Cans MSYG1 2
Buffer Bucket   2
Cyclone X55-2000 2
Extruded feed packaging system
Finished Product Warehouse   4
Rotary Classifier SFJH140*2C 2
Buffer Bucket   2
Belt Feeding Double Bucket Packing Scale PSC25, JSC25 3
Sewing machine belt conveyor   3
Dust Collector TBLMB15 3
High Square Sieve 125 1
Powder Silo   1
Return system
Powder Silo   2
Bucket elevator T360 1
Auxiliary system
Liquid addition system while weighing SYTC100 2
Daily Cans 1m³ 3
Air compressor   1
Air tank   1
Gas Steam Generator 0.5t/h 2

Commercial fish feed mill process flow diagram for 6-7 t/h high quality fish and shrimp feed production

  1. Fish meal, soybean meal and flour are all packed in bags and transported by forklift to the feeding port. After manually unpacking, they are put into the lower hopper.

  2. After initial cleaning and sieving to remove impurities and permanent magnet drum to remove iron, they enter the batching bin, and pass the central control according to the fish feed formula. The system accurately batches to the fish feed mixer for first batching and mixing.

  3. The mixed raw materials are transported to the ultra-fine pulverizer by the screw conveyor for ultra-fine secondary pulverization. Various auxiliary materials and fish oil (or soybean oil) are added to the pulverized raw materials for secondary ingredients mixing. After the mixing is completed, the raw materials enter in the fish floating feed extruder machime conditioner.
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  4. Then add water and steam (the steam is provided by a gas steam generator, the temperature of the material reaches 100℃-130℃, and the moisture reaches 28%), and the temperature rises during the extrusion process of the twin-screw fish feed extruder for floating feed.

    And the physical and chemical properties of the material occur starch gelatinization and protein denaturation, the instantaneous pressure of extrusion from the die hole drops sharply, the water in the feed is converted from liquid to gaseous state, and it is emitted from the feed to cause the material to expand and form an extruded feed.
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  5. The extruded feed is being dried (gas hot air oven), and the dryer removes the moisture of the feed through the flowing hot air to reduce the moisture of the shrimp and fish feed.

  6. After drying, it enters the silo, and the oil pump in the oil injection system provides pressure to atomize the liquid oil and spray it evenly on the fish pellet feed. The fish pellet feed is sent to the cooler and cooled by natural air.

  7. After cooling, the feed is screened, and the qualified products will be automatically weighed and packaged by the extruded feed packaging system if they meet the pellet size;
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As an integral part of the fish feed mill production system, dust collectors in the feed industry are not used as environmental protection facilities. Particulate matter is collected by the fish feed mill system's own dust collector and used as raw material, which is not a solid waste.

Utilities of the automatic good quality commercial fish feed mill for floating fish and shrimp feed production


Water supply





The electricity for the 6-7t/h commercial fish and shrimp feed mill project is provided by Jiaozhou Power Grid, which can meet the electricity requirements.



The natural gas for the 6-7t/h commercial fish and shrimp feed mill project is provided by the local gas company through pipeline.


Air supply

The steam required for 6-7t/h commercial fish and shrimp feed mill production is provided by two 0.5t/h gas steam generators.



The 6-7t/h commercial fish and shrimp feed mill workshop does not need to be heated, and the office is heated by air conditioners in winter.

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