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5 T/H Animal Premix Feed Plant In El Salvador

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Name:5T/H Premix feed mill
Country:El Salvador
Feed Size:Powder
The install period:90 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Premix feed plant cost:450,000 USD

5 T/H Animal Premix Feed Plant In El Salvador

Overview of 5 t/h animal premix feed plant in El Salvador

Customer's original consultation content:

“gela, I commented:

We manufacture premixes for animal feed: layers, broiler, pigs and rumiants.

We want a 1 or 1.5 ton mixer.

Raw materials: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, additives, corn.

Please send me the information of the different models of mixers as well as a formal quotation.I would also like to quote the complete automation system for premix labor."

According to the market demand, the customer of this 5t/h animal premix feed plant in El Salvador project invested 450,000 US dollars to use the existing factory building and construct a 5 tons per hour premix production line project".

The product is a premix feed, which is mainly used for farms and farmers to raise livestock and poultry. The product has broad prospects , the market benefit is good.

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Composition of 5t/h animal feed premix plant in El Salvador

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Equipment of 5t/h animal premix feed plant in El Salvador

Device Name Model
Fan 4-72-3.2A
Pulse dust collector TBLMa.12A
Stainless steel batching bin 0.3m³/sets, 1m³/sets
Bucket Elevator TDTG36/28
Batching scale PLC0.5A
Welded steel silo  (calcium carbonate) RI1840-3.5
Galvanized steel warehouse RI2750-3.5
Scraper Conveyor TGS16
Batching Warehouse  (carbon steel) 4m³/set
Batching screw conveyor PLSS20 /16
Permanent magnet cylinder TCXT20
Powder cleaning sieve SCQZ60*50*100
Rotary distributor TFPX6
Batching scale PLC-0.2B
Stainless steel mixer SLHJ1B
Liquid tank (with heating function) SYTZ100
Stainless steel bin 2m³
Packing machine DSC-50

Consumption of main raw and auxiliary materials


Main raw materials for premix feed plant in El Salvador


Auxiliary materials



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Public works of 5t/h animal premix feed plant in El Salvador


Water supply

The animal feed premix plant process does not require water, and the water used is mainly domestic water for employees. The labor quota of this project is 20 people, none of whom will have board and lodging in the factory area, and the annual production days will be 300 days.

The domestic water quota is calculated according to 30L/person·day, and the water consumption is 0.6m3/d, 180m3/a. The water for this project is supplied by the plant's own well, which can meet the water demand of the plant.
5 ton per hour animal premix feed plant in Salvador



The wastewater in this project is domestic wastewater, and the discharge coefficient is calculated based on 80% of the water consumption, so the domestic wastewater produced in this project is about 144m3/a, which will be discharged into the existing septic tank in the plant area for treatment.


Power supply

The power consumption of this 5t/h animal premix feed plant in El Salvador project is 800,000 kW·h/a. The power supply is sufficient and the power supply guarantee rate is high, which can meet the power demand.
5 ton per hour animal premix feed plant process site in Salvador


Heating with heat

There is no heating section in the production process of this project, and air conditioning is used for office heating.

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Animal feed premix plant process design

  1. Feeding & storage: Raw materials such as corn powder and soybean meal are powdery materials, which are stored in silos. Calcium carbonate is stored in welded steel silo.
  2. Batching and mixing: A batching scale with high-precision sensors is installed under the batching bin to precisely control the weight of each raw material. And each raw material is passed through the conveyor equipment is sent to the mixer, to be mixed with additives. At the same time, small materials (auxiliary materials and additives) are weighed by two small batching scales, and then sent to the stainless steel feed mixer, and mixed with carriers such as corn soybean meal.  5 ton per hour animal premix feed plant process design in Salvador An air collecting hood is installed above the small material feeding hopper, and a set of pulse bag filter and centrifugal fan are installed. The grease is weighed and added to the mixer through the pipeline.
  3. Packing: The premixed feed that has been fully stirred and mixed enters the buffer bucket through the pneumatic door, and after being packed by the packing machine, it is transported by the belt conveyor to the sewing machine for sewing.

Remarks: There are 5 sets of pulse bag filter and centrifugal fan in this 5t/h animal premix feed plant in El Salvador project. After the treatment, the tail gas is combined into a 20m exhaust pipe for organized discharge (the exhaust pipe is 3m higher than the factory building, and the highest part of the factory building of this project is 17m).

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At present, except for the 5t/h animal premix feed plant in El Salvador project, our premix feed equipment has been exported to Thailand, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, South Africa, Peru and other countries. If you are interested in our project, please contact Richi Machinery to customize your exclusive plan and equipment.

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