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12 T/H Premix Feed Mill in United States

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Name:Premix feed production line
Feed Size:Powder
The install period:135 Days
Control Mode:Full Automatic
Guiding Price:US$650,000

12 T/H Premix Feed Mill in United States

12 t/h Premix feed mill in United States

This is an expansion project for a livestock and poultry feed factory. With the development of the breeding industry, market demand has increased.

Therefore, the client of this 12 t/h premix feed mill in United States project, a well-known American livestock and poultry compound feed company, has an annual output of 120,000 tons of complete compound feed and 80,000 tons of concentrated feed.

In order to expand its production scale, the company purchased new equipment from RICHI to increase product variety and increase production volume.

premix feed

After the new project is completed, 2 premix production lines will be added, with an annual output of 30,000 tons. The total investment in the two newly added premix production lines is US$650,000.

It is worth mentioning that the staff of the premix feed production line project will be directly transferred from the original employees in the factory, and there will be no new employees. This project works 300 days a year and implements one shift, with each shift working 8 hours.

  • The project covers an area of 6172m2
  • Number of employees: Current project labor capacity is 20 people
  • Annual electricity consumption is: 3.3099 million kWh.

Product solutions

The product plan of this 12 t/h premix feed mill in United States project is shown in the table below:

Number Name Package style Output (t/a)
1 Full compound feed (original) 40kg/bag 120000
2 Concentrated feed (original) 40kg/bag 80000
3 Premix (new) 20kg/bag 30000

Project composition

Before and after the 12 t/h premix feed mill in United States project expansion, the floor area and building area remained unchanged, but the layout was optimized.


Existing project content

Project name Content
Structural work Build production workshops, raw material warehouses, and finished product warehouses
Auxiliary works There are office areas, living areas, etc.
Public works Drainage Local water system
Power supply and distribution Local power station
Heating There are no heating facilities in the production workshops and warehouses, and electric heating is used for heating in winter.
Production heat The granulation section requires steam, which is provided by a 0.5t/h gas steam boiler
Environmental Engineering Exhaust gas Unloading process of pellets, initial cleaning of pellets, initial cleaning of powder, warehouse to be crushed, batching warehouse, warehouse to be granulated, crushing process, mixer hopper feeding process, countercurrent cooling and granulation process, blanking process during packaging Dust removal device, boiler exhaust gas treatment device
Wastewater There is no production wastewater generated in the project, and all domestic sewage is used for dust suppression on the factory floor.
Noise Basic vibration reduction, factory sound insulation, etc.
Solid waste Material dust, iron filings, and sundries are general industrial solid wastes. Material dust removal is collected and reused for production. Iron filings are collected centrally and sold out for comprehensive utilization. After collection, sundries are handed over to the environmental sanitation department for unified processing. Domestic waste is entrusted to the local sanitation department. Unified processing by departments

List of existing project construction contents

Name Covered area Construction area
Workspace 500m2 500m2
Living Area 100m2 100m2
Production workshop 2280m2 11400m2
Raw material library 2040m2 2040m2
Finished product warehouse 992m2 992m2

Main raw and auxiliary material consumption

The consumption of main raw and auxiliary materials of the 12 t/h premix feed mill in United States is shown in the table below:

Number Material name Consumption (10,000 tons/a) Form
1 Trace elements 0.0192 powdery
2 Minerals 0.12 powdery
3 Calcium hydrogen phosphate 0.296 powdery
4 Stone powder 0.616 powdery
5 Rice husk powder 0.63 powdery
6 Lysine 0.144 liquid
7 Zeolite powder 0.8 powdery
8 Various vitamins 0.38004 powder

USA premix feed production Process design

The premix production process flow of this project is as follows.

The new 12 t/h premix feed mill in United States project includes two premix feed production lines. The main products are livestock and poultry premix and ruminant premix. The two premix feed production lines have the same process.

The purchased raw materials pass through the feeding pit, silo, It is produced by a series of production processes such as mixer and finished product packaging, and the project does not have a fermentation process. The specific production process is as follows:

  1. Measurement: Minerals and vitamins are measured and weighed separately.
  2. Ingredients: The weighed minerals and vitamins are mixed with the main raw materials rice husk powder, zeolite powder, etc.
  3. Stirring: Raw materials such as rice husk powder, zeolite powder, minerals and vitamins are put into the mixer for stirring.
  4. Mixing: The raw materials are fully stirred and mixed in the closed mixer, and then enter the product bin after mixing.
  5. Packaging: The premix in the finished product warehouse enters the packaging scale for weighing, and is then packaged by the seam conveyor combination machine and put into storage for sale.

The main production equipment

The equipment list for this 12 t/h Premix feed mill in United States project is shown in the table below:


Existing engineering equipment

Number Name Specification QTY
1 Unloading pit, grid screen -- 2
2 Scraper conveyor TGSU25、TGSS25 2
3 Preliminary screening of granular materials SCY63 2
4 Permanent magnet cylinder TCXT25 3
5 Preliminary screening of powder SQLZ60×50×100 1
6 Silo to be crushed ---- 2
7 Wide crusher SFSP112×30C 1
8 Ingredients warehouse -- 14
9 Ingredients scale PCS-10 1
10 Closed twin-shaft high-efficiency mixer SSHJ.2 1
11 Silo to be granulated -- 1
12 Animal feed granulator SZLH350 1
13 Counter flow cooler SKLN.4 2
14 Unloader Φ1200 2
15 Pellet Feed Crumbler SSLG15×100 1
16 Closed rotary grading screen SFJH100×2d 1
17 Finished product warehouse -- 2
18 Packaging scale SDBY-P 1
19 Seam conveyor combination machine TFKB-40 1
20 Load-bearing liquid adding machine -- 1
21 Gas steam boiler 0.5t/h 1

Newly added premix production line equipment list

Number Device name Model QTY
1 Hopper and fence —— 2
2 Pulse dust collector TBLMa.9 1
3 Pulse dust collector TBLMa.6 1
4 Pulse dust collector TBLMa.4 2
5 Twin shaft mixer SLHSJ2 1
6 Twin shaft mixer SLHSJ1 1
7 Bucket elevator —— 2
8 Warehouse to be mixed 2.5, 1.5 cubic 2
9 Finished product warehouse 2.5, 1.5 cubic 2
10 Automatic packing scale —— 2

Public works


Power supply

The 12 t/h premix feed mill in United States project power supply is supplied by the local substation, with an annual power consumption of 3.3099 million kW·h. The factory is equipped with an 800kW VAS11-M energy-saving transformer, which can meet the project's power supply needs.


Water supply and drainage

Environmental protection measures


Exhaust gas

The 12 t/h premix feed mill in United States project waste gas was mainly dust generated in the production process and gas boiler flue gas.


Boiler exhaust gas

The USA premix feed plant project set up a 0.5t/h gas steam boiler for granulation heat, and the factory set up a 1.2m3 LNG (0.5t) storage tank to store compressed natural gas. The sulfur content of the natural gas used in the project was 200mg/m3.

The project year The gas consumption is 84,000m3, and the main pollutants in the flue gas generated are SO2, NOX and particulate matter. The flue gas is emitted from an 8m high chimney.



The project produced no production wastewater. The wastewater was mainly boiler soft water equipment drainage, employee toilet wastewater and boiler drainage. Domestic sewage is mainly employee toilet wastewater with simple water quality.

It is temporarily stored in a 30m3 sedimentation tank in the factory area and used for factory greening and dust suppression, with little impact on the surrounding water environment.



The noise of the 12 t/h premix feed mill in United States project was mainly the noise of production equipment, and the noise values of the original project equipment were between 75dB-95dB.

By banning whistles in the factory area, selecting low-noise equipment, installing basic shock absorption, and sound insulation of the factory and other measures, and after distance attenuation, the company's existing test report shows that the daytime noise range at the factory boundary of this project is 52.3 ~57.4dB (A), in line with the Category 2 standard (daytime ≤ 60dB (A)) in the "Environmental Noise Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises at Boundaries".

The noise at the factory boundary meets the requirements of the "Environmental Noise Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises at Factory Boundaries" (Class 2 standard) and has little impact on the surrounding acoustic environment.


Solid waste

The solid waste generated by the 12 t/h premix feed mill in United States project mainly includes debris generated by the initial cleaning of the screen, the initial cleaning of granular materials, and the initial cleaning of powder materials, material dust removal, iron filings generated by the permanent magnet cylinder iron removal process, and employee domestic waste.

Among them, the dust, iron filings and debris are general industrial solid waste. The dust removal of the materials is collected and reused for production. The iron filings are collected and sold for comprehensive utilization.

The debris is collected and handed over to the environmental sanitation department for unified processing. Domestic waste is collected centrally. It will then be handed over to the environmental sanitation department for unified processing.

During the operation period of the project, all solid waste will be properly disposed of and will not have any adverse impact on the surrounding environment.

Why start premix feed mill in United States?

Premixed feed refers to feed that is mixed with additives and carriers and is an important component of complete compound feed. Its quality and use effects are crucial to the healthy development of the breeding industry.

premix feed mill
  • First of all, from the perspective of market demand, with the development of the breeding industry and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for premix feed continues to increase. Premixed feed can provide comprehensive nutrition, improve feed conversion rate, reduce the occurrence of livestock and poultry diseases, and improve breeding efficiency. Therefore, it has been widely used in the breeding industry.
  • Secondly, from the perspective of policy environment, the support and encouragement of various governments for the breeding industry provide a good policy environment for the development of the premix feed market. At the same time, governments of various countries attach great importance to feed safety and the introduction of relevant regulations, which promotes the standardized development of the premix feed market.
  • Finally, from the perspective of market competition, the competitive landscape of the premix feed market is relatively fierce, and there are many well-known brands on the market. As competition in the market intensifies, premix companies need to continuously improve product quality and R&D capabilities to meet customer needs.

Different from processing ordinary livestock and poultry feed, premix processing requires better equipment and technology.

At present, RICHI premix feed mill equipment has been exported to Australia, the Netherlands, Thailand, El Salvador, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa and other countries.

If you want to start a premix feed mill in United States or premix processing business, contact Richi Machinery to customize the optimal process plan and get a full set of equipment quotations!

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