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What effect does straw pellet machine on the social production environment?

  • Date: 2020-01-31 09:02:28
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The straw pellet machine equipment can be used to process straw and other materials. In today's environment of resource reuse, more and more attention is being paid to multiple uses of resources. Let us introduce to you what impact our straw pellet machine equipment has on society.

straw pellet machine
straw pellet machine 

1. Impact of straw pellet machine on increasing residents' income

The straw pellet machine is a kind of equipment for processing new materials such as agricultural and forestry wastes through crushing, extrusion and other processes to produce granular new fuel. Can be used to replace coal, oil, electricity, natural gas and other energy sources. In China, The annual rural straw just has the place to use. While farming they also increased a sideline income. It can be calculated that the straw is free of charge. As long as it costs 20,000 to 30,000 yuan to purchase a set of granulator equipment, it can be put into production. If the cost of one ton of granules is between three and four hundred yuan, and one ton of granules can be sold for seven or eight hundred yuan, there will be four or five hundred yuan in revenue that day. The continuous and efficient use of straw has really increased national income.

2. the impact of straw pellet machine on improving the living environment

China is a large agricultural country, with annual crop straw output reaching billions of tons. Although the paper industry can make use of a small part, it still exists in a large amount. Farmer friends treat straw either by dumping it indiscriminately or by burning it. Either way, it poses major challenges to the sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas. The incineration not only produced smog, but also serious safety risks. The birth of the straw pellet machine can fully utilize the straw to make environmentally friendly smoke-free pellets for heating, cooking, and burning boilers. Only straw plays a role, and environmental problems can naturally be resolved.

3. the role of straw pellet machine to solve energy problems

Although China's coal resources are abundant, its exploration level is low, its economically recoverable reserves are small, and its per capita possession is low. Of the reserves confirmed by exploration, only 30% of the refined reserves have been investigated, and most of them have been exploited. Coal reserves are quite tight. This means that coal resources are nearing completion. Is there an inexhaustible energy source that can replace coal? The answer is straw pellet energy. The granules processed with agricultural and forestry waste such as straw and branches have high density, resistance to combustion, high calorific value, small emissions, no pollution, and can completely replace coal. In addition, our country is a big country of agriculture and forestry, which can be described as sufficient raw materials, inexhaustible and inexhaustible.

The above is the effect of straw pellet machine on the social production environment. The emergence of the straw pellet machine has solved the energy problem on which we depend, and solved the straw storage problem for farmers friends. It has also increased national income and improved people's living standards. The straw pellet machine must be one of the indispensable equipment in the future.

The above is the article for you: What effect does straw pellet machine on the social production environment?.

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