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Can straw pelletizer only suppress one kind of raw material

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Can the straw pelletizer only press one kind of raw material? For example, the raw materials of wood pellets can only be wood chips, the raw materials of straw pellet mill can only be straws, and the raw materials of sawdust pellet machine can only be sawdust?

Of course not. The straw granulator can press hundreds of materials. As long as it is a biomass raw material, it can be made into granules. However, many users still misunderstand it as suppressing only one raw material.
Can straw pelletizer only suppress one kind of raw material

The straw pelletizer does not have to be made of straw. It can use reeds, straw, rice husks, bamboo dust, sawdust, sawdust, shavings, willow, palm shell, peanut shell, dust, etc., so it can also be called wood pellet machine, Rice husk granulator, sawdust pellet machine and so on. They are called differently and function the same.

Most of the current application fields of straw  pellet machine are power plants, heating plants and chemical companies. To put it plainly, there is only the energy field. Then, if the raw material of the straw pelletizer is extended to wood-based materials such as wood and sawdust, the straw pelletizer will not only be a pellet pelletizer, but also can suppress fuel pellets and fertilizer pellets. In this way, the use of straw granulator will obtain a qualitative leap.
straw pelletizer
straw pelletizer

The sales of straw granulators have been rising in recent years. However, the quality of biomass granulator in the market varies, and the manufacturers of granulators are also large and small, and are uneven. How should we choose a regular pellet machine manufacturer?

First, regular straw pellet machine manufacturer should have their own production workshops. A regular pellet machine manufacturer, if it wants to produce pellet machine equipment, has a sufficiently large production workshop and an excellent R & D team. These are all field visits. It is a bit too irresponsible to sign a contract to buy equipment with only one phone call.  RICHI Machinery Factory welcomes customers to come to the factory for site inspection and witness the strength of manufacturers.

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