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Thrush bird feed pellet machine and its formula

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The preparation of thrush bird feed can be simple or complicated. It is also possible to feed some eggs, fried rice, and some skin worms, locusts, oil gourds and other insects every day without conditions. Generally, large-scale feed mills usually purchase thrush birds feed pellet mills, and then granulate them through a granulator according to the thrush bird's feeding formula.

In the production of feed, we advocate the choice of ordinary and relatively natural raw materials. If your feeding is special, others can’t find a suitable feed after raising your thrush. Do not change as soon as they adapt to a feed. Unless your thrush is raised to the next level, when you need to increase nutrition, you can gradually increase some of the raw materials. This can save costs and meet the physiological needs of thrushes.

Thrush bird feed pellet machine
Thrush bird feed pellet machine

Thrush feed - cooked bird formula

500g corn powder, 200g pea powder, 200g pea powder, 200g soybean powder, 100g wheat bran, 100g chicken feed, 100g hemp, 100g sesame, 100g peanut powder, 250g red carrot, 250g carrot, 100g wolfberry, 50g poria, 50g bone meal 50g yam, 50g osmium, 50g hawthorn, 50g rice bran, 30g cistanche, 30g rehmannia glutinosa, 10g peony peel, 20g dogwood (manufactured), 10g Alisma chinensis, 20g white peony, 25g chicken internal gold, 15 eggs (2 kg) 400g of beef, 200g of bonito, 150g of bonito, 30g of dodder, 40g of epimedium, 30g of Morinda, 20g of cinnamon, 30g of Cynomorium.

This formula is only suitable for mature birds more than 3 years old, and it can only be used for playing birds. Use with caution when singing birds! Raw birds and half-cooked birds are banned, at your own risk. Remember!

Thrush feed formul
Thrush feed formul

Thrush feed - raw bird formula

Small yellow rice: 300 (full nutrition, effective body)

Chicken feed: 300 (strong palatability. Anti-stretching)

Corn flour: 300 (characteristics of high nutrition, less cellulose)

Soy flour: 200 (high protein, high amyloid)

Mung bean powder: 200 (can clear heat and stomach)

Beef: 200 (supplemental energy, sex, high protein food,)

Huang Yan: 200 (blood supplement)

Powder: 200 (can supplement bird's trace elements)

Wolfberry: 100 (can make feet yellow, mouth yellow and other effects)

Carrots: 500 (vitamins and carotene)

Chicken eggs: 20 (take yolks after cooking)

The above formula is for reference only. If you need to produce thrush bird feed pellets in bulk please purchase our feed pellet machine production equipment. We not only make plans and quotes for you free of charge, but also tailor-made bird feed formulas for you.

The above is the article for you: Thrush bird feed pellet machine and its formula. If you are interested in our products or project solutions, please contact us. We will give you the best product quality and the best price. Email:

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