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Rabbit Feed Formulation Case of China Richi Granulator Manufacturer

  • Date: 2020-01-23 09:02:28
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RICHI granulator manufacturer is a Chinese enterprise, mainly producing various animal feed granulators and production lines. The following are rabbit feed formulas provided by RICHI machinery manufacturers in several regions, for your reference only!

Rabbit  Granulator Manufacturer
Rabbit  Granulator Manufacturer

1. Formula of meat rabbit feed in Northeast China

Feed composition: 47% corn, 20% wheat bran, 25% soybean cake, 5% fish meal, 2% shell meal, 1% salt, and multivitamin 0.05%. The above-mentioned feed is mixed into a pellet feed.

2. Formula and amount of meat rabbit feed in Shandong Province

Mix recipe: 25% soybean cake, 20% cornmeal, 32% bran, 20% grass powder, 2% shell powder, and 1% salt. The coarse and coarse feed is mixed evenly to make pellets. Feeding amount: 200 g of mixed concentrate and 700 g of green feed for male rabbits. Breed female rabbits feed 210 grams of mixed concentrates and 750 grams of greens daily. The lactating female rabbit feeds 300 grams of mixed concentrates and 800 grams of greens daily.

3. Jiangsu Longhair Rabbit Feed Formula

Mixed concentrate formula: 42% bran, 20% soybean cake, 20% barley, 15% corn, 2% stone powder, and 1% salt.


4. Feed formula and feeding amount of Jiangsu German Longhair Rabbit

Mixed concentrate formula: 50% bran, 10% barley, 15% soybean cake, 10% corn, 12% rice, 1% salt, 2% bone meal or stone meal. Add 5% hay powder to the mix in summer. Feeding amount: 200 g of mixed concentrate and 600 g of green feed for male rabbits. Breed female rabbits feed 220 grams of mixed concentrates and 700 grams of greens daily. The lactating female rabbit feeds 350 grams of mixed concentrates and 900 grams of greens daily. It should be noted that the feeding rate of large rabbits (Belgian rabbits, Kazakh white rabbits) is slightly higher than that of medium rabbits. The feeding rate of lactating female rabbits during off-part period should be slightly lower than that of nursing female rabbits; young rabbits can feed freely; the feeding amount in winter should be slightly higher than in summer.

5. Feed formulations for rabbit farms in Beijing

In summer, alfalfa, sweet potato seedlings, vegetable leaves, and weeds are the main feeds, and the amount accounts for about 70%. In autumn, some soybean and other agricultural and sideline products are used, and the amount accounts for about 50%. Alfalfa hay, sweet potato seedlings, radish leaves, carrots, etc. account for about 20%, and mixed concentrates account for 30%. The ratio of mixed concentrate: 40% bran, 32% corn, 28% oat, plus 1% to 2% of mineral feed such as salt and bone meal. Bean cake, fish meal, etc. are appropriately added to the breeding rabbit feed during breeding.

The product range produced by RICHI machinery manufacturers mainly includes: poultry and chicken feed pelletizer, rabbit feed pelletizer, livestock feed pelletizer, ruminant feed pelletizer, animal feed pelletizer, etc. Production lines include chicken feed production line, pig feed production line, rabbit feed production line, cattle feed production line, sheep feed production line and so on.

The above is the article for you: Rabbit Feed Formulation Case of China Richi Granulator Manufacturer.

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