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Cattle pellet machine manufacturers tell you how to feed fattening cattle to grow fast

  • Date: 2020-01-23 09:00:28
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Beef is tender and delicious, rich in nutrition, and is welcomed by consumers at home and abroad. How do fattening cows grow fast? As a manufacturer of cattle feed pellet machine, RICHI Machinery will introduce the breeding methods of fattening cattle.

how to feed fattening cattle to grow fast
how to feed fattening cattle to grow fast

1.Reasonable selection of cattle breeds

Each breeder should reasonably choose the excellent cattle breeding fattening according to the living conditions of local cattle breeds. It is recommended to choose strong, healthy and disease-free purebred Simmental, Limousin or Angus beef cattle, or a hybrid generation of high-quality beef cattle and local yellow cattle. Bulls are preferred. They not only grow fast, but also use feed. High rate, excellent beef quality, and high economic benefits of fattening.

2. Rectification of environmental facilities

The quality of the barn environment directly affects the growth rate of beef cattle. In order to create a good living environment for beef cattle, the old cattle sheds should be overhauled and the equipment and instruments adjusted. And often clean the cowshed and sports field, regular disinfection and extermination, keep the cowshed quiet. Make sure the house is well-lit and has good ventilation. Appropriately configure temperature and humidity adjustment equipment to keep the temperature in the house between 10 and 21 ℃ to promote the rapid growth of beef cattle.

3. Determine the fattening method

At present, the common fattening methods adopted by farmers include continuous calf fattening, short-term fattening of shelf cattle, and short-term fattening of cattle. Each breeder should combine his own sales channels, local sales prices, and market demand to select an appropriate fattening method, determine the beef fattening goal, and develop an implementation plan to achieve the fattening goal.

how to feed fattening cattle to grow fast
how to feed fattening cattle to grow fast

4. Scientifically formulated feed

The feed formula in the fattening period should be designed according to the staged nutritional requirements of beef cattle. Calves are in a period of vigorous growth and development, and they should provide feeds with high protein content. Shelf and knockout cattle should provide feed with higher energy levels. In the early stage of fattening, the nutrition level should not be too high, the level of coarse material should be maintained at 55% to 65%, and the level of concentrate should be maintained at 35% to 45%. The nutritional level should be increased in the late stage of fattening, the level of coarse material should be maintained at 20% to 30%, and the level of concentrate should be maintained at 70% to 80%. According to the local feed resources, select the appropriate cattle feed pellet production line and the appropriate cattle feed pellet machine. Reasonably choose the coarse material, pay attention to the coarse material should be cut short before feeding. The crushing of concentrates should not be too fine, and at the same time ensure that the feed is clean, hygienic and good palatability.

5. Scientific immune health

Fattening cattle are more susceptible to diseases. On the basis of daily health care, deworming, and stomach strengthening, all farmers should refer to the national epidemic prevention procedures and do a good job of immunizing fattening cattle. Once beef cattle suspected of being infected are found, they should be quarantined immediately and diagnosed as soon as possible. Select drugs with fast excretion and low drug residues for targeted treatment in a timely manner and sell them during the withdrawal period to ensure food safety.

6. timely listing

The finishing time of fattening cattle should be determined in accordance with their breed, body weight, fattening degree and market demand. Generally, it is more suitable for bulls to be slaughtered at the age of 18 to 23 months and 500 to 600 kg. Or to judge the feed intake of beef cattle, when the feed intake drops to 1/3 or less of the normal amount, you should consider the pen. It can also be determined according to whether there is fat deposited in the sciatic end, abdominal ribs, waist corner, etc. of the beef cattle and the thickness of the fat. Generally speaking, fattening cattle can reach the middle level or above, you can consider going out.

RICHI mechanical engineers told everyone that the beef cattle breeding method must do a good job at all stages, especially the feed pellet stage accounts for about 70% of the total cost, and users must be more careful. It is especially important to choose the appropriate granulator equipment and granule manufacturer. Users can compare and inspect more. RICHI also welcomes users to contact us for inspections and visits. We can customize solutions for you for free!

The above is the article for you: Cattle pellet machine manufacturers tell you how to feed fattening cattle to grow fast.

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