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Project of Producing 15,000 Tons of Tofu Cat Litter Pellets Per Year

  • Date: 2021-01-25 08:50:53
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The main material of tofu cat litter is soybean fiber with light soybean fragrance and milky white color. Tofu cat litter is one of the newest natural types of cat litter. Cat owners are getting more comfortable with it and are starting to like using tofu cat litter.

Tofu cat litter raw material formula is mainly soybean fiber, corn starch, etc., The core of the process is granulator, and then drying, packaging. It’s easy to say, but in practice, it’s not so easy. Involved in food engineering, food additives, applied chemistry. If you just copy a product, it is not difficult. If you want to make high-quality cat litter, you need to build a cat litter pellet production line. Or, at least one cat litter pellet machine needs to be purchased.

If you want to build a production line for tofu cat litter pellets, the following turnkey project introduction for the production of 5 tons of tofu cat litter pellets per hour may be useful to you.

1.  Annual Output of 15,000 Tons of Tofu Cat Litter Production Project Overview

The project covers an area of ​​2000m2 (3 acres), with a total construction area of ​​2000m2, mainly including workshops, warehouses and office areas. The project purchases mixers, granulators, dryers, plane rotary screens and other major production equipment. The project scale is to produce 15,000 tons of tofu cat litter and 10,000 sets of related supplies.

Tofu cat litter pellet production
Tofu cat litter pellet production

The main works of the project are shown in Table 1.

Table 1 List of main works of the project

project Engineering composition scale Remarks
structural work Plant One 1F, building area of ​​900 square meters, steel structure Lease existing
Auxiliary engineering warehouse One 1F, construction area of ​​1000 square meters, steel structure
Workspace One 1F, construction area of ​​100 square meters, steel structure
Heating and cooling Electric heating is used in the production of this project. Electric heating or air-conditioning is used for office heating in winter, and air-conditioning is used for cooling in summer. There is no coal-fired boiler in the plant. /
powered by The electricity for production and living of this project is provided by the nearby power grid, and the electricity and voltage can meet the electricity demand of this project /
Water supply The water for this project is centrally supplied by the nearby water supply pipe network, and the water quality and quantity can meet the water demand of this project /
Environmental Engineering Exhaust The particulate matter produced in the batching, mixing, drying, cooling, and screening process of the project passes through the collection device + pulse dust collector + bag filter + 15m high exhaust tube /
Waste water No production wastewater is produced in this project; the produced wastewater is mainly domestic wastewater with a small amount of production, which is directly sprayed to suppress dust and not discharged. /
noise Priority is given to low-noise equipment, and noise-producing equipment shall be treated with measures such as plant sound insulation and foundation shock absorption. /
Solid waste General solid waste: the waste packaging generated during the production process of the project is collected and sold; unqualified products and dust ash collected by dust removal equipment are recycled for production; domestic waste is collected and sent to the designated location of the environmental sanitation department. /

(5) Project investment: The total project investment is 2 million RMB, and the environmental protection investment is 200,000 RMB, accounting for 10% of the total investment.

(6) Number of employees and work system: The project has a fixed labor force of 15 people, with an annual working day of 300 days, and a day shift production system with 10 hours a day.

2. Main Production Equipment of Annual Output of 15,000 Tons of Tofu Cat Litter Production Project

The project selects equipment that meets domestic and foreign advanced, energy-saving, environmental protection, safety and health requirements, and the main equipment is shown in Table 2.

Table 2 List of main equipment of the project

Serial number Equipment name Quantity (sets, sets, strips)
1 Into the hopper 1
2 Pulse dust collector 7
3 Hoist 2
4 Mixed warehouse 1
5 Steam moving gate 1
6 Mixer 1
7 Buffer 1
8 Screw conveyor 1
9 Cat litter pellet mill 1
10 Rotary Dryer 1
11 Scraper conveyor belt 3
12 Flap cooler 1
13 Chakron 1
14 Windshield 1
15 Plane rotating screen 1
16 power supply system 3
17 Air compressor 1
18 Packing Machine 3
19 total 31

3. Consumption of Main Raw and Auxiliary Materials

The consumption of raw and auxiliary materials of the project is shown in Table 3.

Table 3 List of project raw and auxiliary materials consumption

Serial number name Dosage (t/a) Storage method
1 Okara 7500 Bagged and stored in warehouse
2 corn flour 7380 Bagged and stored in warehouse
3 Additives and pigments 130 Bagged and stored in warehouse
4 Cat litter accessories 10,000 sets Purchased finished products, not processed

4. Production Process and Steps of Tofu Cat Litter Production Project

The raw and auxiliary materials are mixed in proportion according to the requirements of the formula, and then transported by the elevator to the mixer for mixing. A small amount of fresh water needs to be added during the mixing process, and the mixed materials are transported to the granulator through the elevator for granulation. The granulating machine is heated to 20℃ to facilitate granulation. The granulated material is transported from the conveyor to the dryer for heating and drying. The dryer adopts electric heating. After drying, the material is transported to the cooling machine by the conveyor. After cooling and sieving, it enters the packaging machine, and finally is packaged and stored.

Cat Litter Pellet Mill
Cat Litter Pellet Mill

5. Main Pollution Process of Annual Output of 15,000 Tons of Tofu Cat Litter Production Project

1. Operation period

(1) Waste gas: The waste gas of the project is mainly the waste gas from ingredients, mixing, drying, cooling and screening during the production process.

(2) Wastewater: The wastewater of the project is mainly domestic sewage.

(3) Noise: The noise of the project is mainly the mechanical noise generated by mechanical facilities such as screening machines and granulators, and the noise value is about 70-80dB (A).

(4) Solid waste: The solid waste produced by the project is mainly the unqualified products produced in the screening process, the dust ash collected by the dust removal system and the domestic waste of employees.

The main pollutants produced and estimated discharge table of the project

6. Environmental Air Impact Analysis

The waste gas of the project is mainly the dust generated during the process of batching, mixing, drying, cooling and screening during the production of cat litter.

(1) Organized particulate matter

The project will produce a certain amount of particulate matter in the batching, mixing, drying, cooling, and sieving processes. By analogy, the amount of particulate matter generated is about 0.04% of the product output. The project product output is 15000t/a. The particulate matter produced in the drying, cooling, and screening processes is 6t/a. The particulate matter generated in the batching, stirring, drying, cooling, and screening processes is processed by the respective pulse dust collector + bag filter, and the total air volume of this part of the process is 25000m3 /h, the removal efficiency of the dust removal system is 95%, then the particulate matter emissions after the batching, mixing, drying, and screening processes are 0.285t/a, and the project is operated for 3000h, the particulate matter emissions concentration is 3.8mg/m3 Finally, after being discharged from the same 15m exhaust tube, the particulate matter after treatment can meet the requirements of the second standard in Table 2 of the Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants (GB16297-1996).

(2) Disorganized particles

The unorganized particulate matter collected by the project without the gas hood is about 2% of the total particulate matter generated. By strengthening the airtightness of the workshop, the total amount of unorganized particulate matter discharged from the factory boundary is 0.12t/a (0.04kg/h).

The Advantage of Tofu Cat Litter Over Other Types of Litters Are

  • Safe– it is produced from natural products which makes it harmless if swallowed by pets.
  • Soft Touch-Made from natural bean curd residue and corn starch with Ultra-soft texture that accommodates feline with sensitive paws.
  • Dust Free-It helps to protect pet respiratory tract with its zero dust components.
  • Super Absorbency and Deodorization- It quickly soaks up cat urine and neutralizes strong odors on contact.
  • Easy Disposal– The clump is highly flushable and biodegradable and easy to dispose into the toilet or garden as fertilizer.
  • Easy scooping– It makes non-stick solid clumps which is easy to remove.
  • Environmentally friendly– it produces a good smell despite cat urine and leaves an eco-friendly environment.
  • Less track, keep home clean
Cat Litter
Cat Litter

How To Use Cat Litter

1) Fill a clean litter tray with 2 to 5 cm of Emily Pets Tofu Cat Litter.

2) Remove the clumps and dispose of them responsibly. You can flush small quantities down the toilet.

3) Add at least 5cm of cat litter after each waste removal to fresh your litter box.

4) Empty your cat litter tray monthly for fresh cat litter.

When submerged fully in water (in a toilet bowl), bean curd cat litter begins to easily disintegrate.

You can flush it down the toilet instead of throwing it away in a trash bag.

Tofu is excellent at absorbing urine; one bag of Emily Pets Tofu Cat Litter can last up to 30 days in a single cat household!

Richi Machinery can provide you with a variety of cat litter pellet machines and cat litter pellet production line turnkey projects. If you are interested in our products or projects, please contact us!

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