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The price of feed pellet machine for 300,000 poultry plant in the UK

  • Date: 2020-09-11 08:53:06
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What can the poultry feed pellet machine do for us? If you have a large poultry farm: chickens, ducks, geese and various birds. The cost of purchasing poultry feed is relatively high, so you can consider a poultry feed pellet machine or a poultry feed pellet production line.

I humbly request quotation for pelleting machine. I am interested to know the prices for feed pellet machines for poultry units, which can produce feed for three poultry units of 100000 birds each. This is a customer consultation from the UK. If we want to know the price of feed pellet machine, we need to calculate how much feed a 300k bird eats a day, and calculate the size of the feed pellet machine based on the feed eaten every day.

flat die pellet machine
flat die pellet machine

1. What size feed pellet machine does a 300k poultry factory need?

According to engineers' calculations, 300k poultry needs 3.6t of feed pellets a day, and 3.6t of feed pellets are produced a day. If you work 8 hours a day, then 500kg of feed pellets are needed for one hour. A 500kg/h flat die pellet machine can do it.

2. Feed pellet machine price

The price of 500kg/h flat die pellet machine is cheaper than ring die, the price range is between $3000.00-$7000.00.

3. Model parameters of feed pellet machine

Model Capacity(KG/H) Power ( KW ) Pellet Size ( mm ) Dimensions ( cm )
FDF-125A 80-100 3 Φ2.0 - Φ6.0 66*35*120
FDF-150A 90-150 4 Φ2.0 - Φ6.0 66*35*120
FDF-125B 80-100 3 Φ2.0 - Φ6.0 63*27*75
FDF-150B 90-150 4 Φ2.0 - Φ6.0 65*27*78
FDF-210 200-300 7.5 Φ2.0 - Φ6.0 85*35*91
FDF-230 350-450 11 Φ2.0 - Φ6.0 98*38*94
FDF-260 400-500 15 Φ2.0 - Φ6.0 108*42*104
FDF-300 500-700 18.5 Φ2.0 - Φ6.0 130*51*121
FDF-360 700-800 22 Φ2.0 - Φ6.0 140*56*160
FDF-400 900-1200 30 Φ2.0 - Φ6.0 150*61*180

4. The benefits of bird eating pellets

There are many different foods on the market. Determining which one is right for your bird is a process of trial and error. However, with regular bird feeds, birds tend to feed selectively. Pellets eliminate the risk of selective feeding, because the composition is the same in every pellet. This leads to less (food) waste in and around the bird cage. On top of that, because of this composition, the pellets can be adapted to a bird species' specific needs. Please note that if you are planning on switching food, this should be done slowly. The pellets should be mixed with the bird's regular food and slowly the ratios should be changed until the complete transition has been made.

Qatar 1-1.2T/H Bird And Camel Feed Pellet Line Cases

Qatar 1-1.2T/H Bird And Camel Feed Pellet Line
Qatar 1-1.2T/H Bird And Camel Feed Pellet Line
  • Name: Bird and camel Feed Pellet Line
  • Country: Qatar
  • Capacity: 1-1.2T/H
  • Date: Aug 8th,2017
  • Installation cycle: 30 Days
  • Feed Pellet Size: 2mm, 3mm,4mm,6mm bird and camel feed
  • Workshop size(L*W*H):6m*3m*7m
  • Main Raw material:Corn, wheat,Soybean Meal, oil, premix and other Grain.

The poultry feed pellet machines produced by Richi Machinery are suitable for small output, such as 100kg/h-1t/h, and there are also large-volume ring die feed pellet machines, the maximum output can reach 40t/h. So, if you want to invest in poultry feed pellets Machine or poultry feed pellet production line, please contact us as soon as possible!

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