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Feed pellet making machine for cattle at best price

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I am looking for a pellet making machine for cattle, would like to know prices etc we have 1400 cattle so need a small one.

If we need to know the price of cattle feed pellet machine. First of all, we must calculate how much feed a day of 1400 cows eat or how much feed an hour. If the cattle or cow eat 2 tons of feed an hour, you will need a 2 tons feed pellet machine.

How much feed do 1400 cows eat in a day?

Cattle also depend on what kind of cattle it is. Daily intake of refined feed for shelf and fattening cattle is generally calculated based on cattle weight multiplied by 1.2% -1.5%; daily intake of refined feed for empty pregnant cows is generally calculated based on cattle weight multiplied by 0.5%; pregnant females The daily intake of concentrated feed for cattle is generally calculated based on the weight of cattle multiplied by 0.8%; the daily intake of concentrated feed for cows during lactation is generally calculated based on the weight of cattle multiplied by 1%.

Feeding too little concentrate every day will result in insufficient beef energy intake and slower growth. If you take too much, and you don't feed the stomach-promoting digestive products, it will cause rumen accumulation, diarrhea, etc., which will affect growth.

Cattle in fattening period (above 300 kg cattle): The average concentrate (excluding grass) is 5-6 kg per day, and the granulator size is about 6-7t. If it is forage-containing, the feed is definitely different and the production tonnage is different.

Feed pellet making machine for cattle at best price
Feed pellet making machine for cattle at best price

Best offer for cattle feed pellet machine

The cattle feed pellet machine produced by RIchi Machinery has a wide tonnage, ranging from small 1-2 tons, commonly used 5-12 tons, large-scale more than 20 tons can be produced. If you are interested in our products, please contact us for a detailed quotation.

Why should you chose us?

We are an animal feed plant manufacturer that complete turn key projects to meet your requirements and expectations. We strive to produce high quality products with low prices and superior after sales services. We not only offer solutions but also work them out practically for our clients. We sum up all those with sufficient project managerial experience to help our clients grow,gradually but steadily.

India and South Africa cattle feed pellet machine prices? 

Cattle sheep feed pellet machine price and model 

8-10 tons cattle horse pig chicken bird pellet feed granulator model

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