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Process flow of 3 ton 4 ton straw pellet machine

  • Date: 2020-03-02 09:00:20
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For the 3 ton 4 ton straw pellet machine, because coarse feed is not easy to shape, the traditional process of straw pellet may have abrasive tools, bearings are easy to be damaged, material is difficult to form, and mold blockage is serious. On the one hand, many manufacturers do not have their own equipment. Technology is just imitation, then relentless investment, equipment technology is old-fashioned, equipment components are unqualified. But in general, straw and refined feed can be made into rough feed after a certain ratio, which can ensure the effective use of straw and simple storage.

Process flow of 3 ton 4 ton straw pellet machine
Process flow of 3 ton 4 ton straw pellet machine

Process flow of 3 ton 4 ton straw pellet machine

The straw is pulverized first, and then processed by microorganisms (if it is not fine, it can also be processed directly, but the protein content cannot be increased. The protein content of straw that has been slightly treated will generally increase by more than three times. The straw pellet machine is used by farmers to produce feed or raw Special equipment for material fuel granules. The machinery used for a long time will inevitably run slowly and cause unpredictable failures. A common problem is that the straw pellet machine will discharge quickly or slowly during the production process. At this time, the operator will To worry: the operator must always pay attention to the ammeter, if the current is found to be too high, the feeding speed should be adjusted appropriately. Do not go down too fast when adjusting, if you find that the current is low and the material is good, this can be appropriately increased.

Factors needing attention for 3 ton 4 ton straw pellet machine

There is a need for the scale after the material is broken. Before entering the straw pellet machine, the straw and other material must be crushed by the straw grinder before entering the straw pellet machine, and the size of the damaged area should match the diameter of the straw pellet machine and the diameter of the straw pellet machine mold. The size of the damaged particles will directly affect the output value of the straw pellet machine, and even form no output. However, different manufacturers have different requirements on the scale of material destruction, so you need to know before purchasing.

It is necessary for the material itself to have adhesion. If the material itself does not have cohesive force, then the product extruded by the straw pellet machine is either not formed or is not loose, and it will be broken as soon as it is transported.

Therefore, if you see that the material itself does not adhere but can extrude particles or blocks, the material must have moved the limbs, may have been fermented, or added the adhesive. This is also important. There is a strict demand for the moisture content of the material. When entering the pellet machine, it is necessary to keep the moisture after the material is destroyed within a range. Too dry will affect the forming effect. The moisture is too large and it is easy to relax, so the moisture density of the material will also affect the output value of the briquetting machine. Although the moisture requirements of the material used by each manufacturer are different, it is necessary for the moisture content of the product to reach below 13 before the product is sold.

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