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Dual-purpose scale for feed mill granular powder——DCS-A50-Z model

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The packaging scale is the last operation in the pellet production line or powder production line in the feed factory. The RICHI Machinery Factory is equipped with different packaging scales according to the customer's production line needs. For example, the DCS-A50-Z packaging scale is a dual-use scale, which can be used as a granule scale or a powder scale. Why use DCS-A50-Z packaging scale, what are the advantages of using this scale?

DCS-A50-Z computer quantitative packing scale, this machine mainly consists of four parts: automatic weighing device, conveying device, sewing package device and computer control system. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, stable operation, energy saving, easy operation, fast weighing and accurate measurement.

Dual-purpose scale for feed mill granular powder——DCS-A50-Z model
Dual-purpose scale for feed mill granular powder——DCS-A50-Z model

DCS-A50-Z model parameter

Model: DCS-A50 / Z

Power 3KW

Feeding method belt

Package weight: 20-50kg / bag

Packing speed: 6-8bags / min

Packing accuracy static: ± 0.1%; dynamic ± 0.2%

Display resolution: 10G

Temperature range: -10 to 40 ° C

Voltage: 380V / 50HZ & tailored

Air source pressure: 0.4-0.65MPa

Steel frame size: height 2800 × width 1000mm

Belt conveyor: length 3000 × width 400mm

Scope of application: quantitative packaging of granular and powdery material in chemical fertilizers (composite fertilizers, organic fertilizers, urea, BB fertilizers, etc.), chemical industry, grain, feed and other industries.

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