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Cause analysis of the noise of straw pellet unit

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With the over-exploitation of coal resources, coal combustion not only brings serious pollution to the environment, but also over-exploitation of coal poses a serious threat to the global geological structure. The pellet produced by the straw pellet unit can replace coal, which is cheap and environmentally friendly, and has become the choice of many users.

Biomass straw granules are compressed by using biomass materials such as straw, sawdust, wood, and rice husk. We take the straw pellet unit as an example to analyze the reason for the high noise of the straw pellet machine.

Cause analysis of the noise of straw pellet unit
Cause analysis of the noise of straw pellet unit

1. The straw pellet unit may have a bearing problem in a certain part, which makes the machine run abnormally and the working current will fluctuate. The operating current is too high (stop checking or replacing bearings).

2. The ring die is blocked, or only part of the die holes are discharged. Foreign matter enters the ring die, the ring die is out of round, the gap between the pressure roller and the die is too tight, the wear of the pressure roller or the damage of the pressure roller bearing cannot be turned will cause the wood pellet machine vibration (check or replace the ring die, adjust the gap between the pressure roller).

3. The coupling is unbalanced, there is a deviation between the height and the left and right, the wood chip particles may be vibrated, and the gear oil seals are easily damaged (the coupling must be calibrated to the horizontal line).

4. The main shaft is not tightened, the main shaft will loosen, which will cause the axial back and forth movement, the pressure roller swings obviously, the granulator has a lot of noise and vibration, and the granulation is difficult (need to tighten the tail butterfly spring and round nut of the main shaft).

The loud noise of the straw pellet unit must be the problem of improper operation or the machine itself. If problems are found, they should be resolved immediately, and they should not be left unchecked, otherwise the life of the straw pellet unit equipment will be reduced and unnecessary losses will be caused.

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