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Analysis of the reasons for the low output of wood pellet machine

  • Date: 2020-02-06 09:04:29
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First of all, let's talk about the prerequisites for pelletizing wood chips: the raw material is powder, the crushing coefficient does not exceed 2/3 of the particle diameter, and the moisture content of the raw material is between 10% and 15%. Only when these three conditions are met at the same time can solid and perfect particles be produced. However, during the production process, the output of wood pellet machine may be low, which is annoying to many customers. It is obvious that the equipment that produces 2-3 tons per hour is only 1.5 tons in actual production. Many people complain directly about the bad equipment without knowing it, and the reputation of the manufacturer is damaged due to some misunderstandings. The main reasons are as follows:

Analysis of the reasons for the low output of wood pellet machine
Analysis of the reasons for the low output of wood pellet machine

1. Poor finish of the mold hole during the initial use of the mold. This problem is usually encountered in pellet machine. Wash the mold with oil mixed with sand. This problem will be greatly improved in about half an hour. Or choose a mold produced by a regular manufacturer. Generally, regular manufacturer will process the mold holes before the mold leaves the factory.

2. The moisture content of the raw materials is too high or too low. This is also a factor that directly affects production. The solution is to mix the dry and wet materials 1-2 days in advance and stack them naturally, allowing the water to communicate with each other.

3. The gap between the pressure roller and the mold is too large or too small. Workers can make adjustments based on the state of the particles. You can also choose a granulator with automatic adjustment of the gap between the rollers. This kind of granulator has high technical content and often the price is too high.

4. The motor power is too small. and the mold is too small, which is directly related to the output. It is recommended that all friends who purchase the machine consider the power at about 185 and the mold diameter at about 700mm when choosing a pellet machine. In addition to the current used by the high-power pellet machine, other currents are applied to the pellet. The more residual current, the higher the conversion rate and the higher the output. The reason for choosing a large-diameter mold is also very simple. The larger the expansion area of ​​the mold, the more natural particles will be produced in a unit time.

5. Miscellaneous materials. Many customers do not follow the manufacturer's requirements, resulting in mixed raw materials. The raw material of the wood pellet machine is wood chips, and many customers tell the manufacturer that the raw material is wood chips when purchasing equipment. However, when collecting wood, they dope some other substances into it, causing material mixing, which not only results in low yield, but also Will damage the mold of the equipment.

6. Staff replacement. The granulation process is very dirty and tiring, which will cause frequent replacement of workers, coupled with the lack of knowledge of the equipment, resulting in low efficiency and reduced output.

Customers are advised to communicate with the manufacturer in a timely manner after purchasing wood pellet machine equipment. Of course, RICHI machinery will also return to regular customers from time to time after customers use the equipment. The RICHI mechanical after-sales team will teach the customer the installation and disassembly skills of the equipment while tracking and servicing each customer. Only when the customer really understands the equipment will it be handy. RICHI Machinery specializes in wood pellet machine. Thanks to your support, RICHI equipment will become more perfect.

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