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Fish feed pellet machine manufacturer summarize five reasons for fish anorexia

  • Date: 2020-02-04 09:06:00
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Fish is a common dish on our table. The fish is very delicious and loved by everyone. Many people will raise fish for sale, but sometimes fish anorexia will occur during the breeding process. What are the reasons for this? Below are the RICHI machinery-fish feed pellet machine manufacturer to summarize the five major anorexia the reason.

Fish feed pellet machine manufacturer summarize five reasons for fish anorexia
Fish feed pellet machine manufacturer summarize five reasons for fish anorexia

The causes of anorexia can be divided into:

First, hypoxia

Fish feel hypoxia in water because of two main reasons:

1.Less dissolved oxygen in water

2.Fish absorb less dissolved oxygen


This mainly refers to parasitic disease, enteritis, bacterial rotten gills and hepatobiliary disease.

Third, poisoning

Poisoning directly affects fish feeding, and severe poisoning can endanger fish life. Poisoning mainly includes algae poisoning, pesticide poisoning, heavy metal poisoning, chemical substance poisoning, food poisoning, and drug poisoning.

Fourth, bait

1.The feed is too hard or the water is dissolved for a long time

2.Feed spoilage

3. The feed itself is poorly attractive

4.Feed size


V. Climate

1.Water temperature is too low

2. Abrupt weather changes

Fish Feed Extruder
Fish Feed Extruder

In addition, in addition to the above reasons that can cause anorexia in fish, artificial spills of medicines, large changes in water, fishing, feeding with drugs in the feed, and breeding season can cause anorexia in fish. Therefore, farmers should find the cause according to the specific situation, and solve the problem.

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