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Fish feed pellet machine manufacturers introduce you the determinants and changes of pH

  • Date: 2020-02-03 09:02:00
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We introduced the "Fish feed pellet machine manufacturers introduce the role of water pH". Let's take a look at the factors that determine the pH and preventive measures.

1. Determinants of pH

There are many factors that determine the pH, but the most important thing is the equilibrium system of free carbon dioxide and carbonate in the water, as well as the content of organic matter in the water and its decomposition conditions. The carbon dioxide and carbonate balance system varies depending on the hardness of the water and the increase or decrease of carbon dioxide. The increase or decrease of carbon dioxide is determined by the aquatic respiration, the oxidation of organic matter, and the relative strength of plant photosynthesis.

Contaminated by acids. Symptoms of fish acidosis; body color is obviously whitish; aquatic plants appear brown or white; water body transparency is significantly increased; water body is acidic and generally pH is less than 4; there are many dead algae and dying algae cells in the water body.

the determinants and changes of pH
the determinants and changes of pH

2. Prevention methods

(1) Frequently check the pH value of the water body, preferably once a day in the morning and evening. Once an abnormality occurs, find out the cause in time and take effective measures.

(2) The new water is best to wait until the water quality is stable before releasing the fingerlings.

(3) When blue-green algae appear, control or replace the pond water in time, cultivate new algae phase, and apply inorganic fertilizer if necessary.

(4) For ponds that have been cultured for too long, there is too much organic matter in the sludge. At this time, the amount of water should be appropriately increased. If necessary, clean the bottom of the pond and sprinkle some lime to increase the pH.

(5) When the pH value is always high, you can consider using some non-toxic weak acids such as acetic acid to lower the pH value without other methods.

(6) The method of pH adjustment of saline land:

① Try not to use water sources with high pH and high alkalinity. If possible, change the water to prevent the pH of the pool water from becoming too high.

② It is not suitable to use quicklime to clear ponds and disinfect the fishing ponds of saline-alkali bottom soil to prevent the pH value from rising.

③ In the fishing pond, large algae such as weeds, polygrass and chara will be removed. Reduce photosynthesis to avoid a significant increase in pH, because algae carry out vigorous photosynthesis under high temperature and strong sunlight, which greatly increases the pH of water bodies in the short term.

④ To control the excessive reproduction of floating plants, use 0.5 to 0.7 ppm of copper sulfate for splashing in the whole pond.

⑤ Do not use tadpoles as main fish farming, but mainly tadpoles, carps, grass carp, catfish, tilapia, etc.

⑥ Emergency rescue measures can be sprinkled with acetic acid or hydrochloric acid to neutralize the pH value to prevent alkalosis and ammonia poisoning.

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The above is the article for you: Fish feed pellet machine manufacturers introduce you the determinants and changes of pH.

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