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How much does it cost to invest in a straw pelletizer production line

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1.Select straw granulator according to output

When investing in a straw pelletizer production line, we must first determine whether to use straw for fuel pellets or feed pellets, because the machine used are different. Straw to do small yield of feed particles are generally used with the flat die granule machine, large yield will be used with the ring die granule machine, which is a machine specifically for fuel particles. Someone asked, is it OK to use flat die for fuel? The answer is no. Because the structure of the flat die and the horizontal ring die is different, the feed pellets are softer for feeding animals, and the fuel pellets are stronger. The flat die pellet machine cannot be pressed directly, even if the die is pressed, it is easily damaged and the maintenance rate is extremely high.

Raw material for straw pellet machine
Raw material for straw pellet machine

2.How to choose the right straw pellet mill based on raw materials

After determining the specific granules, choose the appropriate straw granulator according to the amount of raw materials. Our company has a granulator for making fuel granules has an output of 1-1.5 tons per hour and a motor power of 90kw. This power matches this output is the perfect partner. If it is a small power and large output, like a small horse-drawn cart, the machine will be exhausted,this is the reason. The straw needs to be crushed and dried in the early stage. Investing in such a straw fuel pellet production line with an output of 1-1.5 tons per hour, equipment investment is one of the relatively high investment raw materials. In addition, the heating value of straw particles is relatively low, and the selling price is not good. It is not cost-effective to invest in straw. If you really want to make fuel pellets, you can inspect the local wood-based raw materials, whether it is round wood, square wood or branches, which are more profitable than investing in straw.

how to produce the wood pellet
how to produce the wood pellet

3. Select equipment to see the manufacturer

As a production and selection machine, it is necessary to select a suitable granulator according to its own situation. The products made by different granule machine manufacturers are also different. Choose pellet machine products in addition to performance, but also to see the manufacturer. Only when you choose a granulator manufacturer with good product quality, good after-sales service, and strength can you guarantee the quality of the granulator and the stable operation of the equipment in the later stages. The so-called a penny a goods in the biomass pellet machine industry is the truth

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