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Fish feed pellet machine manufacturers introduce the role of water pH

  • Date: 2020-02-03 09:00:00
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pH value is an important indicator of water quality, which not only directly affects the physiological activities of fish, but also indirectly affects fish by changing other physical and chemical and biological factors in the water environment. The pH of the water body is an important indicator of whether the water quality is suitable for the growth of fish and shrimp. It determines the biological reproduction and the chemical status of the water quality in the water body and directly affects the growth of fish and shrimp. The role of the pH of the water body will be introduced by the fish feed pellet machine manufacturers below.

Hydrogen ion concentration has always been considered as an important factor for aquaculture water, and its pH value is usually measured when analyzing the water quality of aquaculture water. This is because the concentration of hydrogen ions affects aquaculture production in many ways.

PH color chart
PH color chart

1. The pH range in which farmed organisms can safely live is approximately 6.5-9, and the most suitable range is weak alkaline, that is, the pH is between 7-8.5, and some species are near neutral, that is, the pH is about 7. , Such as salmon. When the pH value exceeds a certain range, the high limit is 9.5 to 10, and the low limit is 4 to 5 will directly cause the death of aquatic life.

Although the pH value is within the safe range, when it exceeds the optimal range, it will also affect the fish's life activities, thereby affecting the production and benefits of farming. For example, the practice of fish farming has proven that fish are particularly sensitive to infectious fish diseases in acidic water (pH below 5.5). Breathing is difficult, even if the water is not hypoxic, the digestibility of feed is low, and growth is slow .

2. pH value also indirectly affects fish growth by affecting other environmental factors. For example, at low pH, the concentration of Fe + 2 ions and H2S will increase, and the toxicity of these ingredients will work in conjunction with low pH. The lower the pH, the greater the toxicity; on the other hand, the high pH will Increase ammonia toxicity. At the same time, when the pH value becomes too high or too low, it will inhibit the photosynthesis of plants and the decomposition of spoilage bacteria.

3. pH also seriously affects the biological productivity of water bodies. The unsuitable pH value will destroy the supply of the most important material basis for water production-phosphate and inorganic nitrogen compounds. If the pond water is too alkaline, it will form insoluble tricalcium phosphate, and the acid will form insoluble iron phosphate and aluminum phosphate, which will reduce the fertilizer efficiency. The pH value also plays an important role in the nitrogen cycle. Nitrogenation and nitrogen fixation are most suitable for weak alkaline pH values ​​of 7.0 to 8.5. Through photosynthesis and the life activities of various microorganisms, the overall metabolism of water bodies is affected.

Fish feed pellet machine
Fish feed pellet machine

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