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Difference Between Floating Fish Feed and Sinking Fish Feed Extrusion Process

Extrusion has been used to prepare animal feeds for many years and has proved to be an effective means to cook and shape raw ingredients into very specialized products, especially in the highly competitive aquatic feed and pet food market where size, shap... Learn More

2 Tph Automatic Poultry Feed Complete Line Machinery

The poultry feed production line is one of the best-selling production lines, because every country and region has chicken farms, chicken feed is needed if there are chickens, and large chicken farms cannot do without the chicken feed pellet production li... Learn More

1-2t/h Ruminant Feed Line And Poultry Feed Line Produce Cattle Feed And Chicken Feed.

We know that ruminant feed pellet machine are needed to produce ruminant feed, and poultry feed pellet machine are needed to produce poultry feed. Yes, this is limited to small feed pellets. If it is to produce large-volume feed pellets, a feed pellet pro... Learn More

5-8 T/h Poultry & 4-5 T/h Floating Fish & 5-7 T/h Sinking Fish Feed Production Line

Hello,We want to setup feed mill machine like:
Floating fish feed full production line machine ( 4-5 ton per hour capacity ).
Sinking fish feed full production line machine (5-7 ton per hour capacity ).
Poultry feed( Broiler & Layer) full production li... Learn More

What Are The Common Hop Varieties Of The Hop Pellet Machine?

Hop pellet machine is a pellet machine equipment using hops as raw material. The hops pellets are made from leaf hops that have been hammer crushed into a powder. The powder is then pelletized by passing it through a natural pellet die.... Learn More

How Does A Fish Farm Make A Profit

It depend on which species you want to harvest and which aquaculture principle do you use to farm those fish.Most of fish farming cost come from fish feed expense,there are many aquaculture principle to reduce fish feed expanse.... Learn More

Aquatic Feed Pellet Machine And Extruder For Cat Fish Food Production

Recently, a Nigerian customer wanted to purchase Cat Fish feed pellet equipment. He emailed:"Good morning. My name is Kenneth, and i am new in cat fish rearing business. I intend doing small scale feed production for my farm. I came across, on the intern... Learn More

30t/h Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line And 6t/h Poultry Concentrate Line

A recent user consultation in Benin"I am interested in poultry concentrate production line 6T/H at rate 0.25% and poultry feed pellet production line capacity 30T/H. All automatic option. What is your delivery time payment term and quotation? Looking to... Learn More

Marine Farms 8-10 T/h Sinking Fish Feed Production Line Cost Of Installation And Delivery

We operate sine 32 years, we posses several marine farms around Greece, and recently have decided to examine the possibility to build our own fish feed factory. Having noticed your activity in the site, I address you for a preliminary quo... Learn More

How To Make Grass Pellets For Fuel?

A customer from Malawi called to consult: "Kindly give me a quote for one piece of the grass pellet machine. I am looking for a small scale pilot size unit to make fuel pellets for cooking meals. Using grass as the raw material please advise what you can... Learn More

Can A Lactating Cow Eat Silage Cause Calf Diarrhea?

As the future productive units of a dairy herd, heifers represent a substantial financial investment in feed and labor. This investment needs to be protected by managing and feeding these heifers so that they grow economically and at an optimal rate in or... Learn More

How To Manage Cattle Farms During Covid-19

Reduce the number of people helping to work cattle. Ask high-risk individuals to stay at home.Set up multiple wash/sanitization stations and encourage frequent hand washing.
Set up processing or work groups that are social contemporaries (already spendin... Learn More

How To Reduce The Production Cost Of Calves In Cattle Farms

Year after year, feed costs remain the single largest expense in the cow-calf sector. In a typical year, feed equates to approximately half of total enterprise... Learn More

How Ruminants Reduce Methane Production In The Rumen

A 20% reduction in methane emission could allow growing cattle to gain an additional 75 g/d of weight. In lactating cows, a 20% reduction in methane emissions represents the same amount of energy needed to synthesize 0.6 kg/d of milk. Revenue generated fr... Learn More

What Equipment Is Needed For The Production Of Wood Pellets

If you are planning to build a wood pellet factory, first consider 3 questions: 1. What is the hourly output? 2. What is the raw material and what is the moisture content? 3. What is the investment budget?... Learn More

Can grass be made into fuel pellets?

Can grass be made into fuel pellets?Can grass be made into fuel pellets? of course can. Grass can not only be made into animal feed pellets, but also into burning fuel pellets. If you have a lot of waste grass on your land, either hay or grass can be made... Learn More

Steps And Advantages Of Making Horse Manure Into Fuel Pellets

Horse manure can be made into organic fertilizer granules like other animal manure. But what you don’t know is that horse dung can also be made into fuel particles. However, other animal feces can't be made into fuel particles. This is because horses eat... Learn More

How To Make Chicken Pellet Fertilizer, Is There A Success Story?

How is chicken manure made into pellets, is there a success story? Chicken manure can of course be made into organic fertilizer pellets, just use an organic fertilizer pellet machine. The raw material of the organic fertilizer pellet machine is very wide,... Learn More

In-depth Discussion of Wood Pellets

Plugging the press is a line that is approached at virtually all times when making wood pellets, Kessler says. “You need to generate enough frictional heat to activate the lignin in the wood, to get it to bind together,” he says.... Learn More

Why does my pellet factory produce fewer pellets?

In general, that fewer pellets are produced has two reasons to consider, it is either the equipment is not correctly adjusted (especially the die and roller adjustment) or the raw material for making pellets is not mixed properly. From our experience, the... Learn More

How Many Tons of Pellets Can Be Compressed by the Ring Die of the Pellet Mill?

The service life of a ring die of a biomass pellet machine is measured not by the actual working hours but by the amount of material that the pellet mill can process. On average, the normal quality ring die can last for dealing with 3,000 tons of material... Learn More

10 question to consider when building your own pellet plant

If you have a lot of raw materials in your area, such as wood, wood chips, sawdust, Furniture factory scraps,rice husks, peanut shells, straw, waste paper and other wastes, you can use them to granulate. If you are considering building a pellet plant, the... Learn More

How to buy good quality biomass pellet machine according to budget?

In the international commercial biomass pellet mill market, there are countless pellet mill manufacturers and suppliers. No matter where you plan to buy the pellet machine, you need to pay attention to the following four precautions:... Learn More

How to use the extruder correctly

Extruding machinery and equipment are the same as general food machinery. It is not only satisfied with the production conditions that mechanical equipment shou... Learn More

Questions about Richi Pellet Mill

Q: Is the Richi Pellet Mill with ring die pelletizing?A:Richi feed pellet mill is mainly composed of three parts--feeder, conditioner and pellet mill host, which is consisted of body, chassis, hollow spindle assembly, ring die, roller assembly, cutter com... Learn More

From Order To Delivery

Checking Order

With the sales contract, the order tracking clerk checks the models and quantities of each machine and spare parts.

Quality Test Before Delivery

Upon completion of the manufacturing of equipment, tthe quality inspector strictly checks quality of every machine with the checklist.

Check Items When Packing

Before packaging and shipment, the order tracking clerk checks the packaged items again with the packing list to avoid loss of items.

Sign the contract

Adopting international common standards for accurate design of product packaging, prevent product damage rate and the effective use of transport tools, which ensure the perfect delivery of products.

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