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SZLH Series Pig Feed Pellet Machine Price in Nigeria

  • Date: 2020-11-02 08:55:48
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Q: I am about starting the business of converting cassava flour and other ingredients into pig feed but i want to present the product in pellet to the market. I want to know the cost of the following machine: SZLH Series One Layer conditioner Pellet Machine and SZLH Multilayer Conditioner and the Flat Die Feed Pellet machine at FOB cost Thanks Yours Faithfull, John.

A: Hello, dear John. Glad to receive your inquiry. I think we need further communication. You said you want to convert cassava flour and other raw materials into pig feed. Can you tell me how much pig feed pellets I need to produce in a day or an hour? We need to calculate which model of SZLH Series feed pellet machine needs to be equipped according to your hourly output, or daily output, or monthly output. The following shows you the relationship between the output per hour and the model of the pellet machine.

SZLH Series Pig Feed Pellet Machine Price in Nigeria
SZLH Series Pig Feed Pellet Machine Price in Nigeria

SZLH Series Feed Pellet Machine

We will quote for you according to your suitable pig feed pellet machine model.

The 2019 quotations are as follows:

1-2 ton/hour pig feed pellet machine, model SZLH250, price range: 6000USD-10000USD

3-4 tons/hour pig feed pellet machine, model SZLH320, price range: 12000USD-20000USD

5-7 ton/hour pig feed pellet machine, model SZLH350, price range: 18000USD-30000USD

8-12Ton/Hour pig feed pellet machine, model SZLH420, price range: 24000USD-40000USD


25-40Ton/Hour pig feed pellet machine, model SLZH858, price range: 120000USD-200000USD

Because the price is not fixed, the price of each year will be affected by raw materials, the market, and the relationship between supply and demand, so the price will fluctuate. If you want to know the latest price, please feel free to contact our customer for the quotation.

The above is the article for you: SZLH Series Pig Feed Pellet Machine Price in Nigeria.

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