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What are the benefits of pellet produced by feed pellet machine for livestock feeding?

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What are the benefits of pellet produced by the feed pellet machine for livestock feeding? In traditional livestock breeding, hay or grass is used for feeding, and some other material are added for feeding. Long-term feeding does not achieve the desired feed effect, which brings some trouble to the breeding industry. The production of feed pellet machine equipment is developed according to the development of the times, and the feed produced by using feed pellet can greatly reduce the feeding problem of farmers. What are the specific benefits? Let us introduce it to everyone.

What are the benefits of pellet produced by feed pellet machine for livestock feeding?
 feed pellet machine for livestock feeding

What are the benefits of feed pellet produced by feed pellet machine on livestock feeding?

1. Conducive to digestion and absorption of poultry and stomach. Good palatability During the compression process, the starch in the mixed powder is gelatinized, so that the pressed pellet feed has a certain flavor, and the palatability of the pellet feed is increased. Can stimulate the appetite of poultry and livestock, make poultry and animals like food, it is determined that feeding pelleted poultry and livestock can increase feed intake by 10% -15%.

2. Improve the digestibility of feed. Poultry and livestock eat pelleted feed for a long time, which can promote the secretion of amylase in the oral cavity, make the feed that poultry and livestock eat and mix with saliva, stimulate the peristalsis of the intestine, and greatly improve the digestibility of nutrients in the feed. In addition, during the pressing process of granulated feed, after a short-term high temperature and high pressure combined effect, not only the starch gelatinization and protein organization in the feed, but also the enzyme activity is enhanced, and the beans and some grains contained in the feed are enhanced. Passivation of substances that hinder digestion and utilization of nutrients (such as antitrypsin factor), which improves the digestibility of feed.

3. It can effectively prevent the imbalance of intake of nutrition caused by picky eating of poultry and livestock. In daily feeding of poultry and livestock, the breeder often worry about picking the fine feed in the mixed powder for the poultry and livestock, and the pellet feed makes the various feed material fully mixed and pressed into shape. The balanced nutrition also saves feed for farmers and reduces the cost of breeding.

4. Sterilize and reduce diseases. During the compaction process, after a short-term high temperature of up to 70 ° C-100 ° C, a portion of parasite eggs and pathogenic microorganisms can be killed, and rabbit diseases are significantly reduced. Practice has proved that diarrhea, stomatitis and pica are significantly reduced in pelleted poultry and livestock.

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