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How to choose poultry and animal feed?

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Feed costs account for 70% -80% of the cost of farming, which is the key to determining whether the farm can make money. However, because some farmers are not comprehensive in feeding management and safety and epidemic prevention, they have very high requirements on feed suppliers. I bought your feed and you have to provide more services.

1. Is the brand-name feed more valuable?

We all know that the brand-name effect is achieved through vigorous publicity, and has a certain degree of popularity and reputation, and many farmers will also be affected. But they have forgotten that what they need is not more brand-name feeds, but feeds that are more suitable for them.

Is the brand-name feed more valuable
Is the brand-name feed more valuable

2. A rational view of feed e-commerce

Now the development of network technology is becoming more and more brilliant, and feed e-commerce is also increasing. Cheap is their advantage, but money doesn't grow on trees, and those who can sell 2000 thousand will not sell it to you for hundreds. After all, they also need profit. Farmers, of course, depend on price, but more importantly on value.

3. The higher the nutritional value, the better.

Not all poultry and livestock require higher nutrition, as pigs need not protein but amino acids. Excessive protein will cause the digestive system of poultry and livestock, which is not only difficult for absorption, but also affects the environment from the emission of poultry and livestock. The protein in the feed must be good for absorption, amino acid balance, and the ratio of protein to energy, so that the feed is reasonable and effective

Correctly treat feed color
Correctly treat feed color

4. Correctly treat feed color

Many farm owners will be very entangled with the color of the feed. In fact, as long as the poultry and livestock are eating well, they can grow fast. There is no need to pursue the color of the feed. Under the condition that the nutrition is not unbalanced, the general nutritionist will make feed based on the current cost-effective raw materials, and the color may not be so beautiful.

Finally, what I want to say is that as long as the poultry and livestock can eat good morning and grow fast, this is the thing that makes farmers most happy. Friends who need feed processing equipment and feed machinery, please contact us!

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