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How to extend the service life of pellet machine ring die

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First, regular maintenance of the pellet machine

1. Since the granulator is the main equipment of the feed factory, the manufacturer should first perform maintenance on the main machine to ensure that the granulator maintains good operation.

2. Install an iron suction device at the feed entrance to prevent metal foreign objects from falling into the granulation chamber, which will cause severe damage to the ring mold and cracking.

3. During the installation of the ring die, the wear of the wearing parts in the granulation chamber should be checked. The replacement should be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the granulator.

How to extend the service life of pellet machine ring die
How to extend the service life of pellet machine ring die

Second, what circumstances need ring die maintenance?

The maintenance of the ring die is to work better, and also to extend the life of the ring die. So, what is the condition for ring mold maintenance?

1. Due to the difference in the types of feed produced, the design of ring die material, aperture ratio, and effective length of the die hole is different. You should find a technical engineer with a strong pellet machine equipment manufacturer to design and customize different process ring die to ensure that Ring molds play the greatest use value.

2. When using a new shrimp die, you must replace it with a new concentric grinding roller to match it.

3. The gap between the pressure roller and the ring mold must be controlled between 0.1-0.4mm. Please find an experienced teacher to operate and debug to avoid causing the ring mold and the pressure roller to aggravate or not discharge.

4. When the pellet machine is started, the feeding amount must be from low speed to high speed. Do not run at high speed from the beginning, which will cause the ring mold and the pellet machine to be damaged due to sudden overload or the ring mold to be blocked.

pellet machine ring die
pellet machine ring die

Third, the maintenance of the ring die

After finishing the production for one day, check whether the iron mold is pressed into the hole, and if there is, remove it in time.

After the work is finished, the ring grinding holes must be blocked with oil.

The daily maintenance of the ring membrane helps to extend its service life and avoid some minor failures. After all, changing a ring membrane requires not only skilled technical operations, but also the cost of the ring membrane.

The material of the granule ring membrane produced by RICHI Machinery is stainless steel. The material of the pressure roller assembly is 40CrMnTi, which is safer and longer.

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