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Aquatic Feed Coefficients Vary Greatly, Why Do Farmers Still Think That Feed Homogeneity Is Serious?

  • Date: 2022-01-21 10:49:45
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With such a big difference in the coefficient of aquafeed, why do farmers still think that the homogeneity of the feed is serious?

Nowadays, no matter where the sales staff of the aquafeed factory go or which farmers they communicate with, what they show is that the quality of the feed is similar now, there is not much difference, and only when there is a suitable price will it be considered.

Often even the sales clerks of the feed companies are affected, thinking that the feed quality of the aqua feed manufacturers is similar. Because of the low success rate of breeding at this stage, the feed is dissolved in the water, the level of individual breeding management is different, and some aqua feed companies are confused and homogenized publicity, which makes the quality of the entire feed unable to achieve standard evaluation. (Related post: how to strat aqua feed mill?)

nireus aquaculture fish feed production texicon aqua feeds plant aqua feed plant layout

It can be said very responsibly that aquafeeds are the most varied in quality in the feed industry.

The success rate of breeding affects the quality of the feed. Taking shrimp farming in Hebei Province and Tianjin City, China as an example, most farmers use soil seedlings for breeding, and farmers only ask about the price of the feed. I once visited a customer who was extremely sensitive to the price of feed, and was very sensitive to the price of each feed. They do not consult at all for feeds that cost more than 6,000 yuan per ton.

pt citra ina feedmill poultry & aqua bondari k and d c sheppard 1981 soldier fly larvae as feed in commercial fish production aquaculture 24 103

They feel that the price range of feed is too large, and the profit of aqua feed companies and distributors is too much. In fact, this is because the aqua feed factory is mainly based on the price trend of raw materials. The feed enterprise may not earn as much as four large farmers in a year, and the value of the existence of the dealer mainly reflects the capital turnover. (Related post: how to operate 25t/h aqua feed plant?)

Thousands of debts, the existence of this risk must give dealers a certain profit margin. In the face of huge profits, the quality of feed varies widely.

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Take the broiler feed with the highest conversion rate in the feed as an example

The feed ratio of broiler chickens is now within 2, and the growth is very fast, and it can reach more than 2KG in 7-8 weeks. However, everyone in the broiler feed industry knows that if the feed coefficient differs by 0.02, it will be difficult for the feed factory to continue.

hans walter lucht the importance of product density in the production of fish feed international aqua feed fish pellet maker fish & aquariums

Take shrimp feed with low feed conversion ratio as an example

The prawn feed coefficient is about 0.8-1.5, only 20-40% of the nutrients in the feed can be used, and the feed conversion rate is uneven for about 110 days. Why is there such a big difference in the coefficient of aquafeed, and the farmers still feel the homogeneity of the feed? (Related post: how to set up a full automated shrimp feed mill with 6-7t/h?)

  1. Today, farmers still mainly use fish and shrimp as their benchmark.

    The huge profits in the shrimp farming industry have led to inflated prices of raw materials, additives, feed, medicines, etc. Only when the breeding success rate rises (only a premise) can aquafeeds enter a stable state. In the past two years, thousands of aqua feed mills have collapsed in the industry reshuffle.

    In the aquatic industry, the overall technology has been improved, and the success rate of breeding has increased, which has diversified the breeding of the entire industry, enhanced the buffer system, stabilized breeding profits, promoted the stability of feed, breeding and other industries, and promoted the stability of feed and breeding to promote agricultural stability.

    small aqua feed extruder pet feed production line at itaquaquecetuba sao paulo

    Promotion can stabilize the entire aquatic product market, which is an inseparable relationship between the subject and the individual, and what stabilizes is the repeated shuffling of the industry until it is stable.

  2. The quality of an aqua feed factory lies in the stability of the product

    The most important thing about feed is the constant quality. This does not mean the same, but the combination of practical production and cutting-edge science and technology. The raw materials are varied and the quality is constant.

    Many people may also feel that as long as the equipment is complete and the feed materials and formulas are of high quality, good feed will be produced, but the quality level of the production staff is ignored.

    aquatic feed plant process chart aquaculture prawn feed producing plant for sale

    Many large aqua feed enterprises are developing rapidly, and they can directly use money to poach people and buy them. The best aqua feed processing equipment does not necessarily produce stable quality feed, and the aqua feed production process is not up to standard.

    A mature aqua feed production line is the cooperation of various employees in the workshop for many years, and the awareness obtained after years of production. Often when people look at the quality of a feed, they can refer to the years of production of the aqua feed enterprise.

    Generally, aqua feed enterprises with more than 20 years have very stable feed quality. As for the aqua feed formula, it is an aqua feed factory that combines many years of actual production and integrates cutting-edge technology. It cannot make a perfect formula overnight.

    who manugactures machines that make floating pellets for aqua culture fish

    In the feed industry, as we all know, it is easy to make feed well, but it is very difficult to make stable feed. 100 people make feed, 98 people can do it well, but there are often only 1 or 2 people who can make stable feed.

    Because the process control of raw materials is very uncertain, laboratory quality control standards, raw material quality control standards, etc., such as fish meal, meat meal, shrimp bran, blood meal, soybean meal, peanut meal, etc., the year, origin, purchase point, The aqua feed suppliers are different, and their quality is completely different, resulting in very different feeds in the final production.

    Everyone thinks that aqua feed companies are competing with each other and that the products are the same. But in fact, feed and aqua feed enterprises are very different.

    in the context of mediterranean aquaculture many efforts have been made in terms of reducing marine derived ingredients in aquaf aquatic feed pellet production line

    The most important thing is the balance of amino acids. According to aquatic animal nutrition combined with actual production and changes in the quality of raw materials, a feed with amino acid balance is produced. This is also a technical core issue of an aqua feed enterprise.

    Now farmers are overly concerned about feed protein. An aqua feed factory is to look at the stability of its feed quality and the balance of amino acids, and feed attractiveness, disease resistance factors, shrimp survival rate, and coefficient are the key points in the evaluation of feed quality.

    the advantages of aquatic feed extruder in production ☞ wide adaptability the capability of an extruder enhances the feed manu jd for qa officer feed mill poultry and aqua

    It is very difficult to obtain high-quality feed. A stable quality feed is the basis for successful breeding. Maybe some people here say seedlings and water quality. This involves personal opinions, so I won't explain too much.

    Are aquatic feeds and shrimp feeds homogenized now?

  3. Let's talk about the problem of feed protein (take the Chinese market as an example)

    According to a large number of actual breeding data, the protein content of feed in low-density breeding is high and low, and the breeding effect is not much different. However, taking China as an example, in recent years, in shrimp breeding in northern China, even if low-density breeding, due to seedlings, etc.

    fish feed is the first major step in aquaculture production chain in europe the production of fish feed is mainly targeted at hi designing manufacturing and commissioning of machinery for production lines of livestock feed poultry aquatic supplement concent

    The reason is that the number of prawns reached 60-90 before and after the National Day, and the price was about 10 yuan. The growth of prawns was slow, resulting in serious losses. Because of economic problems, the breeder's seed changed.

    The aqua feed factory specializes in high-density breeding feed, which promotes low-density ecological breeding. It is difficult to achieve the best, and there are indeed a feed factory that has created a series of functional feeds for shrimps, which are specially designed to prevent death from stealing, jejunum, and slow growth of soil seedlings.

    It has been promoted in Tianjin, Hebei and other places in China, and the breeding effect has been achieved by local farmers. Recognition, it perfectly solves the problem of slow growth of shrimp seedlings.

    fish feed machine fish feed machine alibaba fish food machine automatic automatic fish feed machine auto fish feeder machine

    In high-density farming, the higher the protein, the faster the growth and the higher the benefits. At present, the crux of the shrimp farming industry is related to high-density farming and the random use of illegal drugs. High-density farming produces higher profits, and the random use of certain antibiotics can achieve good profits in a short period of time.

    The environment is deteriorating day by day, the resistance of bacteria is increasing, and the success rate of farming has been declining year after year, and aquaculture has fallen into a vicious cycle.

    Most of the feed protein on the market today is 42/43, but the gap between protein and protein is very large. Among them, the content of restricted amino acids and essential amino acids, animal protein, lipids, fish meal content, etc. have a lot of room for manipulation, even if the protein is the same as the feed, quality can vary widely.

    fish feed making machine price in assam ali baba fish feed machine fish feed machine bangladesh

    At present, the Chinese standard GBT 22919.1-2008 for Penaeus vannamei is adopted (this standard stipulates that the protein of juvenile Penaeus vannamei should be ≥36%). This national standard was released on December 31, 2008 and May 2009. 1 to start executing.

    However, according to the SCT 2002-2002 shrimp compound feed standard (this standard stipulates that the feed protein of Penaeus vannamei is ≥28%), the protein of high-density aquaculture feed is often more than 40, and the enterprise standard is higher than the national standard.

    First, the feed is changed from Penaeus monodon Influence, first, at that time, the national promotion of Penaeus vannamei, the breeding success rate was high, and the feed profit margin was large.

    fish feed machine price in bangladesh fish feed machine where to buy floating fish feed machine in bangladesh

    (This is why some seniors in the feed industry often lamented that the shrimp feed at that time was really easy to sell), and now the protein of the feed is far from GBT22919.1-2008, SCT2002-2002, and of course the reason is "high protein" notion of shrimp has also been preconceived among farmers of vannamei, and it has become "natural" or even deeply ingrained, which makes the standard of the shrimp feed industry always follow the high-protein aqua feed enterprise standard.

    Many people are criticizing that aqua feed factories have been increasing protein. Although the water pollution is more serious, high protein has indeed played a role in breeding. At present, whether it is high-level ponds or factory farming, feeds with high protein do have higher breeding benefits.

    fish feed machine manufacturers in west bengal floating fish feed machine price in bangladesh

    According to the national standard, the test effect also proves that in high-density farming, the growth of high-protein feed is indeed much faster than the national standard.

    As for circulating aquaculture and biological floc culture, the corresponding feed should be selected according to the hardware equipment, and the general protein is about 42, which involves issues such as denitrification of water bodies.

The profit of farmers can be maximized, prompting the industry to force feed enterprises to make this choice. As for the issue of pollution, we have to say: "Emission is the right to future development." The issue between development and energy and pollution and resources, only when civilization develops to a certain level and the harm reaches a certain level, human beings will begin to pay attention to this issue.

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