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【Ethiopia Project】Delivery of Animal Feed Processing Machine in Ethiopia for 2T/H pellet line

  • Date: 2020-08-17 08:33:37
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As of the middle of 2023, there have been more than 5 projects on "animal feed processing machine in Ethiopia", namely Ethiopia 5-6t/h customized powder mash feed Plant, 3-4t/h livestock feed mill project, and 5t/h cattle feed pellet plant, 8t/h poultry and fish combined feed plant and this 1-2t/h animal feed pellet line project.

In addition to Ethiopia, our equipment has been exported to South Africa, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Mauritius, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Cameroon, Congo, Zambia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Malawi , Botswana and other African countries.

  • Ethiopia 5-6t/h customized powder mash feed Plant
  • 3-4t/h livestock feed mill project
  • 5t/h cattle feed pellet plant
  • 1-2t/h animal feed pellet line

Recently, the equipment for this 1-2t/h animal feed pellet line project has been shipped. Let me introduce this project to you:

Key Information Of Feed Pellet Line in ethiopia:

This 1-2t/h animal feed pellet production line is specially designed for meeting the demand from our Ethiopia clients, which can process the animal feed pellets with the size varying from 1.5 mm to 12 mm based on the requirement of the customers.
Animal Feed Processing Machine in Ethiopia feed pellet production line

This is a standard animal feed pellet line, this feed pellet line can make poultry feed,cattle feed and other animal feed processing in ethiopia. It is mainly used for making animal feed pellets on cattle or poultry farms, in small animal feed factories, and for invetors to start animal feed business.


Design of 1-2 t/h animal feed processing in ethiopia

The 1-2t/h animal feed manufacturing process can be divided into several stages, and there is one specialized feed processing equipment for each stage of the production process. According to the raw materials conditions, the making process can be added or reduced, we customize the production line for our clients! Here is the production process demonstration video, if you have any questions about the small scale animal feed production process, please contact us for more information!

  1. Raw Materials Cleaning Section:The first stage involves receiving and cleaning the raw material such as grain, beans, grass or fish meals used for making pellet feed.
  2. Feed Crushing Section:The material is then passed into the feed hammer mill, where it is ground into a size which is suitable for making feed pellets.
  3. Feed Mixing Section:The crushed fodder materials are then passed through a feed mixing machine, where different ingredients are added to the feed raw material to ensure that the finished pellet contains all the required nutrients.animal feed processing machine in ethiopia
  4. Animal Feed Pelleting Section:The pelleting stage is the most important stage in the animal feed plant, since the feed powder is converted into pellets of the desired size and shape with animal feed pellet machine.
  5. Feed Pellets Cooling Section:The feed pellets are passed through the pellet cooler, where they are cooled to a temperature which is close to room temperature, dried to reduce the moisture levels.
  6. Feed Pellets Packaging Section:After the animal feed pellets are produced, a semi automatic packing machine is used to put the pellet feed in bags so that they can be stored or transported to the end customer.

    A computerized machine will measure the feed of a specific amount for each bag, and it will be pneumatically discharged to the bag for packing. The bag with the pellets will move on a conveyor to the area where machines will automatically stitch the open tops of the bag, so that they can be transported.
Cost Of Animal Feed Processing Machine In Ethiopia

Configuration of 1-2 t/h animal feed processing machine in ethiopia project

Here is the main necessary animal feed mill machine for the Ethiopia 1-2t/h animal feed pellet plant. Configuration : grinder, mixer, feed pellet mill, cooler, screener, and other accessories.

  • Capacity : 1-2 ton per hour
  • Grain hammer mill: 15-200 (11 kw)
  • Pellet mill : SZLH-250 (22 kw)
  • Conditioner: stainless steel conditioner (2 kw)
  • Single-axial spiral belt mixing machine HJJ50B (7.5 kw)
  • Cooler: Counterflow cooling machine SKLN1.0*1.0 (1 kw)
  • Pellet crumbler: SSLG15*100 (5.5 kw)
  • Bucket elevator, screw conveyor, cyclone, vibrating screen, draft blower, etc.
  • Total power: 65 kw.

As one professional animal feed manufacturing equipment manufacturer and supplier, Richi Machinery can not only offer the animal feed process, but also provides 1-100t/h full set animal feed processing machine in Ethiopia.

And we can supply animal feed production business plan in Ethiopia, for making animal feed pellets, mash feed and crumble feed with multiple sizes.


What's The Cost To Start an animal feed production business plan in ethiopia?

To start an animal feed pellet processing system in Ethiopia, you should know about the most important elements, which are the cost and the animal feed pellet processing machine selection. 

If you are about to start animal feed production business plan in ethiopia or other countries. Most people would like to know how much money is needed to invest in the first place.
animal feed processing machine in ethiopia

In fact, the cost of setting up animal feed mills is closed related to various factors including feed formulation, production output, feed production process design, feed making machine selection and factory layout. Here we can give some references list for you: 

  • 1-2T/H: 10000-50000 USD
  • 3-4T/H: 5,0000-12,0000USD
  • 5-7T/H: 7,0000-25,0000USD
  • 8-10T/H: 150,000-300,000USD
  • 12-20T/H: 250,000-580,000USD
  • 25-40T/H: 45,0000-850,000USD
  • 50-60T/H: 900,000-1,400,000USD
  • 60-80T/H: 1,450,000-1,800,000USD
  • 80-100T/H: 2,000,000-2,800,000USDanimal feed production business plan in ethiopia

If you want to build animal feed processing machine in Ethiopia, when it comes to project investment cost, you need to consider raw materials, workshop rent, animal feed processing machine cost, project installation and commissioning charges, production cost, labor cost and so on. 

Feel Free to Send RICHI MACHINERY An Inquiry to Get a Customized Animal Feed Production Business Plan In Ethiopia with An Exact Cost List!

The above is the article for you: 【Ethiopia Project】Delivery of Animal Feed Processing Machine in Ethiopia for 2T/H pellet line.

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