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30,000 Tons Per Year Pet And Fish Feed Manufacturing Plant Project Report

  • Date: 2022-04-25 09:18:15
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Customer Introduction——30,000 tons per year( (4t/h, 100t/d)) automatic pet food fish feed manufacturing plant project report

Jiangsu Qingxin Food Co., Ltd. planned to built an 30,000 tons per year automatic pet food fish feed manufacturing plant on the north side of Gugao Road, Taixing Agricultural Products Processing Park in 2018.

The animal feed company's business scope: prepackaged food and bulk food, pork and its by-products, mutton and its by-products , beef and its by-products wholesale and retail; aquatic product breeding and purchase; aquatic product processing and sales; aquatic feed, pet food, pet feed processing, production, and sales; agricultural product planting; agricultural product (except fresh cocoons, grain) purchase; self-operated and agency for the import and export business of various products and technologies.

automatic pet food fish feed manufacturing plant project report

More project details can be viewed on the case details page: fish food pet feed manufacturing plant project

This animal feed company plans to invest 100 million yuan to build an 4t/h aquatic feed and pet feed (food) production project, purchase two aquatic feed pellet production lines, two extruded pet feed production lines and more than 500 sets of other supporting equipment. After the pet fish feed mill project is completed, it will form annual production capacity of aquatic feed is 20,000 tons and pet feed (food) is 10,000 tons. 

Public and auxiliary works——good quality 4tph pet & fish feed mill project proposal

The construction area of ​​4t/h China factory offer new design pet fish feed production plant by Jiangsu Qingxin Food Co., Ltd. is 4653m2, and the pet and fish feed factory construction content includes: 2# workshop and supporting facilities such as office and storage. The animal feed processing plant's specific main body, public and auxiliary project construction conditions are shown in the following table:

Category Building name Building area Remarks
Main engineerings 2#Production workshop 4653m² Located on the east side of the pet fish feed factory area; 2# workshop is mainly divided into two areas; the main workshop is set up on 1F; the auxiliary workshop is set up on the 6th floor, totaling 24m;
Accessories Office building 840m² Using the original pet fish feed factory building for renovation; located on the south side of the pet fish feed factory area, a total of 5F is set up;
Canteen 450 m² Located in the southeast corner of the pet fish feed factory, a total of 2F is set;
Storage and transportation engineering Raw and auxiliary materials warehouse 1000m² Located in 2# workshop; automobile transportation, raw and auxiliary materials storage;
Semi-finished products warehouse 800m² Located in workshop 2#; semi-finished products are stored;
Product warehouse 800m² It is located in 2# workshop for automobile transportation and warehouse storage;

Main pet food machine and fish feed equipment of the high quality 4t/h pet fish feed mill project

The detailed pet fish feed plant equipment list can be viewed on the case details page: Fish feed pet food processing line project

exit strategy for hatchery and pet fish feed processing plant

Energy consumption of the 30000 tons per year fish feed manufacturing project report

Water supply ——pet fish feed manufacturing plant project report

The water used in this pet and fish feed plant project is mainly domestic water. Domestic water is connected from the water supply network of the park and provided by the local water company, which has a daily water supply capacity of 200,000 tons. The pipe diameter is DN200, the pressure is 0.35MPa, and the daily water supply capacity and water pressure can meet the needs of this feed production factory project.

fish feed production line with scraps off meet and fish

The total fresh water consumption of the pet fish feed mill plant project is about 8640t/a, including: boiler supplementary water 6840t/a; domestic water 1800t/a, from the local municipal water pipe network, which can meet the needs.

Drainage——pet fish feed mill project proposal

The drainage of the 100 tons per day animal pet fish feed mill plant is "rain and sewage diversion", and the rainwater is collected by the rainwater pipe network and then discharged into the municipal rainwater pipe network. The 1440t/a domestic sewage of the employees of the pet fish feed factory project is treated by septic tank + grease trap and discharged into the boiler to meet the requirements of the takeover and discharged into the regional sewage pipe network, and finally discharged into the Xinjie Sewage Treatment Plant of Taixing City for centralized treatment.

first four steps involved in fish feed production

Power supply——pet fish feed mill project report

The park has 110,000 volt substations, and the pet fish feed mill project's electricity is directly connected from the main network of the park's substations. Build a transformation and distribution center in the factory area, with a power supply voltage of 10/0.4KV, and set up a high-voltage power distribution room, a transformer room, and a low-voltage power distribution room on duty. The installed capacity of the electrical equipment for this pet fish feed production line project is about 3000KW. Two 1250KW transformers and one 800KW transformer are selected to meet the needs of the feed factory for fish and pet food pellets project.

comparison between single twin screw extruder for fish feed pellets

Natural gas——pet fish feed mill project proposal

The production gas used in this pet fish feed pellet production lines project is mainly used for one steam heating boiler, each consuming 450m3/h of natural gas, and the annual consumption is about 3.3 million m3. The fish and pet feed machine plant project canteen uses natural gas. The aqua fish pet feed manufacturing plant project has a quota of 100 employees.

floating fish feed pilletting machine for sale in ghana on jumia

With reference to the "Gas Consumption Index Table for Public Buildings", the catering natural gas consumption is 13.335 MJ/person·day, the calorific value of natural gas is 35.544 MJ/m3, and the annual natural gas consumption is approximately 11.25 million m3. The natural gas consumption of this pet fish food produciton line project is approximately 3.311 million m3/year.

Greening ——pet fish feed mill project proposal

The green area of ​​the 4t/h pet fish feed lines project is 2500m2, and the green coverage rate is 7.44%.

Storage and transportation——pet fish feed mill project proposal

The raw and auxiliary materials and products of the complete lines for pet food aquatic feeds are transported by automobiles. The raw materials and products are placed in the warehouse area of ​​the pet fish feed factory workshop.

floating fish feed extruder machine from canada

Compressed air——pet fish feed plant project report

Pneumatic gates, tees, pulses, feed mixers, packing scales, etc., all use screw-type air compressors. The air displacement is 5m³/min, the air pressure is 0.7Mpa, and the equipment requires air pressure 0.4 Mpa. The entire pipeline is refrigerated The dryer, air storage pipe and pipeline are 1 inch and a half and 3/4 galvanized pipes and solenoid valves. The pressure reducing valve is composed to ensure sufficient air source, clean, and less condensed water, to ensure the normal and effective operation of pneumatic components, which can meet the requirements.

Work system and labor quota——4tph pet and aqua fish feed plant project report

  • Labor quota: The aqua and pet feed mill plant project has a quota of 100 people, including 8 administrative personnel, 5 technical personnel, 17 production workers and 70 sales personnel.
  • Working system: 300 days of work per year, 2 shifts of production, 12 hours per shift, 7200 hours per to construct a palet machine for fish feed pet food

Analysis of the rationality of the pet fish feed mill layout design——commercial pet fish feed production business plan

This pet and floating fish feed process plant project intends to lease land for construction. The main pet and floating fish feed line construction contents are production area, storage area, comprehensive office and living area, and experimental area. The pet and fish feed production plant area plans to build 1# workshop, 2# workshop, 3# workshop, canteen and supporting office production area.

1# workshop is located on the west side of the plant area, 2# workshop is located on the east side of the pet fish feed mill plant area, 3# workshop is located on the north side of the plant area, and the south side of the fish and pet feed and pelleting plant area is mainly the canteen and office area.

what stages are involved in fish feed producation hoq

The layout of each block in the pet fish feed formulation and production plant is compact, each animal fish pet feed production unit can be effectively connected, and the plane layout is reasonable and effective.

The entrance and exit are set on the side of Gugao Road on the south side of the pet fish feed mill factory. The newly-built comprehensive building is arranged behind the main entrance of the pet fish feed factory. It forms a comprehensive living area with auxiliary office and living rooms, and is separated from the production area by a see-through wall. The experimental area is arranged on the right side of the comprehensive area for scientific research personnel to observe at any time.
floating fish pellet machine made in nigeria moist feed for pet fish plant manufacturer in south africa

The newly-built pet fish feed mill production workshops are arranged relatively, leaving fire-fighting passages and transportation passages in the middle, separated by flower beds to form in and out loops, away from the living area. The warehouse is arranged next to the production area according to the technological pet fish feed mill process. Auxiliary facilities such as power distribution room and boiler room are arranged behind the feed factory production area.

Analysis of the rationality of pet fish feeds processing machine plant site selection——fish feed mill project report

This 4 tons per hour pet fish feed mill project is located in the Agricultural Products Processing Park of Taixing City. The fish feed pet food mill plant project category is C13 agricultural and sideline food processing industry. According to the development plan of Taixing Agricultural Products Processing Park, the project land belongs to M-type industrial land, which is in line with the development direction and overall land use plan of Taixing Agricultural Products Processing Park.
complete line for fish feed pellet production for sale

In addition, according to the survey of the surrounding conditions, there is no source of drinking water around the pet animal floating fish feed plant project, no historical sites, tourist attractions, cultural relics and other key protection targets. According to the current monitoring, the environmental quality of the 4 ton per hour pet fish animal feed processing plant project area, such as water, air, and sound, meets the requirements of the functional planning. There are no project constraints.

what is the formulation for producing 4mm local fish feed pet feed

After analysis, the pollution produced by the fish and pet feed production plant project has little impact on the surrounding environment. Therefore, the site selection of this 4 tons per hour customized feed mill plant project for fish and pet pellets is reasonable and feasible.

Engineering analysis of fish pet food line production project——pet fish feed manufacturing plant project report

Process flow during pet fish feed factory construction period:

  1. Basic engineering of the pet fish feed manufacturing plant project
    The 30000 tons per year pet fish feed factory project uses construction waste, gravel, sand, and clay generated during the construction process as filling materials. Use a road roller to roll in pieces, and water to moisten the fill to facilitate compaction. Then use a bucket elevator machine to lift a special heavy hammer to impact the surface of the foundation soil, so that the foundation is compacted, generally 8-12 times.
  2. Main engineering of the pet fish feed making plant project
    The main part of the pet and fish food plant project is drilling and pouring. The construction period of this section is long. Cast-in-place steel bolts, beams, and wall masonry are built. After the construction project uses drilling equipment to drill holes, it is poured with reinforced concrete. When pouring, inject the pre-mixed and evenly mixed concrete, vibrate with the tank, and vibrate evenly to prevent the concrete from being unreliable and the plain slurry from floating up.requiered temperature for extruding floating fish feeds with 20 moisture content
    Then, according to the construction drawings, the reinforcement and processing are carried out, installed in the erected formwork, and the concrete is continuously poured in time, and the concrete is formed by tamping. When building the walls and masonry of the pet and fish feed production line project, the cement mortar is first deployed, and then the lines are hung for the masonry.
  3. Animal pet fish food equipment installation of the pet fish feed processing plant project
    Including the construction of roads, septic tanks, rain and sewage pipe network laying, etc.

30000T/a pet and fish feed factory production process flow during operation period:

The scale of the animal feed manufacturing plant project is to process 20,000 tons of aquatic feed and 10,000 tons of pet feed per year. The feed company technology and animal feed making equipment configuration are advanced and reliable. The granular raw materials are first batched and weighed, simply mixed, and then coarsely pulverized, and then enter the secondary batching bin as the raw material, and then enter the ultra-fine pulverization section after being weighed with other powders for the secondary batching and evenly mixed.

electric bird fishing bait granulator pellet making machine animal food maker

Then enter the secondary mixing buffer bin, add vitamins and minerals, etc. for secondary mixing, and then enter the puffing chemical section (aquatic feed manufacturing) and pelletizing section (pet feed manufacturing); the puffed feed is dried, screened and then sprayed with grease. After entering the cooling system, it enters the finished product warehouse and is screened for finished product packaging to form aquatic feed; the pellets after the pelletizing section (fish pellet making machine) enter the finished product packaging section through cooling and screening to form pet feed.

(Click to view the main feed production process of the project: 4t/h pet fish feed pellet machine plant)

The above is the article for you: 30,000 Tons Per Year Pet And Fish Feed Manufacturing Plant Project Report.

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