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Animal Feed Production Business Plan Of 15T/H Animal Feed Processing Plant

  • Date: 2021-11-08 08:59:29
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How to run effectively an animal feed processing plant for pig chicken feed production? You need a customized animal feed business plan for establishing animal feed plant. It can be a poultry feed production business plan, a livestock feed production business plan, a cattle feed business plan, also a fish feed production business plan, etc. Here I will share a 15t/h pig and chicken feed production business plan, show you what we should pay attention to when start feed mill business.

  • Project Name: Commercial Animal Compound Feed Processing Plant Project with an annual output of 36,000 tons(120 tons per day, 15 tons per hour)
  • Project location: Shandong Province, China
  • Construction Nature: Expansion
  • Total animal feed processing plant cost: 250,000 USDanimal feed processing line for sale complete
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Background and positive impact of the compound animal feed processing plant project

The animal feed industry is a basic industry related to the national economy and people's livelihood, and plays a pivotal role in the national economy. With the development and improvement of animal nutrition, feed science and the technological level of animal feed industry, the feed industry has been continuously developed and played an increasingly important role in the national economy.

animal feed proceesing plant cost

At present, the development of China's feed industry has entered a mature stage. It has shifted from quantitative expansion and rapid development to optimized structure and steady improvement. The serialization direction is developing, and the product structure is also being adjusted. These changing trends are becoming more and more obvious as the degree of marketization increases and competition intensifies.

In 2009, the client feed company leased a flour mill to build a livestock feed production line(intensive livestock feed production system) for feed manufacturing. The entire feed factory project with an annual output of 120,000 tons was completed by RICHI from design, animal feed machines manufacturing to feed mill factory erection and commissioning. In 2019, based on the good market prospects, the customer's animal feed processing plant will add a 15t/h production line on the original basis.

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The engineering content of the 15t/h pig chicken animal feed production line project

Engineering name Engineering Content Engineering scale
Structural work Main workshop 1 building with 5 floors, covering an area of ​​240m², brick-concrete structure
Premix workshop 1 building, construction area of ​​84m², brick-concrete structure
Auxiliary engineering Raw material warehouse 2 rooms, 1 floor, building area 850m², brick-concrete structure
Product warehouse 1 room, 1 storey, construction area 660m², brick-concrete structure
Other warehouses 1 building, 1 storey, with a building area of ​​150m2, brick-concrete structure, used for storage of woven bags for packaging finished products, etc.
Temporary storage room for hazardous waste One 1-story building with a building area of ​​90m², steel structure, used for storage of hazardous waste
Tank area 1 building with 1 storey, construction area of ​​60m², brick-concrete structure
Boiler Room 1 building with 1 storey, construction area of ​​60m², brick-concrete structure
Laboratory 1 building, area 60m², brick-concrete structure, product inspection
Office(Relying on the original) 1 building with a construction area of ​​140m², daily office
Kitchen and canteen(Relying on the original) 1 building with a construction area of ​​160m², brick-concrete structure
Public works Water supply system 6532m³/a
Power supply system Supplied by the local power supply station, with an annual electricity consumption of 9600kW·h
Heating system Production heat is supplied by natural gas combustion
Environmental Engineering Exhaust Dust generated in the processes of unloading, feeding port, smashing, batching, and packaging are all purified by pulse bag filter and discharged by a 20-meter high exhaust cylinder. The exhaust gas produced by gas boilers is directly discharged through a 15-meter high exhaust cylinder.
Waste water Ion exchange resin backwash water and boiler sewage are clean sewage, used for spraying and dust suppression on roads in the plant area; laboratory cleaning beaker water, the main pollutant is suspended matter, after treatment in the septic tank, it is regularly pumped by the sanitation department
Noise Use low-noise equipment, sound insulation, shock absorption measures, etc.
Solid waste The sundries and household garbage generated by cleaning, granulating, and screening are uniformly cleaned and transported by the environmental sanitation department; the dust collected by the pulse dust collector is reused for production; the raw material waste packaging bags are regularly taken out for disposal; the household garbage is uniformly processed by the environmental sanitation department; The resin is handled by a qualified unit.
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Public works of 15t/h pig chicken animal feed plant project

Water supply

The water for this 15 tons per hour animal feed production plant project mainly includes boiler water and laboratory cleaning water, and the water for the project is supplied by the factory's own well. The boiler in this 15tph animal feed processing plant project is a gas-fired boiler with an annual working time of 330 days, 24 hours per day, and a steam consumption in feed plant of 6000m3/a. Considering the evaporation consumption and boiler sewage, the boiler steam water consumption is 6500m3/a. The total fresh water consumption of the project is 6532m3/a.


The drainage system of the animal feed production plant project shall be divided into rain and sewage. The boiler water is consumed in the form of steam, and no waste water is produced. The sewage produced by the project is mainly domestic sewage, canteen wastewater, ion exchange resin backwash wastewater and boiler blowdown water.

animal feed processing plant cost

Power supply

Provided by Zhongcun Town Power Supply, the annual power consumption of the expansion part is 9600kW·h.


The office uses air-conditioning for heating and cooling, and natural gas steam boilers for heating.

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Pig and chicken feed manufacturing process of 15t/h animal feed processing plant project

commercial animal feed plant process

Pig chicken feed mill process flow chart

  1. Animal feed processing plant feeding section
    The raw materials are divided into powder and pellets. The feeding is divided into two feeding ports. The pellets need to be crushed and mixed, and the powder can be directly blended without being crushed.
  2. Animal feed mill plant cleaning section
    Impurities in feed ingredients not only affect the quality of feed products, but also directly affect animal feed processing plant equipment and personal safety. In severe cases, the entire animal feed equipment can be damaged and affect the smooth progress of animal feed production, so it should be removed in time.

    (1) Among the feed ingredients, the impurities in animal protein feed and mineral feed are all completed in the production of raw materials, and generally do not need to be cleaned up in the pig and chicken feed production.

    (2) The main feed ingredients that need to be cleaned up are grain feed and its processed by-products. It mainly cleans up rocks, soil, bags, ropes, metal debris, etc.
    animal feed mill plant 15t/h

    Check whether the quality of the raw materials has changed during the feeding, and take corresponding treatment measures in time when the raw materials are found to be abnormal, and strictly require that the unqualified raw materials be selected in time and cannot enter the next process. If corn is susceptible to mold contamination and carries toxins, mold kernels should be sorted out; low-quality soybean meal with abnormal color, bad smell, and moldy agglomeration should not be used as a feed material.
  3. Animal feed plant grinding section
    The purpose of this process is to control the particle size of the material. It is an important link that determines the production capacity of the 15 tons feed mill factory. At the same time, it is also the process with the largest energy consumption in the production of powdered materials. The size of crushing varies with the difference between animals. When the size of crushing does not meet the requirements of livestock and poultry, the digestion and absorption after the livestock and poultry are eaten will be affected. Moreover, when materials that do not meet the particle size requirements are produced, it will seriously affect feed quality and animal feed mill production efficiency.15tph animal feed production line chart
  4. Animal feed plant batching process
    The ingredients are the process of accurately weighing a variety of different feed ingredients by using a specific ingredient device according to the requirements of the feed formula.
  5. Animal feed plant mixing process

    (1)The mixing process is to unload various raw materials prepared by the batching scale in batches into the feed mixer according to the animal feed plant production plan, add grease as needed, and set the mixing time according to the performance of the feed making equipment to ensure that all components are evenly mixed and meet the requirements of mixing uniformity.

    (2) The mixed powder will be put into the bin to be granulated for tempering and granulating. In this production link, the difference in the particle size of the mixture, the difference in the density of the material, and the working state of the machinery and equipment will also affect the uniformity of the mixing. Machine maintenance personnel regularly check the equipment and regularly test the efficiency of the mixer. For example, check whether there are more materials on the inner surface of the mixer, whether the discharge door switch is in place, etc., generally check once a month.animal feed making machine price
  6. Feed mill granulation & crumbling & screening process

    (1)All materials enter the compression chamber of the animal feed pellet machine and are compressed into pellet feed. The magnetic separation equipment must be cleaned regularly to prevent iron impurities from damaging the pelletizer machine. The steam volume, feeding speed and rotation speed should be adjusted according to the requirements of the pellet type during tempering. The ring die (aperture diameter) , compression ratio, material, etc.).
    (2) The pellets that need to be crumbled according to the variety requirements are crumbled into a suitable pellet size through a crumbler.

    Conditioning before pelleting is a more difficult step. The adjustment of steam and feed rate during conditioning is related to feed quality and production efficiency. The retention time of conditioning affects the quality of soybean oil for conditioning and pelleting. This process also has a significant impact on the heat-sensitive nutrients vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin C and folic acid. When the pellets are cut or crumbled, the last process of pellet formation is to adjust the cutter to break into more suitable pellets.
  7. Feed mill packaging section
    The feed that meets the required particle size is weighed by the automatic packaging equipment from the finished product warehouse, packaged in a packaging bag, placed in the corresponding label, and then palletized by seam. The packer shall conduct a comprehensive inspection of the product, check the crushing particle size of raw grains such as corn, check the color, smell, and particle size of the finished material, check that the label and packaging bag are consistent with the product type, and check that the packaging weight is within the specified error range.
    equipments for producing animal feeds
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Animal feed equipment needed in 15t/h animal feed manufacturing plant project

Animal feed machinery name QTY Model
Pulse bag dust collector 1 TBLMA9
Scraper conveyor 1 GST350
Cylinder initial cleaning screen 1 LQS80
Permanent magnet cylinder 1 TCXT25
High-efficiency feed crusher machine 1 SFP-Y
Pulse Dust Filter 1 TBLMa9
Rotary distributor 1 DHF-8
Computer batching scale 1 SCS-2000
Biaxial paddl feed mixing machine 1 SLHSJ4
Bucket elevator 1 DTGK40/28
Animal feed pelleting machine 1 SZLH508
Counter-flow cooler 1 SFLN16
Roller pellet crumbler 1 SXPG24
Grading sieve 1 SFJH130
Quantitative packaging scale 1 DCS-50
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Raw and auxiliary materials and energy consumption of 36000 t/a capacity of animal feed mill plant

Name Annual consumption/consumption (tons) Remark
Corn 21000 Moisture, bulk density, mildew
Soybean meal 4300 Moisture, protein, ash
Rice bran 2600 Moisture, protein, ash, fiber, fat
Bran 1200 Moisture, protein, ash
Lees 2160 Moisture, protein, ash, fiber, fat
Flour 720 Moisture, protein, ash
Wheat middling and red dog 1800 Moisture, protein, ash
Stone powder 380 Moisture, calcium
Soybean oil 360 Moisture, acid value
Enzyme C - 811 11 -
Lysine 252 -
Refined salt 130 -
animal feed processing plant equipment manufacturers and suppliers
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Product plan of 15t/h animal feed pellet line project

Production name Capacity(t/a)
Pig feed Chicken feed
16800 19200

Labor quota and work system of 15 tons animal feed processing plant

There is no new labor quota for the project, and one-shift system with 8 working hours, and the annual working time is 300 days.

manufacturing process for making animal feeds

15T/H animal feed processing plant project layout and rationality analysis

The 15 tons capacity animal feed pellet plant project covers an area of ​​4000m². The newly built workshop is located on the east side of the animal feed processing plant area, the warehouse is located on the south side of the workshop, and auxiliary projects such as offices, kitchens, restaurants, and laboratories are located on the south side of the factory area.

According to the regional wind frequency map and meteorological data, the dominant wind direction in the pig chicken animal feed making plant project area is southeast wind, and the office is not downwind from the pollution source, which is less affected by production; the layout of the animal feed processing plant project's production facilities meets the needs of material flow and achieves the purpose of convenient and fast transportation of materials; feed mill layout is compact and meets the requirements of saving land.

animal feed project proposal

15T/H animal feed processing plant design and layout

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Analysis of the rationality of site selection of 15t/h commercial animal feed pellet making plant

The 15t/h complete animal feed production line project is located in the Industry and Trade Park of Zhongcun Town, Pingyi County, Shandong Province. The expansion project covers an area of ​​4000m2, and the specific geographical location is shown in the attached picture.

The east side of the 15t/h pig chicken feed production line project factory area is 240 provincial highway, the west side is farmland, the south side is forest, and the north side is the glove factory.

The 15t/h commercial animal feed plant project is not located in the water source protection area of ​​Pingyi County, no waste water is discharged, and it will not affect the groundwater. There are no historical cultural relics, scenic spots and important ecological function areas within 1km of the project. The surrounding terrain is flat, open, convenient for transportation, sufficient water and electricity supply, and the surrounding environment meets the site selection requirements.

The process of this animal feed processing plant project is simple, the types of pollutants are small, and the amount of pollutants generated is small. Under the condition of fully adopting the measures proposed in this environmental assessment and ensuring the reasonable disposal of the "three wastes", the project site selection is relatively reasonable.

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The above is the article for you: Animal Feed Production Business Plan Of 15T/H Animal Feed Processing Plant.

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