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4-5T/H Whole Set Wood Pellet Making Equipment In Indonesia

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Name:Wood Pellet Making Plant
Pellet Size:10mm
The install period:30 Days
Container Specifications:7x40HQ
Wood pellet equipment cost:Nearly 350,000 USD

4-5T/H Whole Set Wood Pellet Making Equipment In Indonesia

Project overview

This is a 4-5 tons per hour whole set wood pellet making equipment plant project in Indonesia.

2021.09.20, customers consult us:

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Project investment: nearly 350,000 USD

The raw materials for this Indonesia wood pellet making project are various discarded wooden pallets, and the moisture content is not high, which meets the requirements of granulation. The customer is a wooden pallet manufacturer, which already has a lot of waste.

These wastes have been sold to other wood pellet manufacturers before, but as the prospects of wood pellets in Indonesia are getting better and better, the Indonesia client sees business opportunities and decides to make full use of their own wooden pallet waste and invest in wood pellet equipment, established a wood pellet making line, and entered the field of wood pellet processing.

This Indonesia 4-5t/h whole set wood pellet making equipment line project went smoothly from negotiation, scheme design, contract signing, equipment processing to delivery. At the request of customers, we also purchased a lot of waste such as wooden pallets and boards, and provided the customer with free testing service.

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Raw material consumption

Name Annual consumption (t/a) Remarks
Wooden pallet 10000 No need to dry

Product plan

Product quality index

Project content

The 4-5t/h whole set wood pellet making equipment in Indonesia project covers an area of 4000m² and the main building area is 1700m². The layout of the workshop is reasonable according to the process flow.

The south side of the workshop is set up with raw material storage yard, the middle area is set up with crushing process, and the north side is the pelleting process and finished product workshop.

Technological process


  1. Crushing: The waste wood boards raw materials used in this Indonesia 4-5t/h wood pellet making equipment plant project shall be crushed first. After entering the factory, raw materials enter the template crusher for crushing and iron removal. Then it goes to a wood pellet hammer mill for fine grinding.
  2. Pelleting: the crushed wooden pallets are sent into the raw material warehouse by conveyor belt, and then transported into the wood pellet mill for granulation. Granulation is made of finished products by extrusion molding.
  3. Cooling & Screening: Finished wood pellets enter the cooling machine and then the screening machine through the bucket elevators, for cooling the pellets and sieve out qualified wood pellets. (Unqualified pellets will be re-crushed and re-granulated.)
  4. Packaging: This project adopts automatic weighing and packaging machine for packaging.

Indonesia 4-5 t/h whole set wood pellet making equipment list

Device name QTY
JLBX-218 Pallet shredder 1
SFSP66*80 Wood hammer mill 2
MZLH-520 Wood pellet mill 2
SKLN17*17 Wood pellet cooler 1
TDZS63 Screening machine 1
Bucket elevator(TDTG40/23, TDTG36/18) 4
Conveyor(TLSSU32,TLSSU25, PDS-500 ) 4
DCS-50 Automatic weighing and baling machine (25kg) 1


Characteristics of 4-5t/h wood pellet making equipment line in Indonesia

  1. Adopt continuous feeding process. The 4-5tph whole wood pellet production line is designed as a continuous feeding system.
  2. In the raw material pretreatment section choose scraper conveying process, in the solid forming section choose spiral conveying process, improve the efficiency of raw material conveying.
  3. The feeding structure of the front end of the molding machine adopts the whole integration of frequency conversion feeding and conditioned feeding, and increases the forced feeding mechanism for crop straws and forestry leftovers.
  4. The two grinding process is adopted. The raw materials of the wooden pallet are coarse crushed first and then finely crushed twice after entering the feeding system.

    Secondary grinding process can fine powder the material, improve the productivity, at the same time, after a grinding after transportation and mixing, can ensure that the biomass raw materials have the same humidity, conducive to forming, solve the problem of complex and diverse biomass wood waste raw materials.indonesia-4-5-ton-wood-pellet-making-equipment-price

Public Works


Water supply and drainage

Water supply: The 4-5t/h whole set wood pellet making equipment in Indonesia project water is provided by the local tap water network, and the water consumption is 1m³/d (300m³/a).

Drainage: The project waste water is mainly domestic sewage, and the production volume is 0.8m³/d (240m³/a).


Power supply

The project uses electricity from the local power supply network, and the annual electricity consumption of the project is 1.5 million kWh, which can meet the demand of the project.


Storage and transportation engineering

Set up a raw materials/finished products warehouse, located in the production shop, set up the raw materials/finished products area. Covers an area of 200m². The transport in the plant relies on manual handling or forklift, and the transport outside the plant is commissioned by social vehicles.

Working system

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Environmental protection measures


Crushing section

The main raw materials of this project are waste wood, which shall be crushed first after the raw materials enter the site. The project is equipped with one template crusher and two wood pellets hammer crushers.

Since the inside of the wood shredders is closed, most of the dust will enter the next process with the pulverized materials, and only a small amount of dust will escape from the feed port of the shredders.

The collected dust is treated by cloth bag dust collector, and the treated waste gas is discharged at high altitude through a 15m high exhaust cylinder.

  • The 4-5t/h whole set wood pellet making equipment in Indonesia project need to crush the material quantity is about 10000 t/a, escape the dust amount of about 0.1% of the raw material consumption, the discharge of dust is 7.1 t/a.
  • The amount of material to be crushed in this 4-5t/h whole set wood pellet making equipment in Indonesia project is about 10,000t/a, and the amount of dust that escapes is about 0.1% of the amount of raw materials, so the amount of dust generated is 7.1t/a, and the collection efficiency of the gas collection hood is calculated as 90%.
  • The treatment efficiency of the dust collector is 99%, and the air volume of the fan is 5000m³/h, then the amount of dust discharged in an organized manner after treatment is 0.064t/a, the emission rate is 0.009kg/h, and the emission concentration is 2.67mg/m³.
  • The uncollected dust is discharged indiscriminately in the workshop, the discharge volume is 0.71t/a, and the discharge rate is 0.148kg/h. Meet the local environmental protection requirements in Indonesia.



The wood pelletizer machine uses electric power as power to form high temperature and high pressure conditions. Using the inherent characteristics of raw materials, the lignin in the wood material softened at high temperature is cellulosed by the pressure of screw, thus forming a dense structure and getting wood pellet products.

In the wood pellet production process, there will be a small amount of dust, the bag dust collector is used to collect, the production volume is 5t/a, the efficiency of the bag dust collector is 99%, the pelleting process dust emission is 0.05t/a, the dust emission is small, in the form of unorganized discharge.

Optional drying system

Recently, the customer of this 4-5t/h whole set wood pellet making equipment in Indonesia project has put forward a new demand to us. He wants to increase the type of raw materials to prepare for future production expansion. In fact, this situation is very common, because sufficient raw materials are the most important guarantee of pellet production.

Besides, according to the customer's feedback, the raw material he will add is sawdust, which is purchased at a very cheap price, but the water content is a little high, and the drying system needs to be configured.


Hot blast stove burning waste gas

In order to save budget, the Indonesia customer does not use the boiler, but will use the self-built hot blast stove, the raw material consumption is 2900t/a, then the heat required in the material drying process is:

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How to choose wood pellet raw materials?

Wood pellets are mainly sawdust, shavings, bark, sanding powder, waste wood and branches produced in wood processing and wood-based board production. Like the clients in this project, many customers want to process multiple raw materials in one pellet production line, which is fine. So, what do you need to pay attention to when choosing wood pellet raw materials?

Strict moisture requirements

Wood pellet machine raw material moisture requirements are strict, no matter what kind of wood chips, moisture content must be maintained in a range (preferably in 14%-20%), too dry does not form, water is large and easy to loose.

Adhesion of the material itself or adding adhesive

Wood pellets can be made with pure wood chips, do not need to add other adhesives, because wood chips is a crude fiber raw material, itself has a certain adhesion. After the compression of wood pellet machine, it can be formed naturally, and it will be very strong. The pressure of the wood granulator is very high.

In general, raw materials should be as cohesive as possible. If not, then the product of the wood pellet machine is either not formed, or loose and easy to break. So, if the material itself has no adhesion but can be pressed into pellets, then it must be added to the adhesive and so on. If it is a natural adhesive, it can actually meet the pellet standards of most countries.
wood pellet materials

Can different kinds of wood waste be mixed?

It is said to use pure wood chips, not can not be doped with other varieties of wood chips. All kinds of wood chips, shavings sawdust, mahogany, poplar, furniture factory waste can also be.

More broadly, such as crop straw, peanut shell, all these things can be used as raw materials of wood pellet machine, of course, then the pellets can not be called wood pellets, but biomass pellets.

More broadly speaking, such things as crop straws and peanut shells can be used as raw materials for wood pelleting machines. Of course, the crop pellets produced cannot be called wood pellets, but biomass pellets. 

Size of raw materials after grinding

Logs and trunks must be processed by splitter, slicer and crusher. The wooden pallet must be processed by template crusher and mill. Wood branches and other raw materials must go through the chipper machine, hammer mill crusher to granulate.

The size of the crushing machine should be determined by the size of the diameter of the mold. Too large or too small crushing size will affect the yield of the wood pelletizing machine, or even cause no discharge.

What should to do if the raw materials become moldy?

The raw materials become mildewed and black in color. The cellulose in the wood chips is decomposed by microorganisms and cannot be compressed into qualified pellets. If the required pellet quality is not high, and must be used, it is recommended to mix them with fresh wood waste raw materials.

4tph biomass pellet line 3d design

Indonesia is the largest exporter of palm kernels and shells and the third-largest exporter of wood pellet fuel in the Asia-Pacific region, after Vietnam and Malaysia. Domestically, Indonesia is also slowly replacing coal with wood pellets, as they are used in municipal buildings, office buildings, homes (as an alternative to liquefied petroleum gas), and industrial processing plants.

It is expected that Indonesia's dependence on wood pellets will increase, both internally and externally, and will continue to increase its use of wood pellets in the coming years.

If you also want to build a wood pellet making equipment line in Indonesia, we will provide you with a full set of complete pellet line design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training and post-technical support. Welcome to contact Richi Machinery for more information!

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