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20 T/H Miscanthus Grass Pellet Production Line In USA

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Name:Grass Pellet Line Project
Country:United States
Capacity:50,000 T/A
Pellet Size:6-10 mm
The install period:90 Days
Control Mode:Semi-automatic
Guiding Price:US$550,000

20 T/H Miscanthus Grass Pellet Production Line In USA

Project origin

This 20t/h grass pellet production line in United States project is a project for processing grass pellet fuel.

Unlike other grass feed production line projects we have built in the United States, due to its abundant hay resources, after three years of project and equipment inspection and market research, this American customer finally purchased this grass pellet production line from RICHI Machinery. The raw materials used in this grass pellet production line are mainly miscanthus, hay, flax straw, etc.

Miscanthus Grass

Various forms of new energy come directly or indirectly from the heat energy generated by the sun or the interior of the earth. Including energy generated from solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy, nuclear fusion energy, water energy and ocean energy, as well as biofuels and hydrogen derived from renewable energy sources.

With the development of the economy, biomass will be valued and favored as a clean energy source, and biomass power plants will continue to expand. Grass and straw pellets can replace raw coal and fuel oil, and are widely used in biomass power plant gasification boilers, domestic boilers, heating stoves, hotels, restaurants and other industries.

It can be directly used in traditional coal-fired boiler equipment in cities and can replace traditional coal. Therefore, the demand for biomass pellets will continue to grow.

In this context, this American customer invested US$550,000 to build this grass pellet production line project. This project is of great practical significance to the local society. While achieving social and economic benefits, it also minimizes the impact on the surrounding environment through pollution control measures.

  • Annual output: 50,000 tons of grass pellets
  • Annual operating hours: 2400
  • Hourly production: 20 tons per hour
  • Total investment: US$550,000
  • Number of employees: 10 people
  • Working system: Production adopts a single-shift system, each shift works 8 hours, and the annual working time is 300 days.
  • Annual electricity consumption: 600,000 kw·h.
20 T/H Miscanthus Grass Pellet Production Line In USA

This project is currently the largest output project established by RICHI in the United States. Other pellet production line projects include 10t/h hemp feed production line in USA, 10t/h wood pellet plant in USA, etc.

Project construction content and scale

The 20t/h grass pellet production line in USA project is planned to have a construction area of 5,000 square meters, including a production workshop of 3,200 square meters, a warehouse of 1,500 square meters, and a comprehensive office area of 300 square meters.

The factory is equipped with 1 forage grinder, 1 crusher, 4 grass pellet machines, fans, dust collectors and other production equipment. Equipped with the construction of auxiliary facilities such as power supply and distribution, water supply and drainage, and forming an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of biomass pellets. The main engineering contents of the proposed project are shown in the table below:

Project Category Project name Main content
Structural work Production workshop 1 building, single-story structure, with a construction area of 3,200 square meters. The workshop is equipped with crushing, pulverizing and granulating areas, mainly including crushers, pulverizers, granulators, belt conveyors and other production equipment.
Auxiliary works Workspace Brick-concrete structure with a construction area of 300m2, mainly used for offices, receptions, etc.
Storage and transportation engineering Product warehouse 1 building, with a construction area of 1500 square meters, is located on the east side of the factory and is used as a storage for finished products
Raw material area The total area is about 3000m2, located on the west side of the factory area, used as raw material storage

Main raw and auxiliary materials and their consumption

The raw material consumption of new 20t/h grass pellet production line in USA project is shown in the table below.

Category Material name Annual consumption (t/a) Maximum reserve at one time
Raw materials Miscanthus 40000 5000t
Hay, flax straw 20000  
Energy Water 198t/a /
Electricity 600,000 kw·h/a /

Note: The moisture content of miscanthus and straw is 20-40%, and it is dried by natural drying. The moisture content of grass and straw used for biomass pellet processing is controlled at about 15-20%.

If the raw material is too dry, carbonization and cracking on the particle surface during the compression process may cause spontaneous combustion; if the raw material moisture is too high, the water vapor generated during the heating process cannot be discharged smoothly, which will increase the volume and reduce the mechanical strength.

According to information provided by the owner, the moisture content of grass and straw will be controlled when purchasing grass and straw for this project, so there is no need to set up a drying process.

Equipment of 20 t/h grass pellet production line in USA

Number Device name QTY
1 Grass pellet machine 4
2 Distribution Cabinet 1
3 Crusher 1
4 Grinder 1
5 Conveyor belt 4
6 Forklift 1
7 Weighbridge 1

Process flow of 20 t/h grass pellet production line in USA

  1. 1st Crushing and screening: Put the purchased miscanthus, hay, flax straw into the grass cutter and grass crusher in proportion for crushing, so that the raw materials become smaller particles. A strong magnet is placed in the sealed conveyor belt to remove the metal impurities mixed in the miscanthus grass and straw material is absorbed cleanly.
  2. 2nd Crushing: The smaller particles obtained after crushing are transported into the hammer mill crusher using a conveyor belt to be crushed into powder, so that the raw and auxiliary materials can be more fully granulated.
  3. Granulation: The material is transported to the grass pellet mill through a sealed conveyor belt. The friction between the machine and the biomass raw material generates heat, and is extruded from the die hole to obtain a solid molded fuel of a certain shape and scale.
  4. Cooling and packaging: The cooling method of this project is natural cooling. The discharged grass pellets enter the finished product area through a belt conveyor for packaging.

Floor layout design

The 20t/h grass pellet production line in USA project has an advantageous geographical location, convenient transportation, complete basic supporting facilities such as water supply, power supply and drainage, and the client company has good development prospects.

On the premise of meeting the technological process, this 20t/h grass pellet plant in USA project considers transportation, fire protection, safety, sanitation and other requirements, combines the natural terrain conditions of the project site, and divides and combines various facilities according to different functions.

It strives to have a compact and reasonable layout, save land, and benefit production and convenient management. The specific contents are as follows:

Generally speaking, the factory layout of 20t/h grass fuel pellet production line in USA is reasonable, logistics is smooth, and sanitary conditions, transportation, safety, and fire protection all meet the needs of the enterprise and the requirements of the industry and competent authorities.

Environmental management


Exhaust gas

The main source of waste gas pollution in this 20t/h grass pellet production line in USA project is the waste gas generated during the crushing, crushing and granulation processes. The waste gas emissions meet the "Comprehensive Emission Standards for Air Pollutants".

Bag dust collector is a dry dust collector, suitable for collecting fine, dry, non-fibrous dust. Bag dust collection has the following advantages:

The waste gas prevention and control measures in this project mainly consist of gas collection devices, bag dust collectors and fans. Exhaust gas prevention and control facilities account for 0.75% of the total investment, so the project’s exhaust gas prevention and control measures are economically feasible.

In summary, the exhaust gas treatment facilities of this 20t/h grass pellet production line in USA project fully take into account economy and environmental protection, and set up exhaust gas treatment facilities to meet the needs of technical and economic feasibility and accessibility of pollutant emissions. From this, it can be concluded that the exhaust gas treatment facilities The project’s exhaust gas treatment plan is reasonable.


Noise control

After the 20t/h grass pellet production line in USA project is completed and put into operation, the noise emission at the factory boundary will meet the "Environmental Noise Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises at the Factory Boundary", and the overlay value of environmental protection targets will meet the requirements of the "Acoustic Environment Quality Standard".

Therefore, this project will not change the current status of its acoustic environment. In order to further reduce project noise, the project takes the following measures:


Solid waste management

The solid waste generated by the 20t/h grass pellet production line in USA project mainly includes employees' domestic garbage, dust collected by bag dust collectors, rejected metal objects, unqualified products, waste lubricating oil, etc.

Employee domestic waste is collected centrally by the enterprise and handed over to the local environmental sanitation department for processing; dust and unqualified products collected by bag dust collectors are collected centrally by the enterprise and reused in production; rejected metal objects are collected and sold outside.

Waste lubricating oil is collected as hazardous waste Temporarily stored in the warehouse and handed over to qualified units for processing on a regular basis.

General solid waste storage sites take the following measures:

The collection and storage of hazardous waste generated by the 20t/h grass pellet production line in USA project must meet the following requirements:

To sum up, the solid waste generated by the proposed project has been properly treated and disposed, and the impact on the external environment will be small.

Miscanthus Grass Pellet

Currently, in addition to this 20t/h grass pellet production line in USA project, Richi Machinery's projects in the United States also cover wood pellet processing, ruminant feed processing, organic fertilizer pellet processing, etc. If you are interested in our projects and equipment, please contact Richi Machinery for details!

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